Monday, 30 April 2012

10 things I hate about you

ok so hate is a strong word and maybe I should say dislike immensely... I mean I could never, ever hate you but these are my current dislikes:
  1. when you wake at 4am, or even 5am. You're cranky and out of sorts all day, and what a long day it is.
  2. when you refuse food, especially when it's lovingly prepared
  3. when you ask the same question over and over
  4. when you make a huge mess, in fact even a small mess
  5. when you take an item of clothing off and leave it where you stand
  6. when you're impatient
  7. when you don't understand me
  8. when you steal the covers or hog the bed - equally as annoying
  9. when you argue back
  10. when you don't do as you're told
In case you hadn't gathered I'm talking about my hubby, but most of these little peeves could apply to my children.... so perhaps its true, you don't need another child when you've got a husband around??

Bought to you by the woman on a weeks holiday with 3 small children all waking early, one teething, two with attitude, and a husband who keeps channel surfing, all in a small cabin. .  .
need I say more??
Don't judge til you've been here!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

I'm too busy

Another TFF (toddler free friday) gone, another chance to get my hair done also gone. Bugger. I spent the day packing for our road trip which begins tomorrow. I've pretty much packed all day yet still feel unfinished, and I have lists coming out of my ears but anyway! I'm very excited about our trip, but in all seriousness, how much crap does a family of 5 need for a week away?? Apparantly alot.

We're staying in a self contained cabin so have to take food with us, and admittedly thats a large part of the stuff waiting to go in the car. The pile of stuff by the front door waiting to be packed into the car is growing every minute and I am seriously panicking that we won't have enough room. Buuut once I calm down I remind myself that if I've forgotten something but we're not going to a third world location so whatever I've forgotten, we can buy there.

Once I collected the kids from daycare this afternoon, and hurried everyone in for dinner, I realised just how tense and tired I feel. I so need a change of scenery and perhaps even an hour or two to unwind and a few drinks with my hubby once the kids go to bed. The kids have run around like lunatics since coming home which seems to be the norm after a day of 'school'. It's like a hysteria or something? Every Friday night without fail! I asked Monkey Man to calm down and sit quietly for 5 minutes and his response? 'I'm too busy' which pretty much says it all. Can't stop, too busy, can't eat, too busy, can't take my shoes off, too busy.... wish I could say 'I'm too busy' occasionally??
Anyhoo... we're off in the morning so wish us luck! I'll be back with photos and details of the trip.... pray for my sanity please

Thursday, 26 April 2012

'I'm a baby'

I came inside after hanging out some washing this morning and found this, my almost 3 year old, 14kg+, tall for his age, son in the baby walker, backwards:

My first reaction was to laugh and of course I grabbed the camera and took a few pics. Don't judge me. Then I was worried. What if it collapsed underneath him? He could hurt himself, plus its on loan so if it breaks I have to replace it. One has to consider all the possibilities. I told him to hop out and he kept telling me 'I'm a baby' and refused to get out of the walker. He then got really upset when I lifted him out.... I'm talking a massive-throw-down-the-world-has-ended kinda tanty. It lasted for at least 5 minutes. God I am a mean mother.

Why do kids regress? You think you've cracked the sleeping thing and wham, its back to 5 wake ups a night. You think they're eating independently and next thing they're asking you to 'mummy, help' with their ice cream and jelly. You think they're starting to crack toilet training until you realise you've mopped the floor 5 times since 7am, and it's only 11am. You're sure they're old enough for textas and paints but have to wash it from their hair and ears every.single.time. You think crayons and play-dough are good for learning until you change a rainbow coloured poo and realise they ate more than you saw them eating.

Each time I've had another baby, my older child has regressed, sometimes in more ways than one. Occasionally its cute, but mostly it's just annoying. Remembering those times however I feel a little sad... I was so impatient with them wanting to be held all the time, to be picked up and carried when they could walk, when I usually had the new baby in my arms already, when they sat in the baby's chair when I needed it for the actual baby. It's terrible to admit but I was so impatient with them, and forgot they were only babies themselves. Monkey Man was 12mths and 2 weeks when Missy Moo arrived and Missy Moo turned 1 the day after Little Miss arrived. I should have been more patient than I was, more understanding of the fact they weren't ready to drop a day sleep, or give up their 'seats' etc. Looking back at these photos I feel very guilty that I wasn't more patient.

