Monday, 31 October 2011

blaming it on the boogie

On Saturday night I went to a hens night. It was my first night out in a few years and I had a great time! We went local, to a pub I used to venture to in my youth - and back then it was full of pretentious idiots that used to stand around posing at each other. On a night out all I want to do is have a few drinks, a few laughs and a good dance. Well Saturday was just that, and the crowd was alot more varied in age than it used to be, alot less posers and more people with a similar party attitude to mine. Although there was a hair straightener and phone chargers for hire in the loos?? Just how long has it been since I went out?? I did well though, I stayed out and danced til 2am. It was about that time when the surroundings made me realise yes I am old, yes it's been a while and no, I don't wanna snog some random bloke in the middle of the dance floor just for kicks and giggles. And thankgod I wore flats as I am too old and out of practice to dance all night in heels anymore. Yes, I'm ready to go home now, to my king size bed with my snoring husband and 3 beautiful babies sleeping peacefully, all waiting for me. I want to go back to my reality now and look forward to the wedding in a months time, where we will have our first night away from the kids, ever! Now if only I could find something to wear??

Come Sunday, I was so thankful and proud of myself for not getting totally blind as Missy Moo whinged all day long. I suspect more teeth are coming, or maybe another ear infection? Gawd no! Monkey Man has his 2yo molars giving him grief as he's constantly shoving his whole hand in his mouth. This morning he told me his teeth hurt so there must be something happening there. The joys of teething.

Can't believe it's 8 wks or something ridiculous like that til Xmas. Haven't bought a single gift, and am feeling very 'head in the sand' about the whole thing. Really must pull my finger out, just not today when I'm still tired and have a massive sinus headache, which turned into a migraine from hell. Is it possible to get a hangover two days later?? You would have laughed seeing my place today around lunchtime. All the blinds were shut, the kids had some stupid show on the TV but it was turned down low and I pretty much lay on the lounge suffering. I willed the kids to be quiet or to go away, or the pain in my head to go away, whichever was quickest!! Thankfully its now back to a dull ache and after I've fed Little Miss I'm hoping to sleep the rest off.
Thursday, 27 October 2011

afternoon delight

Tonight's bathtime was a shocker and considering how tired I am already, well bed with no dinner is an appealing option right now. Little Miss was screaming and carrying on from about 4.30 onwards. No matter what I try, she just doesn't seem to want to sleep in the late afternoon. I shouldn't complain as come 6.30pm she goes down without a fuss, and if she was happy to be awake all afternoon it would be fine. However she screams blue murder as she's clearly tired, this in turn sets Missy Moo off who's a rather sensitive soul and then Monkey Man joins in because he's upset that the girls are sad, or he just wants to cry louder than they can or just wants to join in? whatever the reason, I seriously dislike late afternoons here!

So all 3 are crying in unison or taking turns for more than an hour. Dinner is a battle with the toddlers at the best of times, tonights choice of 2 min noodles is being flung everywhere while I yell at them to stop it and bounce Little Miss in the vibrating chair, in an effort to quieten her down. Oh what my neighbours must think. Leaving a sea of noodles and toys everywhere we head upstairs for bath and bed. Little Miss is still carrying on. Monkey Man and Missy Moo are running and slamming themselves into the mirrored wardrobe doors and there is tears just as I say 'one of you is going to get hurt if you carry on doing that'. Manage to get all 3 in the bath and things quieten down. I'm feeling quiet proud of myself for not having a nervous breakdown yet and telling myself over and over that there's 45 mins til bedtime, all will be ok...  Get Little Miss out, she starts crying again as she's so tired by this stage she's bordering on hysterical. Missy Moo is standing in the bath AGAIN and I'm telling her to sit down AGAIN - this happens every bathtime and usually multiple times. We have a inflatable bumper around the bath to prevent injury but still, its slippery in there and I'm always worried they will hurt themsleves. I tell her to sit down for what felt like the 55th time and bang, she slips over and smacks her chin on the side of the bath - missing the bumper altogether. She's screaming, Little Miss who's naked on the change table is screaming and I'm telling Missy Moo that she's ok. I saw her hit the bath and assumed she was crying more out of shock than injury as she didn't hit that hard.. After wrapping Little Miss up in a towel to try and calm her down for a minute, I turn around to actually look at Missy Moo who's still screaming and blood is pouring down her chin. Yay me! Mother of the year!! I think she's bitten the inside of her mouth when she's connected with the bath. Nothing major but a fair amount of blood. Bundle her into a towel, give her a (magic) dummy and lay her in the vibrating chair so I can dress Little Miss. Swap them over and get Missy Moo dressed, and then argue with Monkey Man about getting out of the bath. Give him 3 chances to get out now or else wait til I've given Little Miss her bottle and put her to bed, he ignores me so he stays in the bath. Head to the bedroom next to the bathroom, start feeding Little Miss, telling Missy Moo to come out of the bathroom over and over again - she slips over in there, cries and yet goes back for more, nearly every bloody night. Monkey Man is chatting away to himself in the bath, occasionally telling me about number 5 or the colour blue or Thomas and Percy - he's 2 remember!! Little Miss is almost finished her bottle, Missy Moo is sitting by my feet drinking her milk and staring at herself in the mirror. All is calm, and bedtime is oh so close, I can taste it!!

