Me, myself and I

I have always hated talking about myself. Talking I can do, yes I can do that under wet cement but talking about me? I can coach others to talk about themselves, their good points and to sell themselves. Wish I could practise what I preach a little more. I somehow manage in interviews and apparantly come across as quite confident. Thanks for stopping by to my little, work in progress blog.

Eliza is my name although most just call me Liza, but to be honest I hear Mummy much more than I do my actual name these days. In fact at one point my 2 year old (missy moo) believed my name was mummy. When I started this blog I was a 30 something wife and mother doing the whole Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) gig. I met my husband in London a few years back and am still trying to get rid of him, kidding! Love him to bits. During our time together we've been through alot, travelling, relocating to the other side of the world, more hospital trips than I'd care to admit, a beautiful wedding, family issues, struggles to conceive, struggles to stay pregnant, near death accidents, serious health complications, and our latest accomplishment; 3 babies in 3 years. To add to that, I'm working full time and juggling 3 kids who are no longer babies but little people, at 4, 5 and 6. Life is NEVER dull, thats for sure.

I have a son and two daughters and well, they are my entire world. I talk about them ALOT in here so if baby/kid talk is not your thing then walk away now. I don't refer to them by name as I worry that when they're CEOs or Drs or Lawyers (which they will be) that someone will use a poo in the bath story or mega tantrum story against them. You'll get to know who is who in the zoo though.

Prior to being a Mum I worked in Telecommunications, and other industries. I could have and should have been a lawyer but a boy came along and distracted me. My Mum said he was no good and dammit she was right! Pfft!! I will never tell her she was right. I'm currently working in retail which kinda just happened when I decided my sanity could take no more of the SAHM gig. Turns out I'm pretty good at being abused by customers and nearly 4 years later I'm still copping it.

I love reading, blogging, facebook (yes!), shoes, shopping, cooking and taking photos. One day I will own a big fancy camera and learn how to use it properly. Until then I make do with my iphone and little point and shoot camera.

I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing and admire others who make money out of it and go on international trips - yes they do! Maybe that could be me one day? Until then this blog is about me, myself and I and the adventures I have with my 3 kids. Of course I'm aware they wouldn't  always be under 3 but I'm hoping this will serve as a good reminder of things that happened, good, bad and ugly. It's also a good central point for me to record milestones so that one day I can fill in 3x baby books and pretend I was a super organised mum!!