Monkey Man not giving his chair up at 13mths
Missy Moo not giving up her chair at 14mths
Monkey Man stuck in the bumbo at 16mths

Missy Moo asleep on the lounge at 13mths

Little Miss is desperate to get moving, she'll be 9 mths old next week and is not near crawling yet. Every child does things at their own speed and I know you shouldn't compare, but thats hard when by now, both my older kids were on the go. Missy Moo was standing and bum shuffling all over the place and Monkey Man was standing and cruising, and was very close to walking. In so many ways you want them to grow up already, to become independent. I remember wishing Missy Moo would crawl already, and she decided to skip it and move straight to walking. I am constantly wishing Little Miss would get the hang of crawling already but considering the destruction she's caused since being in the walker, well they say be careful what you wish for. She's my last baby so maybe I'll just enjoy being able to put her down in one spot and coming back to find her in the same spot albeit loudly! She'll hopefully be the one baby to not torture me with regression, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


It's ANZAC Day here in Australia, a day to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom. My hubby is ex-army, my brothers are ex-army and current policeforce, my uncles are ex-air force, my dad is ex-navy and ex-police force so ANZAC Day has always been rather special to me. I find myself very teary seeing the men and women in uniform, hearing the last post played, seeing the old soldiers whose lives were forever changed when they were mere babies themselves. To think of what they went through, its just terrible.

In years gone by we've attended Dawn Services to pay our respects to those that gave their lives, and those that serve past and present. Since having kids its been impossible to get to a Dawn Service and I feel very guilty about that. We did go one year having organised someone to sit with baby Monkey Man, I was pregnant, it was pouring with rain, freezing cold but there were still thousands of people in attendance. We will go back in a few years and we will take our kids along who will be taught the importance of this day. Until then we will most likely be awake at dawn every ANZAC Day (like every other day) and the kids will watch the march on the TV with us. I look forward to explaining whats happening and why, and teaching them just how important those men and women are. I hope some of the oldest diggers are still marching, or participating, when my kids are old enough to understand just how special those men are. Lest We Forget. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

There were 3 in the bed

Every night, once the kids are bathed and dressed in PJs they pile into our bed and I read stories until bedtime. No actually, once the kids are dressed I spend half an hour telling them to stop running, to stop jumping, to get out of the bathroom drawers, to share toys or books, to be quiet as Little Miss has gone to bed, to let me finish the page before trying to turn it, to put my shoes back in the wardrobe, to stop jumping off my bed, well you get the idea. It's not what you'd call the most relaxing half an hour of the day but I do enjoy it (mostly). On weekends and the odd night that hubby gets home for this joyous time, I get to step back a bit and watch it from the outside. Monkey Man and Missy Moo are so excited to see Daddy they practically tackle him when he walks up the stairs, Little Miss bounces into his arms - its beautiful.

A few weeks back I mentioned I bought my 3 matching Charlie Bear PJs and I've been waiting for a night cold enough to crack them out. Last night I got my wish, so here are my 3 cheeky monkeys in their cute as PJs *love*

In however many years they will no doubt hate me and be quite embarrassed for matching jammies but meh, I buy their clothes and I think they look adorable. I don't dress them in anything else thats matching as its not my thing, but seeing these PJs I just had to! Sorry kids!

Monday, 23 April 2012

taking the circus to the dentist

We took the circus to the dentist today. Hubby hasn't been in a few years, the kids have never been and although I didn't need to go after going last month, I already had an appointment which I forgot to cancel so I went too. The kids were really excited about going to the dentist, why I don't know seeing as they didn't know what a dentist is or does until today. We'd been practicing opening up wide and saying ahhhh for the last few days, and they were bouncing off the walls with excitement this morning!

I had to wake the kids up from their lunchtime sleeps so we could head in. I was hoping to transfer them from their beds to the car and they'd get a bit more sleep on the way but no such luck. Missy Moo was buzzing and chatting to Little Miss in the backseat while Monkey Man caught a few more zzzz's. He eventually gave in to the noise and woke up fully, and quickly joined the noise party. We loaded the pram up, strapped Little Miss to me and toddled off in the rain to find the dental centre. Hubby met us outside which confused the kids greatly as he should be 'at work'. The receptionists were seriously lacking in personality despite many smiles and much chatter from the kids. The waiting room was full of people who all seemed very entertained by our tribe. Monkey Man and Missy Moo wanted out of the pram straight away. They also wanted food and to watch Peppa Pig. I had snacks and I have Peppa Pig (and others) on my phone. Yay, all demands were met quickly and quietly. Nothing to see here people. We had to fill in stupid forms asking medical history - really? For a 20mth old? I did the forms while bouncing restless Little Miss in the ergo and constantly resetting Peppa Pig on my phone as Missy Moo insists on touching the screen over and over again. After a wait that seemed longer than it was we were called in.