Then I hear a cute little voice from the bathroom say the following:
'there goes poo'
'poo is running away'
'come back poo'
'oh no'

my heart stops

"Monkey, did you poo in the bath?"
'yes mummy' and promptly starts to cry (I think he was sad his poo was uncatchable?!?!)

oh shit!! leap to my feet and rush into the bathroom. The floor is soaking thanks to Monkey Man's games, Missy Moo slips over straight away and is screaming, Little Miss is screaming in the vibrating chair as I cut her feed off before she was ready and she hasn't been burped. Seriously. Kill.Me.Now!!

There's too much poo to scoop out so I pull the plug after depositing Missy Moo back outside the bathroom, on the carpet where she can't slip over but is crying anyway. Haul Monkey Man out of the poo filled bath and order him to stand still so I can dry the floor with a towel before anyone else slips over. Hose the poo down the plug hole while rocking the vibrating chair in an effort to quieten Little Miss down. Dress Monkey Man who's telling me all about his poo, meanwhile Missy Moo is emptying the change table contents onto the bathroom floor. Quickly burp Little Miss and pop her into bed. Come back to my room to toys strewn from one end of the other and watch, almost in slow motion as a giant Thomas train gets launched straight at Missy Moo's head. More screaming from both of them (again, my poor neighbours). I've had it now, its bedtime anyway but they're going whether they like it or not. All 3 in bed by 6.50pm and holy crap, if I wasn't tired before, I'm totally exhausted now...

Tell me others have it this bad??

How do mummas function on so little sleep??

I am so tired, I don't know how I'm functioning right now. Over the last few years I've either been pregnant, breast feeding, night feeding or dealing with baby/toddler illness/issues that stop my babies sleeping at night. Both Monkey Man and Missy Moo have gotten the whole sleep through the night thing at about 11months. I wasn't blessed with one of those perfect babies that slept through the night from birth - oh how I hate hearing that from people!! Unfortunately by the time my two worked out how to sleep through, I was about to have another baby so this development didn't mean much more sleep for me. I'm lucky to have a husband who's done alot of night shifts feeding, patting, sshhhing, and pacing the halls, I know many women aren't as lucky. I've said it before but I don't know how single parents manage by themselves 24/7 without losing the plot. I am now dealing with two toddlers who seem to wake everyday by about 4am. Seriously. It was 5, which was hard enough to deal with but 4 is just downright evil. Ironically I have to wake the baby at 7. Words I never thought I'd hear myself say. And if anyone's listening, why has it taken til #3 to get a sleeper??

Anyway, so when Monkey Man woke at 5.40 this morning, I felt like celebrating especially as my hubby is away and its just me and the kids. Again, words I never thought I'd hear myself say but hey, it's alot better than 4am! On the very odd occasion they've slept til 7 or 8 we've questioned if they're ok? Its very strange to wake up of your own accord after so long, and not due to a screaming/crying baby, almost an out of body experience! haha It's times like this I wish I drank coffee, or red bull or anything with caffeine really. I really need it, and sleep. Sleep would be preferred.

I am used to functioning on very little sleep but I feel it is finally catching up with me. Yesterday morning I snuck in a nanna nap on the lounge while the kids played around me. Not really sure how considering I copped various toys to the head, and whether it was worth it seeing I woke to find Monkey Man on a chair at the sink 'washing up'. He and the majority of the kitchen, including his sister were covered in water. Why he did this, I don't know, he's never done it unsupervised before? But then again he's never emptied a pack of wipes all over the floor before, or ripped open a present not meant for him before. Why he had to do both of these as I'm trying to get him, his sisters and my un-make-up'd self out the door I'll never know. I'm pretty good at doing the bare minimum make up while driving but its much nicer to do it at home, in peace!! I think it's safe to say we've hit the terrible twos with gusto and I should probably be grateful that it really hasn't started til 27 months.
Monday, 24 October 2011

