Saturday, 2 July 2011

my big boy is almost TWO!!

In exactly two weeks my little man will be two and I'm sad about that. He's growing up so fast, and is really not a baby anymore. Mind you he played so hard this morning that he could barely walk to the car and has been sound asleep since we walked in the door! We went to a party this morning, a 2nd birthday party to celebrate our Mothers Group kids turning two. Hard to believe we all met at hospital while doing our antenatal classes and have become friends since then. I hear so many people talk badly about their antenatal class experience when pregnant with their first child. Our classes were not so much informative but a chance to get familiar with the hospital and also to meet new friends. And I can see myself being friends with some of these girls for life. We get along well, are there for each other and with kids the same age are going through similar experiences at the same time, plus they're cool! I'm so excited that now I'm finished work I can return to Mothers Group, can find a play group and look forward to hanging out with other kids and mums!
But back to the subject at hand. My baby will be two soon and he really is a little man. He's chatting non-stop, using more sentences and actually playing with things like putting toy animals inside a fence or having tea parties with Hoot and other soft toys. It's really heart warming to watch. I know soon we will have to tackle toilet training and attempt the big bed again but for the next few months at least I plan to enjoy my little man as my first baby, and make a mental note to capture as many pictures of him as I can. On a side note, a friend lost all her baby photos and videos this week after a technical issue with her phone and I know she's devastated. I would absolutely lose it should I lose everything like that so my heart broke for her. Am backing up my photos as I type! Lets hope Monkeys adjustment to being a big brother again goes as smoothly as it did when Missy Moo came along. It's all going so fast and I believe it continues to go faster. . . *sob*