Monkey Man came with me, Missy Moo went with hubby and Little Miss was still strapped onto me. Little Miss wasn't seeing the dentist seeing she only has two teeth. Monkey Man showed no fear, as per usual, he climbed straight into the chair, sat back and opened his mouth up wide. They weren't even ready for him yet so it was pretty amusing. He sat there, with his sunglasses on, mouth open wide and let the dentist do what she needed to do - talk about proud! He was so good! He did spit rather vigorously, missing the bowl completely and send his cupful of water into my lap and then try to go and 'rescue' Missy Moo when he heard her make some noise from the room next door but otherwise he was pretty good. I then had a quick check up done, despite insisting I didn't need it, with both Monkey Man and Little Miss sitting on me. Would have made quite the picture I'm sure. I can't be the only Mum to ever have this happen?

Hubby's check up was going to take a while so I loaded the kids up and off we went in search of entertainment. It was raining so my first thought of a walk around the block was quickly forgotten and we headed for the closest shopping centre. I haven't been to this one for a while as it's the least pram friendly place ever. The lifts were packed and filled with people who seemingly didn't need them. The ramps were in odd places so you could only go up or down between two levels and then had to hunt for another ramp. The escalators are out of bounds with 40kg of toddler in the pram and another 10kg of baby strapped to me. I just don't trust I'd have the strength to hold it all should something slip. Travelators were down the other end of the centre which I swear is a 2km walk! Anyway, we improvised, using a lift in a department store and found a food court. I had planned to let them free in a play area but a. it was packed and b. if they ran on me I'd have to run with a baby strapped to me, leaving my pram and possibly a child somewhere. We sat in 'big' chairs and had milkshakes and a donut while we waited for Daddy....

and I witnessed my toddlers sharing donuts which was the cutest thing ever:

Little Miss watched on patiently waiting for her vegies

People were staring, looking... maybe they've never seen such a sight? Maybe there was judgement being sent my way for feeding my toddlers such rubbish? Maybe we're so ridiculously good looking they couldn't help but stare? Ha! yeah right! I think it was more the fact that the kids were so excited to be in 'big' chairs rather than high chairs and were intermittently screeching out, pointing out a 'man' or a 'red' shoes, or perhaps it was a sugar high? They had fun and didn't run off on me so I was grateful for that. Hubby met us and we loaded the pram back up and headed for the car. No one needed fillings, the kids teeth are all where they should be, woohoo and a sugar high was in full flow - a good afternoon out! All covered by our healthfund which we pay way too much money to every month, as it bloody should be!


la la la la elmo's song

Along with Thomas, Buzz, Cars and babies, my toddlers are really into Elmo at the moment, I mean really into it. At the Easter Show a couple of weeks ago they both HAD to have a plush toy Elmo each, and have slept with it religiously since. Missy Moo speaks of 'melmo' constantly and this morning I discovered Sing Along With Elmo, a clever little thing that has Elmo sing your childs name. Big mistake! We have now been listening to Elmo sing my kids names over and over and OVER again for hours. With all this bloody rain we're stuck inside again so I can't really see an end in sight and I fear I may go insane. Can a small red puppet send you officially insane? In a desperate bid to change the channel, so to speak, I bought up YouTube and entered 'Elmo' into the search field. Lots of videos appeared, although this one would have to be my favourite:

There were a few appear that I would not show my kids! Have you done a youtube search recently?

Given we head off on our road trip this coming weekend (woohoo!) I thought I'd be a good mummy and buy some Elmo DVDs for the blessed and almighty in car DVD player. Oh how I love that thing. I figure we can also use them in our cabin given the weather forecast for our 6 days away is looking bleak. Rain, rain and more rain by the looks of it - if I'm not insane by the end of this week I'm positive I will be this time next week. Then I decided to be a tight arse and go to a video store instead. Tight arse or smart mumma? Whichever I am, I'm heading to Blockbuster. Can't remember the last time I went to one, in fact I'm pretty sure I've never been to the one near our place and will in fact have to become a member. Fingers crossed I don't have any bad video hire history and haven't been banned.