What a lovely day for a double christening

My two girls were christened on Sunday and it was a lovely day. It was totally chaotic, but beautiful. The sun shone, not a single cloud was in the sky and it was really warm. A degree or two too hot for me but I've never been a massive fan of scorching heat. The church service was lovely, not too OTT with the religious stuff as its not everyones taste, and the minister was nice and relaxed when toddlers started running all over the place. My two joined in of course which was funny considering Missy Moo was meant to be the star of the show. The day was pretty hectic, with 3 kids to worry about plus a houseful of people who all arrived back from the church at the same time as I was trying to unload the car.... eftpos didn't work at the local red rooster so our lunch was held to ransom until hubby found an ATM. A couple of minor hiccups on an otherwise great day. Everyone chipped in and helped in some way shape or form which I am eternally grateful for. A friend changed Monkey Man into cooler clothes for me, family got the nibblies out while everyone milled around waiting for lunch - thank gawd I decided at the last minute to do some starters. Friends took turns holding Little Miss who didn't seem to want to sleep but was happy enough awake. The kids all splashed and ran around in the paddling pool, it was so hot! A fairy came and did face painting and bubbles and games and dancing so the kids were well and truly happy. Although there was tantrums galore from the toddlers who missed a day sleep due to the church service being in the middle of the day. Monkey Man partied hard, had no day sleep and collapsed in a heap just before 5pm, passing out in the loungeroom with half a dozen people talking over him. There he stayed for a good hour before we put him to bed and he slept 12 hours solid!! We now have a heap of presents to open (won't do that in front of Monkey Man as he won't understand why there is nothing for him) and a fridge and pantry full of cake, lollipops, lollies, cupcakes, soft cheeses, etc etc and all of it is calling my name. I predict a gain at WW this weekend!!!
Friday, 21 October 2011

I heart my ducted air

The warmer weather this week has been beautiful. We ran our air con today from about 11am for the first time since we moved here in March. We've had it on for short times but today was the longest by far and coming from a older house with no ducted air, can I say how much I heart my air con!! I know I will not enjoy the electricity bill when it comes but hey, you do what you gotta do to get through.

Little Miss appears to already have an aversion to heat, refusing to sleep for most of yesterday and the only decent sleep she had was once the air was on?? She wouldn't sleep this morning while we were out and about and I have a sneaky feeling that was due to being in the capsule. All 3 of my kids have started to crack it in the capsule once it gets warmer which was one of the main reasons I only hired one for 4 months this time. Last time I'd paid for 6 months and it sat in my Mum's garage for nearly 3 of those. At the end of November, if not before, we will buy Missy Moo a new seat and move her into that, moving Little Miss into the rear facing seat we have. That seat has been great value for money, having served all 3 of my kids. It will last Little Miss until she's too big for it and then the poor back seat of our car will have 3 big seats on it. The price you pay for having 3 kids so close together. I can see us lasting with our current car for another 18mths-2 years and then it will be time to upgrade to a 7 seater. And I will not be buying a bus!! A 7 seater 4WD will do me nicely thankyou very much. Best tell hubby to earn some more money then hey! hahaha

And what do you do with old car seats anyway? They have a 10 year life span, this one will have served 3, maybe 3.5 at a push? What do you do with them??

Somehow I/we have to set this house up tomorrow for a bucket load of people on Sunday, with two 'helper' toddlers underfoot. I can see hubby and I up til midnight tomorrow night trying to get it all done. And then fighting the toddlers to keep it tidy on Sunday morning. Should be interesting.

One of my best friends is arriving from interstate tomorrow for the christening, and a girly catch up of course! Last time we saw each other I was heavily pregnant with Missy Moo, and this time she's pregnant. Funny how it works out. One day in the not too distant future we will be together and be able to have a few drinks. We flat shared in London years ago and oh the stories I could tell you... How we didn't end up with alcohol poisoning is beyond me.

Weighed in this morning and lost another .7kg, so 5.8kg in a month which I'm really happy about. I'm starting to notice a difference in my clothes which to me is the best reward and motivator... Really hoping I can keep it up although Sunday I am planning to enjoy myself and forget about points, just for one day.
Thursday, 20 October 2011


Monkey Man had a moment this morning, a moment that was pure hilarity and if I don't write it down I'm sure I will forget.

I was changing his crappy nappy and he was wriggling around so much, chatting away non-stop about Percy, Thomas and friends. In a sheer moment of exasperation I told him to 'lie still so I can get the poo off your balls'... he lay still. There was also silence for about 30 seconds before he burst out with 'my balls, my balls' and soon he was saying it over and over again, practically singing it. We went back to the living area and he then spent the next hour or so running around saying 'my balls, my balls' over and over and added in the occasional 'mummy clean Percy's balls'.