So do you have any movie, tv show, cartoon recommendations for a week away with 3 under 3 who will most likely be trapped in a small cabin? If you hear of a Sydney woman going crazy on the coast after a psychotic break, that will most likely be me. Don't worry though, I'll just get Elmo to sing my name and all will be well with the world.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

high school reunion

I took my big monkeys to the shops this morning. We needed a couple of things, it was morning tea time and rather than sneak pop out quickly without them I decided to take them with me. In other words, they wouldn't get dressed so I bribed them with a trip to the shops and perhaps a donut if they were good. Judge me if you will. Both Monkey Man and Missy Moo got dressed quickly and off we went. I returned a pair of trousers to Pumpkin Patch, went through the fruit n veg market where the check out chicks clucked over my babies and then headed for Donut King. The kids were loaded up with a mini donut and a chocolate milkshake each and I sat and watched them eat. An old lady at the table next to us struck up conversation by telling me how cute Missy Moo is. She then asked me if they have ever had milkshakes before. I could hear the judgement in her voice but honestly, I didn't care. I answered honestly and said yes, they have them as a treat occasionally. She then told me 'well they're still cute' and turned her back on me. Ok then. Whatever that means.

As we sat there, I noticed a woman close by who looked at us, me, then quickly turned away as our eyes met. The speed at which she turned away was what caught my eye truth be told and a few seconds later, I realised I knew her. She was an old school friend I hadn't seen for years. Since we stopped being friends. We were once friends, and then I dated a guy after she did and almost married him so then we were no longer friends. The way she blanked me today, quickly pretending to be in a witty, entertaining conversation with her short, fat and old husband made me laugh, alot. Some things will never change. Maybe she thought I was gonna steal him too? Maybe she was intimidated to see me again? Whatever, really, whatever. I felt nothing to see her again. She has two kids and is married. Woop-dee-doo! All the shit that happened between us was 16 years ago for fcuks sake! Get over it. I spose it could have been worse, she could have done the fake, totally pretentious 'hi' thing where we say hi, you look well, how've you been, how's life etc and then rush off in different directions promising to catch up soon - without exchanging contact details. But to do the complete snob?? What a child! I would never be that immature. Besides, I look better than her anyway so ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!! Thankgawd I made an effort before I left the house this morning. She clearly lives around here so yay, we will get to relive that awkward moment again and again.   

The kidlets finished their snacks, we left a trail of icing and sprinkles and judgemental nannas in our wake and headed home. Monkey Man told me as I loaded the car to 'not leave him behind'?? Missy Moo demanded Wiggles the entire (5 min) drive home but was happy to (sugar)bounce along to loud music instead - they love it loud and watching them dance in their seats is the funniest thing ever. We then had the Wiggles on at home all afternoon and she mashed bananas to her hearts content. Monkey Man insisted he wanted to use the toilet many times over the course of the day so it appears he may be getting close to wanting to toilet train, yay! He didn't actually go once on the loo but the thought was there right? He is pretty good at peeing all over the bathroom floor though. Little Miss caused us some grief today as her teeth are bothering her, and you know how they love to share that joy around. She was up at noon today and still going strong at 6.30pm, which of course is way too long for a 8.5mth old to be awake. I expected her to crash tonight but nope, she's been awake a few times already so suspect a long night is ahead. Why do nights like this happen when there is something on the next day, like work? They know right? A few mum friends and I have a theory that its a conspiracy and all babies have a secret communication method... they 'talk' to each other and tell each other when to muck up and when to cause havoc. It's true!! Just ask your friends!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

the good old days

It's Saturday night, hubby and I are catching up on some TV like the old married couple we are these days. Whilst I was sat here I got a facebook notification that a friend tagged me in an old photo.... 9 years old to be exact. It was a photo of hubby and I back in our dating days, back in the good old days!

Looking at it I feel old, fat and I can't believe its been 9 years since we met. Where does the time go? How can it be 9 years already? 9 years together, 5 years of marriage and 3 kids.... time just goes so quickly. Saturday night 9 years ago we would have been on our way to being totally pissed by now, not sitting at home with 3 babies sleeping soundly upstairs. Had you asked us back then what our life would be like in the future I doubt we would have thought we'd have 3 kids under 3. When I think how much money we must have spent on alcohol, cabs, clubs, food on the way home, etc etc wow, we could have paid most of our mortgage off already! You don't think of that at the time of course, you're too busy having a good time. Man did we have a good time! The friends with us in these old photos are nearly all in similar situations now, all coupled up, nearly all with babies, toddlers or kids, and one with a brand spanking new baby. I reckon they're all sitting in on this saturday night too.... or is it just us saddos? Time just goes so fast, I mean are we ever able to keep up with it? Before I know it our kids will be finishing high school, learning to drive, arguing with us about where they can go, what time they have to be home, moving out, getting into relationships of their own and hubby and I will be older, greyer, (hopefully slimmer) and dealing with a whole different aspect of life with 3 kids/teenagers/adults. Bring it on I say, here's to another 9 years and many more.

So this is us, a snapshot of our dating days - note there is alcohol involved in most of the shots and my hair changes colour quite a few times. ahhhh those were the olden days of no kids, no mortgage and double income, sigh. Alot of these were taken on dodgy cameras with shocking flashes but yes I was/am that pale.


What do your early dating days look like? Do you have old photos of you and your partner? Do you remember the good old days and wonder where they went?? Tell me all about it, I'll look later after Grey's Anatomy finishes....

Friday, 20 April 2012

whats in a name

Today a beautiful baby boy was safely born into the world, he made two people parents for the second time and a little boy became a big brother. The announcement came early this afternoon and I was thrilled to hear the news. My friend moved interstate a while back, so I've watched her pregnancy journey from afar....seen lots of comments and frustrations about ignorant people on trains not getting up for pregnant women, counting down to the last day of work, and a excited message last night about a final dinner for two before baby arrives. It's all been so exciting but feels like the pregnancy has gone forever, as it always does when its not yours. The little boy was given the name Owen which holds a special place in my heart. Almost 3 years ago a dear friend of mine had a baby boy, Owen Edward. He was the most beautiful, perfect baby boy, so wanted and so loved. He was sadly stillborn. I will never ever forget hearing the news of his arrival and passing while I cradled my newborn Monkey Man. I cried and cried, I imagined it was my baby taken so early, I imagined their pain, I felt guilty that I'd been whinging about sleep deprivation and how much he cried when I'm sure Owen's parents wished for just that. I held my baby and just sobbed for the longest time. My husband cried too, we were just devastated to hear of such a tragedy. The name Owen reminds me of such a precious angel and I think it always will. So today when I heard of another baby being called Owen I was so thrilled that I cried. I was sitting in a take away place having some lunch and feeding Little Miss, catching up on my facebook and when I saw the announcement I cried. I've been teary all day, everything has set me off from a trashy soap on TV, hearing my Little Miss crying and realising I left her monitor off, and as I got ready to collect my monkeys from daycare, I got teary again as I thought how excited they always are to see me. Everything upset me today.

Another friend lost her precious baby boy a few months ago, and in a few weeks her due date will be here. She should be getting ready to have her baby but instead she's already birthed him and attended his funeral. He was named Lachlan James, and his parents miss him everyday. Friends of theirs had a baby boy a few weeks ago and they too named their baby Lachlan James. I know no one person owns a name but I'm sorry, talk about insensitive. Surely there are other names they could have chosen? I don't know the reasons behind their choice but for me, it was the wrong thing to do.

Mid April was a year since precious Stella became sick and was diagnosed with a horrible illness. She then passed away in December and her family was devastated to lose their beautiful star, her story touched so many people who were devastated also. I hugged my babies tightly that day and for weeks afterwards I got very teary at the mere mention of her name.

For me, the name Owen will always be the angel baby who should be turning 3 in August this year. He will always be the baby missing from my mothers group. Like Lachlan and Stella, Owen will forever be the child missing from a loving family, a gravesite visited on birthdays and christmas and other special occasions. No family, no person should have to go through that. No parent should outlive their child.