Oh dear god. Please forget these words by Sunday son, we're going to church. And if not, lets say Daddy taught you that.
Tuesday, 18 October 2011

highlight of the week... So far

So far it's been an interesting week. Really good weather has helped alot, the kids have been out on the grass and in the sun. I kinda dread Summer as I'm not a massive fan of the scorching heat and all 3 of my munchkins have inherited my white as snow skin that fries like bacon in a pan of butter. The toddlers are gonna want to be outside all day everyday so I foresee lots of tantrums. Luckily they both understand that no hat means no play so that's one less battle be fought.

I've been waiting in multiple parcels to arrive, nearly all of which are for the christening this weekend and all are late - stress I just don't need. Normally parcel mail is fun, this week not so much! I've been working on a photo wall for our house. I measured it, ordered frames, had some idea of what photos to put where and in which frames. The frames arrived and my non-lateral thinking brain was truly tested. Throw in a couple of toddlers calling 'mummy' over and over and over, and well it wasn't a fun experience and I gave up. Decided to call in reinforcements in the form of my hubby who took one look at it and was all over it. Smartass.

The issue of toilet training has come up twice in the last week. The GP we saw last week asked if I was toilet training Monkey Man yet and I said no. She said good, wait til he's a bit older and do both he and Missy Moo at once. Wow, not the response I was expecting. We'll give it a go but I don't know about the idea of trying to toilet train a 18mo girl??
Then I had a lady in the check out queue at Coles ask me how old Monkey Man was and when I said 27 months she then asked how toilet training was going, and seemed horrified I hadn't started.
The whole toilet training issue has come up in my mind a few times and I've questioned whether I'm doing the right thing by not starting. I have to keep referring to a speech I heard by a parenting expert at one of those baby and toddler shows; 'your toddler needs to be able to communicate to you, not necessarily verbally, that they need to go, meaning until they recognise the urge to go there is no point. It stresses them and you out and makes the process 5x longer'. So that's my view and where I'll stay, for now. I will however give the GP's suggestion a go in the summer time and see how it pans out. Pun intended.

And on the subject of toilet training, last night at bath time Monkey Man told me he wanted to wee on the toilet. So I figured I would go with it. Popped Missy Moo in the bath and helped him onto the loo - must get some of those training seats. And there he sat. Nothing happened but he was happy. Everytime he said he was done I'd get him down and then he'd ask to get back on. It became a game. Eventually I said enough now, it's bath time. Turned around to see Missy Moo had poo'd in the bath. Great, just great! Why do they do that? Monkey Man has only done it once and it was only recent. Missy Moo has done it a few times. Last night it went to a whole new level though... She not only picked it up but she ate it. Urgh! I could puke now just thinking about it. Why I ask!?!! What on earth is appealing about that?

The crap is mums have to deal with hey *smile* (yes, that pun was also intended)
Saturday, 15 October 2011

screaming at the supermarket

I told my husband this morning that I was going to go and do the groceries today, by myself, rather than online. It would be some much needed alone time and surely he'd be ok with the kids, especially if I went at naptime. Sure he says, no worries, I'm all over it - what time do they eat again?? Oh dear, this didn't bode well. The morning went on, he then says to me maybe you should take Monkey Man with you. You can take him for a haircut and then do groceries and I'll manage the girls. This is not my idea of alone time but whatever, thats another blog altogether and he might read my blog occasionally....

Monkey Man and I set off. I parked at one end of the shopping centre with the intent to make him walk to the hairdressers, at the other end, in an effort to tire him out. We get to the hairdressers, after stopping to look at every crack in the pavement, every stone or scrap of rubbish in his path, every shop window looking for 'buzz' or 'cows' - he's two ok! It was a slow walk. Get to the hairdressers, yes no problem but it will be 5-10 minutes wait. Filled in 5 mins by going to the chemist next door and then spent the next 20 (yes really!) minutes trying to occupy him in a hair salon. Of course he wants to run, he wants to climb under and over chairs and play with dryers and clippers and scissors... This was going downhill, rapidly. Just as I was about to pull the pin and say forget it, we were called. Massive tantrum starts as no he wants the other kids chair (occupied) and 'no way!!' is he getting in that chair. Well, there was stern words from me, more tears from him and to stop flailing arms and legs in the salon chair I had to pull out the emergency dummy. Thank gawd I took the nappy bag and not a hand bag which I did consider. He sat still with tears glistening on his face and sucked so hard on that dummy while his hair was cut. Watched the wiggles intently (yay for portable DVD players) and really was well behaved, he just looked ridiculous with a dummy in his mouth. He's two but looks older and I'm sure people in the salon thought he was too old for a dummy. Who cares though! He was quiet and sat still for the entire thing.