Whats in a name? Some names, not alot. Others mean something to you that no one else can ever understand. Whatever the name, the meaning is special and personal to someone and more often than not, no one else will ever understand that meaning. Sometimes the mere mention of a name can have you rolling in laughter, or crying your eyes out. Whats in a name? Usually, a damn lot.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

the f word

It's been coming for a while, really it has and truly I am just surprised it hasn't been said before today. Monkey Man dropped the F word today, twice. I tend to swear a bit alot, my hubby isnt adverse to dropping a few words here and there, so really it was only a matter of time. Until now, the worst I've heard Monkey Man say was 'bloody' as in:
Daycare teacher: Hi E, how was your christmas?
Monkey Man: she's a bloody baby
To put it in context, it had been a fairly stressful morning trying to get all 3 out the door. I needed to drop the big two at daycare on a Toddler Free Friday and no one would eat breakfast or get dressed or have their nappy changed when I wanted them to, and Little Miss seemed to just want to scream the house down. As you do when you're a few weeks old. I do remember muttering 'bloody kids' under my breath as I slammed the microwave door. I also remember making a conscious effort not to swear massively as I was worried about Monkey Man copying me. That was months ago, and whilst he copys alot of what I say, he's never sworn. Until today.

As I ran a bath for the kids tonight all 3 were sitting on the carpet in the hallway outside the bathroom. Monkey Man was talking to Little Miss, telling her he was squashing bugs and chasing monsters, as you do. I was smiling to myself watching this conversation and feeling so proud of my kids when I heard him say 'something and something (inaudible) and then fcuken bug'. I asked him what he said and he went on and on about squashing bugs that I wondered if I'd heard things. Was I imagining it? A few minutes later he was still squashing bugs, now with associated actions being demonstrated on the tiles, and he looked up and me and muttered something about 'a fcuken baby'. Now that, that was clear and I didn't imagine that. I asked him what he said and he looked me straight in the eye, put on the cheekiest grin and said it again, clear as day. Oh shit! I tried and tried so hard to compose myself, I tried to force a straight face and say we don't say those things but all I could do was laugh. Mother of the year right here!! I won't be winning any academy awards anytime soon. Oh dear gawd, this could get rather embarrassing.

Note to self:
  • I must stop swearing in front of the kids
  • I should perhaps learn how to swear in another language so I can still swear but they won't know what I'm saying?
  • I have to develop a poker face so as not to laugh and encourage such vulgar behaviour from my children
  • I must find out which filthy person taught my innocent almost 3 yo such disgusting language!
  • I must stop swearing, really I must
Have your kids dropped the f-bomb? When and where? How do you deal with it?


the old days

We live in a modern world and I don't like it. I'm a nanna at heart, I'm old fashioned and want to go back a few years. Seriously. I don't like this world where people talk via a text message or an instant message on the computer - whats wrong with a good old heart to heart? When did the world become so digital, where precious firsts are captured in a grainy iphone photo rather than a proper camera? What happened to photo walls? And baby/photo albums where you could flick through and relive your childhood, laughing at the fashions and hairstyles of days gone by? And what the hell is up with grandparents meeting their grandkids for the first time over a video chat rather than outside the delivery room? Pay the bloody airfare and fly to meet your grandkids, be there to support your kids as they become parents, do whatever it takes.

My nieces and nephews can kick my ass when it comes to technology. Watching them swipe their iphones and tablets at great speed and with such ease, I feel like I am 80, not 32. My youngest nephew (3) can work his mums phone a shit load better than I can. The older generation are even in on the technology take over of the world as evidenced by the texts I get - you know the ones you have to read 5 times to understand the abbreviation and text-speak. I must be getting old if my Step Mum can speak better text jargon than I can. I miss the days of letter and postcards, birthday cards and invitations in the post. Facebook invites are more common these days but every event I dig my heels in and have proper invites done. Am I old? Yes. Do I mind? No.

My poor kids are deprived and wouldn't have a clue about using my iphone, although I did catch them watching ABC4Kids on it one day - no idea how they did that! I'm trying to keep them young, I want them to stay babies while they are babies. Maybe I am disadvantaging them by doing so, but I believe they have plenty of time to catch up with technology. By the time they need it there will be something new out anyway. My kids are dressed as kids, I refuse to let my girls wear anything too revealing as again, they have plenty of years to rock a mini or knee high boots. And plenty of years to argue with me about how they're not leaving the house dressed like that and while they live under my roof they will live by my rules. (I can so hear my Mum's voice right now!)

I believe good grammar is basic, and key to not only surviving but getting ahead in life, or at least until you can afford a PA to rewrite everything for you. Ever seen a CEO announcement with typos or grammar errors? Some messages I receive I really, really have to think to translate them and understand them. It shouldn't be that hard to read a simple message on a facebook page. What happened to punctuation? I was taught to write how I would speak. If you read a long sentence or paragraph without pausing or stopping, taking a breath, then you are missing a few commas and fullstops. Perhaps that paragraph should actually be a few sentences and not one big long sentence. Online or hand written, the same principles apply. Words being used in the wrong place at the wrong time, I have to admit this really distresses me. If someone is always on time they are known for their punctuality, not their punctuation. And don't even get me started on the whole their/there debarkle. It's not that hard!! Maybe people should get back to basics and do courses on spelling and grammer, talk to people face to face rather than texting or chatting online, and teach our kids their ABC's rather than apple vs samsung.  