We left there, I got him a milkshake and off we went to get groceries. The first part was good, he was happy sucking down the milkshake. That soon ended though and arms started lunging for items on the shelves, throwing himself and the trolley around... time for bribery! So out came a sticker sheet and a note book which bought me a few more aisles. I probably got 2/3 way through the shop when it began. He was tired, it was approaching naptime and we were in a crowded shop. He started creating a fuss as I wouldn't give him something and I can't even remember what it was. And then, well then I took the pen away from him (my pen!) as he was drawing all over his face and putting the pen in his mouth, despite being told not to multiple times. Not a happy toddler!! Massive tantrum started, screaming, yelling, hitting me... the works! I wasn't phased by it but others were... we hurridly finished the shopping and headed home. He screamed the entire way home, which was only ten mins max but felt like forever. I swore today that I will never take him grocery shopping again, well not unless I decided to and its much earlier... I knew it was too late to take him with me but I guess I felt bad leaving my hubby with all 3 and did it anyway. And then I rushed and was stressed thinking of him home alone with the two girls... overall it was an epic fail!

now back to ebay to search for a playpen to protect my xmas tree from the tornado, or should that be protect my kids from the tree??
Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm sick

I've got a sniffle and its annoying me. My nose is red from blowing it, wiping it all freaking day. I feel fine, no other issues just a runny nose - maybe its allergies?? Whatever it is, it needs to piss of pronto as I'm busy this week and can't be dealing with sickness too. As I get older, I'm learning to accept that I have an illness, a serious disorder. A shopping illness. I went into Myer today to get one or two things for a friends baby, and to check for xmas gear (I NEED xmas PJs for my kids!) and I bought nothing for said baby, but lots for my babies! hahaha. I go into woolies to get bread and come out with 20 items and $60 poorer!! My husband says I have an illness and I tend to agree with him. But don't tell him that. I just think its a woman's perogative to buy buy buy!!

I got mail today, in the form of parcels and oh how I love receiving parcels. Decorations for my girls christening.... geez it would be nice to have hours of free time to set everything up perfectly, how I see it in my head. Instead I know it will be a last minute throw together and get everyone out the door. Oh well, doesn't matter.

I have an entire house to clean before next Sunday, including vaccuuming up the sandpit my son bought home from daycare in his shoes, pants, nappy, hair etc... How they get it everywhere is beyond me?

I can feel a coldsore coming as my stress levels rising. Fab, just what I need when we're having some photos done.

I bought Lion King on DVD today, how I loved that movie when I was younger... I hope my kidlets love it too, and quite frankly anything has got to be better than watching Toy Story 1,2, or 3 for the 55th millionth time!

Weighed in this morning and lost another 1.3kg, so 5.1kg in total! Woot! So far, so good
Thursday, 13 October 2011

second opinion

I took Missy Moo to a childrens doctor today, fully prepared to be told yes she has an ear infection and based on her history here is a referral to a paed ENT dude. Well according to todays Dr she doesn't have an ear infection but bronchialitis (can never spell that!!)... and now I am questioning every other ear infection diagnosis? According to todays Dr there is no sign of chronic ear infections, her ears are perfect and her speech development and balance are on track for her age, and if she'd had all these ear infections these things would be behind. Far out, who do you believe? You trust doctors, not only for yourself but for your precious children and yet get told opposing information. Gah! So frustrated. We're to finish the antibiotics she's on but the virus will pass in its own time and she'll be whingy until then (yay)... oh and keep an eye on the baby as she will most likely get it to. oh oh oh! and pull Missy Moo out of daycare as otherwise she will keep getting sick. hmmmm decisions decisions. Yes pulling her out is probably the right thing to do I know this and I suspected this since I finished work. She's a very sensitive little soul and was always happier at home. Will I leave Monkey Man in one day a week and have a girls day? Will he go to daycare without her? They're each others shadows and at the moment when he tantrums at daycare drop off I can suggest we go find Ivy and he's happy again. Surely her being with me will defeat the purpose of Toddler Free Friday? Will she get sick with what he brings home from daycare anyway, if I was to I leave him in one day a week? Will she be deprived of education and stimulation by not going to daycare? Will I cope with her every day of the week, seeing her nickname is cling on? (that didnt sound as selfish in my head!??!) Am I depriving Little Miss of some much needed one on one time by having Missy Moo home with us on Fridays? GAH!!!!!  I am so exhausted tonight after a bad night with her last night yet my brain is going round and round in circles... what to do? its keeping me awake tonight...