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Walk like an egyptian

My 8.5 month old Little Miss is so very desperate to get moving. She watches Monkey Man and Missy Moo constantly, and I fear her head will spin off as she tries to follow them with her eyes. She hasn't mastered crawling yet, she's almost got the bum shuffle down pat but until she masters some moves then shes stationary. She gets down onto her tummy and kind of flaps about in the breeze, whinging non-stop the entire time. She doesn't get a huge amount of tummy time due to the toddler tornadoes in her path who trample without remorse. Poor Little Miss just wants to get going and be in the action.

I asked my cousin if I could borrow her walker again. Missy Moo had a similar issue this time last year, she was desperate to get going but could not master the crawl. She was standing all the time but not going anywhere and unless you stood holding her hand the entire time, she whinged. I was pregnant and had an active toddler to manage as well so something had to give. We borrowed this little beauty and within a few weeks she was standing on her own, and even taking her first steps. She was so happy to be up and in the action.

Missy Moo and Monkey Man, almost a year ago:

A year later, another baby who wants to get going and loves the walker too plus two happy toddlers!


I think she likes it?

She 'walked' like an egyptian she liked it so much:

Fingers crossed she will be happier now she can move about a bit, yay for the walker! Everything crossed her top teeth stop giving her grief and pop through already so our happy baby can return!

Monday, 16 April 2012

nannas in lycra

As part of my whole get fit, lose flub campaign I decided to go to the pool tonight. I figured some exercise would help my mood as well as give me some energy and you know, help burn some fat, so off I went to an aqua aerobics class... yes I was the youngest person there, no I wasn't the biggest (woot!!) but I'm sure there was a call or two made to greenpeace.

I arrived and instantly felt out of place as I was alone and everyone else was paired up, ie they bought a friend. No worries, pfft to you biatches, I can do this alone. Everyone stripped down to swim gear and jeezus it was cold. Bad idea to do this in Autumn right? Oh well, I'm here now so lets do this. Our instructor arrived and she was at least 50. As were most of the other women in the class. Did I miss something? Is this the nanna session? Meh, I can hang with the oldies no worries. My fellow classmates looked something like this:

but they were nice enough, and they were giving it their best.  Ok, truth be told, the nannas kicked my ass! They knew the instructors name (Pat) and chatted like old friends. Clearly they go all the time. Clearly I need to go more often. Clearly I will be back, get better and kick their asses - it's a pride thing ok, I'm not a nanna... yet!!

The class was a decent workout and I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. I was huffing and puffing with the nannas which undoubtably wasn't a pretty sight. Thankgawd they close the pool to the public in order for the classes to happen - for everyones sake! Don't call Greenpeace just yet... I'm getting slimmer, its just a slow process. I'm sure if I shave my legs I'll be at least a kg down. Don't you hate when you forget to shave your legs and realise when it's too late? If Greenpeace wasn't called then the cops probably were due to the bruises all over my legs. I promise there is no domestic violence here, unless you count my kids poking and prodding me, standing on me and climbing all over me. My monkeys seem to think I'm their climbing frame. Whats that all about??

Hubby is away interstate for work tomorrow, which will of course mean the kids are up super early. If you're looking for me I'll be suffering muscle pain while trying to sneak in a nanna nap or two amongst the toynamis my kids cause. Knock loudly as I have water in my ears and won't be able to hear you. Or I caught deafness from my nanna gym buds. Whatevs.


Mothers Day mk III

This year will be my third Mothers Day, and it will be my husband's third chance to get it right. Don't get me wrong, his heart is in the right place and he means well but how he gets it so wrong is beyond me.