The Dr we saw was very cool from a toddler perspective, a big toy room in the waiting area, more toys in the Drs room and a bunk bed as an exam table. Very child friendly, just a shame they don't bulk bill. I know, I know, you can't put a price on your kids health but when you're trying to make ends meet month to month, and you live at the Drs like we do, well paying for a Dr visit each week could get very pricey... Wish they bulk billed....

still thinking about what to do

and if my iPhone would finish its bloody update I might be able to get to bed before midnight
Wednesday, 12 October 2011

this is the song that never ends

Missy Moo has another ear infection. I swear, it feels like we live at the Drs, and by the way why doesn't Australia have drive thru chemists like they do in the States??? Awesome idea for anyone with some cash and a marketing brain... Anyway!  So yep, she has another ear infection and this is her 5th since March. One more and we head to a specialist - its like a frequent flyers prize!! I felt like telling the GP to give me the referral today as by the time I actually get her the specialist appointment she'll probably be way past the magic number 6... Poor baby, no wonder she's not been sleeping well, crying alot, not eating much and screaming when laying down. Should have known better and taken her to the Drs earlier. I've made an appointment at a specialist childrens Dr for her tomorrow, just to get a second opinion. I just don't understand why (apart from daycare bugs) that she should be getting so sick and so often. I remember Monkey Man went through a similar phase at this age and its so frustrating. On one hand you don't want to keep giving them pain medicine as it can't be good for them to have it all the time, but then you don't want them to be in pain either.... plus my kids just love each other and as a result they pass illnesses back and forth. Never fun, and especially un-fun when the gastro bug strikes *yuck*.

Little Miss wore an outfit today that she received as a gift, its a size 3-6mths. She's 10 weeks tomorrow and its a good job I put it on her as the onesie only just does up. She's rapidly approaching 0 in clothes, which is around 6-12 months for the average baby! I put a 00 marquise suit (another gift) on her after her bath tonight and it fits perfectly, and that brand in my experience has always been big. Oh dear, another chubba bubba in the making! Lucky she's following the footsteps of her sister as she has a whole wardrobe of clothes waiting to be re-used.

Monkey Man threw the mother of all public tantys today and then he asked me to kiss his arm better, the one he'd just smacked into the pram over and over during his fury. I did laugh at him, and then he kissed it better himself... nawww.

Got a card from a courier company (damn I hate those cards!!) saying they tried to deliver to me at 2.30 today. Well I was home then, in fact I think I blogged around then so was sitting a metre or so from the front door??? Liars! Anyway, fingers crossed thats sorted now as its decorations for my girls christening which is the weekend after next, still loads to do including me getting my baking hat on. Should be interesting as since Monkey Man's sleep over at Nanny's he's very clingy and loves to climb up my legs, stand in between my feet or hide under my dress while I'm trying to cook/prepare dinner, wash up, load the dishwasher etc.... him on one leg, Missy Moo on the other - could mean some nasty results in the kitchen. Gawd help my guests, apologies in advance for food poisoning. And why do we think a function at home will be 'easy' and 'less stress'?? yeah maybe for the guests, certainly not for this host haha. Have a friend that makes awesome cupcakes, shame she's in England! Would cupcakes make it that far in one piece?? hmmm, seriously??

one of THOSE mothers

Today was/is errand day, I had a few things to get done and a few hours to get them done in before naptime and crankiness set in. Missy Moo decided to wake for the day at 4.30am so threw a spanner in the works and really I should have cancelled errands and stayed home so she could have an early nap. You know when you get an idea in your head and it has to happen there and then?? Well we had an appointment too that I couldn't change so I wasn't completely selfish. Anyway, off we went... both toddlers behaved in the pram while I did what I needed to do. They had morning tea in the pram, I shopped etc, I moved them into high chairs in the food court for some nuggets and chips and people watching. Monkey Man announced to every person that walked past 'daddy at work' and Missy Moo poured water all over herself and rubbed grease into her hair, all while every granny in the place stopped to stickybeak at Little Miss and tell me 'you've got your hands full'... *smile*. We then went to buy shoes for the girls christening next weekend, into what I thought was a cheap shop. $92 later and it turns out it wasnt such a cheap shop after all.... Time was rapidly running out, and Monkey Man had been telling me for half an hour that he's not tired nor does he need a nap. Well didn't he prove otherwise when I took the shoes off him to pay for them. A tantrum from hell broke out, arms and legs flailing, kicking, screaming, throwing, hitting me, throwing his head back. I had Little Miss strapped to me in the baby bjorn during this so it wasn't the easiest thing to deal with physically. I paid for the shoes and strapped him into the pram, and charged through the shopping centre to the car park, with him screaming the entire way. Everyone looked, everyone judged and yes, today I was one of THOSE mothers with an uncontrollable child... but hey, I got my errands done.
Monday, 10 October 2011

Kiss it better

Not long ago I offered to kiss Monkey Man's finger when he hurt himself, I was attempting to teach him the whole kiss it better thing, which was really an attempt to stop him screaming the house down whenever he fell over/tripped over/crashed etc etc and he does these things alot. The screaming is attention seeking as there is a huge difference between those screams and the really hurt myself, silent, sobbing screams. Both he and Missy Moo are champions at both. Anyway, he's mastered the kiss it better thing and now asks me to kiss something better at least 20 times a day. Over the weekend I even had to kiss his shoe and his pants better (trousers, not undies for those poms reading)... ok so kissing his shoes better is going a bit far but I spose I should be grateful he's learning things from me. He goes for naptime and bangs his head jumping around in protest and I am summoned upstairs to kiss it better at least 4 times before he will go to sleep, that and wipe the 'not' under his nose. He knows I will come up to him as I am paranoid about him waking his sisters. Cheeky bugger!

This morning Missy Moo appears to have cottoned on and is now thrusting her finger, arm, leg, foot etc in my face for me to kiss it better. She kind of grunts at me and won't leave my side til I kiss the limb better. Yay, double the fun!! Could be interesting this time next year when I have 3 asking me to kiss it better?

At the moment all 3 are sleeping, although Little Miss is protesting a little. I think she's having a growth spurt as she's certainly unsettled and her onesies are getting snug. She can't be ready for 0 already? She's not yet 3 months old, and I'm sure 0's are around the 6 month mark?? Well maybe for other babies, but not mine! Anyway, that protesting is getting louder so I'd best go and settle her. Maybe she wants me to kiss something better?? Either way she knows I'm coming as I don't want her to wake the others *smile*
Saturday, 8 October 2011

first sleepover

Tonight my Monkey Man is having his first sleep over at Nanny's house. I'm happy for him, he's growing up but it also makes me sad, or rather nostalgic. I packed up teeny onesies he wore as a new baby the other day and got all sad. He's a little boy now, and no longer my little baby *sad face*. He and Nanny are off to a reptile park tomorrow and he's been jibbering on all week about Nanny and 'snaaaakkes', he's clearly excited. This afternoon when she picked him up he waved us goodbye and said loud and clear 'bye bye mummy'. He happily climbed in the car and waved bye bye.... He's 2 and having his first sleep over. I know this is late in some people's eyes but he's never slept anywhere but with us, be it at home or on a holiday... I'm sure he will be fine, and its hubby and I feeling sad that he's not here. He adores my Mum, Nanny is the bees knees and no doubt he will be good as gold for her and then sleep in til 7am. I hope they enjoy their time together.

Missy Moo and Little Miss enjoyed a calm, girls only bath together with no 2yo clambering over the top of them and both went to sleep without a peep. Missy Moo clearly enjoyed having our undivided attention this afternoon and played happily for hours. She really loves having one on one attention. Such a sensitive little soul...

Meanwhile I'm researching hotels as hubby and I are off to a kid free wedding at the end of next month. Nanny is babysitting, with a little help from a friend, so we're gonna make a night of it. We were going to come home after the wedding but have decided its time we had a night away. I mean it's only been 3 years since we had a night away for reasons other than hospital stays. It's only been 3 babies, I mean years, since I really had a drink so why not. I'm sure I'll be a cadburys girl (glass and a half) and be a dribbling mess by the nights end but meh, its a wedding! And I'm looking forward to some time away, time with just hubby and I. I've also got to buy a dress, give a gift, buy something to wear to and attend the hens party, ahhhh holy crap weddings are expensive when you're just a guest! I am really looking forward to it though, just gotta pay for it first.

Weighed in this morning and lost another 2.1kgs, so 3.8 total so far in only a couple of weeks. yay go me! Am feeling very proud of myself and well on my way to 10kgs gone by xmas. Hoping to maintain this momentum although I'm realistic that I can't keep losing that much each week.

10pm, time for dreamfeed for Little Miss and some much needed sleep for me. I am totally exhausted after this week...
Friday, 7 October 2011


It's Friday, Friday, Friday!! For me, thats Toddler Free Friday and its so exciting. I wish I had lots of yummy scrumptious things to do, just for me but alas no... the house needs cleaning, groceries need doing, washing needs folding and putting away - my least fave domestic duty. Will I actually achieve any of this today? Possibly not given I am completely exhausted after Monkey Man decided to carry on for most of last night. I know he has a cold and is pretty bunged up. I know I created a monster by teaching him to come and see me everytime he has snot running down his face. It works great during the day, and has stopped him wiping his nose up his sleeve, however after being called back to his room for the 25th time last night because of 'snot mummy, snot'... well its wearing thin. In earlier days, when Monkey Man was sick we could put him into our bed and he'd go straight to sleep. I couldn't sleep due to flailing limbs and little fingers being poked in my ears and up my nose, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Admittedly he hasn't been sick for a while, and it appears coming to Mummy and Daddy's bed is no longer an attractive option as all he wanted to do was go downstairs and start the day. Um, no, its midnight so you're going to sleep. I'm seriously getting that book 'Go The Fcuk To Sleep' which I've seen circulating on facebook. I thought it was a joke but turns out its a real book. I need it. and an alcoholic drink LOL