For my first Mothers Day I had high expectations. I was a first time mummy with a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. I was also 6 months pregnant with our second baby. I had so many pictures in my head of how lovely the day would be, how I would be spoiled and how I'd receive a heartfelt, well thought of gift. It didn't have to be expensive, in fact we have a rule that these types of gifts cannot be expensive seeing as we're on one salary... it should be something that means something to the recipient. Mothers Day fell on a week day which meant my hubby went to work, leaving me with a crawling and destructive baby that was into everything and not happy unless I was in his sight. As he walked out the door he handed me an express post bag which contained my gift. The gift itself was lovely, he'd had some photos of Monkey Man and I turned into a mousepad and key ring. I still use the keyring every day and love it.  The gift wasn't expensive but was well thought of and effort was required on his part. Tick, tick, and tick. It was the presentation that did my head in. I ummed and ahhed about whether to ask about his choice as I didn't want to come across as high maintenance. It finally got the better of me and I asked him where was the wrapping paper. His response? He told me that I bought all the wrapping paper in the house so he thought that wouldn't be appropriate to use. Ok then. So a post satchel is better? Maybe he'll do better next year. And I do love my keyring.

For my second Mothers Day I had lower expectations, I mean you've got to know what you're working with right? I thought it would be something with meaning and hopefully better wrapping given last years events. Life was busy with a highly active 22mth old toddling Monkey Man, 9.5mth old Missy Moo who was trying to stand constantly and teething at the same time plus our third baby due in 3 months. Oh and I was working full time and had just moved house. The pressure was on! Surely he would pull something good out this year. He got me a personalised card which was late arriving. I was not happy but accepted this wasn't his fault and sometimes post is late. The gift itself was thought about, sort of. He got a photo of our two kids put onto a t-shirt for me to wear at hospital. Tacky but cute. And size 500! It fell off my shoulders and was more like a moo moo (or however you spell it) than a t-shirt. I mean I am fat and I was pregnant but is there anything more insulting than getting your loved one an article of clothing thats miles too big. Ok so getting something miles too small would be just as bad, whatever. His justification was that he didn't know how big I would be by the end of the pregnancy. He then tried to say I could wear it as a nightie rather than a t-shirt. The depth of shit he was in just kept getting deeper. And yes, it was in a post bag and wait for it, it was over a week late. Seriously.

So my third Mothers Day is mere weeks away. I have 3 children under 3 and wonder why or how I ever thought life was busy before. The pressure is on dear husband (who I'm sure is reading this). My expectations are somewhat lower however, for self preservation more than anything as I just don't want the disappointment.

My hubby has pulled some amazing gifts out in his time. Our first Christmas together, a mere 4 mths after we started dating, he bought me a little stereo for my room in the flat I was sharing. I had whinged about missing music and he'd listened. It was nothing super expensive but meant alot to me. Flowers I received for birthdays and valentines day have been beautiful. Yes this was pre kids and when we were double salary people but still, thats not the point. When I turned 30 and was about to have Monkey Man he bought me the most beautiful Tiffany & Co charm bracelet. I then received a lovely charm to represent Monkey Man when he was born a couple of weeks later. And one a year later when I had Missy Moo. We will get a charm for Little Miss before she is one (and when we don't have a pay month with rates or car rego or electricity bills)... Sometimes they get it so right, others you get a post bag. Can he lift his game this year? 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

picasso in the making?

One of the things I put in my kids plastic easter eggs was bath crayons and so far they've been a big hit. I was determined to minimise the amount of chocolate the kids got this year so figured I would buy them next to none and see how we went... and we got tonnes of the stuff from family and friends so thankgawd I didn't buy heaps. Anyway, the bath crayons are in use daily, starting on paper and my kitchen bench - toddlers love drawing! Once we showed them that they work in the bath, there has been no turning back. The creations by Monkey Man and Missy Moo are truly works of art, not that I'm biased or anything. On Friday night I was busy dressing Little Miss and Missy Moo after their baths while Monkey Man had a shower next to us. It turns out the crayons work in the shower too... When I went to get him out of the shower I was greeted with this creation, which I haven't had the heart to wash off yet.

Would you like to draw too Mummy?

Seriously, this kid kills me everyday, the way he takes everything in, copies everything and wants to know everything. Everyone says 2 is terrible, but personally apart from a few tantys and a bit of an attitude, 2 for Monkey Man has been awesome. I love watching him develop everyday, seeing him care for, play with and love his little sisters, hearing him talking to his toys or his friends, he's counting all day long, and is funny, really really funny... He's mastered saying his whole name too, which is just so cute! I just love him! I can't believe he will be 3 in just 3 short months.

Fingers crossed 2 is just as kind to Missy Moo and Little Miss. How exactly does one deal with a 1, 2 and 3 year old all at once??