It's been a long week of crappy weather meaning we were stuck inside most of the week. Lots of tantrums, lots of fighting and a tribe of visitors yesterday meant none of the kids slept much during the day, which in turn meant the night went to crap. Listening to 3x simultaneously crying babies down the 3x monitors was somewhat disturbing. Why you can't switch those monitors off at the parent unit I'll never know! I've been staying up too late playing online, creating photobooks for my kids first year when really I should be sleeping. The whole lack of sleep catches up with me eventually. Last Sunday I cried when Little Miss vomited on me for the fourth time in fifteen minutes. I had to get out for a bit, I needed a break. I caught up for a coffee with a friend. Given I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, we went to maccas as I felt I wasn't coffee shop worthy! I felt much better after a break and a vent... and being able to eat/drink without having to share or have little people begging for my food, the exact same food on plates in front of them!

So, it's nearly 11am and I've achieved nothing. I lie. I've done my groceries, online but still they're done. Tick, one domestic duty done. Now to do the rest or have a nanna nap???

weigh in tomorrow, eek not holding much hope of a good result...
Tuesday, 4 October 2011

today was a good day, I think

In the grand scheme of things, today was a good day. The toddlers ran about outside and exhausted themselves (hopefully), Little Miss was a 'good baby' as per usual and the backyard now looks less jungle like and more "we care about our house" hahaha. My kids are healthy and I am grateful for that everyday, especially when friends and loved ones are struck with bad luck.

The day didn't start so well, 3 crappy nappies within minutes of each other - the joys! Food refusal, alot and I really mean ALOT. Missy Moo basically ate nothing today so I am worried about how she will sleep tonight. It seems unless a chicken nugget is laid down in front of my kids, well they won't eat it. And let me tell you, food refusal is right up there on my hate list. Don't get me wrong, they will eat custard and chocolate and hot chips til the cows come home. Anything remotely healthy, pfft to that! I think Missy Moo has been having teething issues over the last few weeks which would hopefully explain the moods, tantrums and whinging as well as the disturbed sleep. I'm the kind of person that needs to understand why, the reasons for everything and then I can accept and cope. If there is no reason, or none I understand, I get so frustrated! Her 4 molars decided to cut at once and until now she's been a good teether, unlike her brother. These 4 however have really upset her, and while the bottom two seemed to pop through rather quickly, the top two have finally come down after appearing as bloody holes in her gums weeks ago. The last couple of days she's been alot happier, and 12 hours solid sleep at night hasn't hurt either. Appears to be ear/throat infection free so fingers crossed we're on the improve!

We had the garden tended to by a professional today and whilst Monkey Man ran around the deck cheering the hedge trimmer/chain saw on, Missy Moo screamed and clambered up my leg. Funny yes? Not so much as I was feeding Little Miss at the time but hey, we managed. I sometimes wish I had CCTV to capture the moments I can't photograph myself due to literally having my hands full, then again I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards most days so I'll pass on the CCTV.

Little Miss is 2 months old today and I almost didn't realise, mainly because I don't know what day it is. Bloody long weekends always throw me out and you watch, I'll be shocked when its Friday as it doesn't feel like a Friday, whatever that means. Little Miss is smiling, watching things around her and poking her tongue out like a lizard, which the toddlers find hilarious. I've packed away her 000 clothes as she's well and truly in 00, almost in 0... much like my other two, she's long and growing fast! I am a little sadder each time I pack something else away, knowing its the last time any of my children will wear/use that item. I managed to get some photos of the three of them rumbling this morning... well the toddlers rumbling and Little Miss looking very concerned and confused. Anyone with more than one child will tell you how hard it is to get a photo of them together where they all look at you/the camera. I so badly want a DSLR and am hoping Santa can find me one?

All 3 went down at 7pm, music to my ears as I relish my 7pm bedtime. The weather was ok. My friends newborn baby boy who's been very sick is making great strides towards recovery. I got dressed. Dinner was made. The house is semi-tidy. I didn't throttle any of my children. Yes, today was a good day. Oh and I lost 1.7kg at my first weigh in on Saturday and today in a stressful time when I would normally devour chocolate, I ate an apple instead. Yay me. Today WAS a good day.