Thursday, 29 September 2011

learn something new everyday

I've always believed that you should learn something from everything, every situation, every person you meet. I've tried to change things about myself that I don't like as I've gotten older. I try to think before I speak, and I try to think of the consequences of every action. I hope that my children are learning new things everyday. Sometimes however, you just get it wrong.

Today was one of those days. My hubby is away for work so I am well and truly alone, in the deep end with the kids. Whilst he's not usually here for dinner/bath/bedtimes, he is coming home at some stage and subconsciously I know that. My mind tells me during the 55th tantrum of the hour that its ok, soon there will be someone here to share my pain, soon. Today is pretty much day 6 (I think) in a row of craphouse weather, rainy, cold and windy as all hell. Basically indoor weather. My two tornadoes have not been happy with this and have shown me many times exactly how they feel. Missy Moo just wails, she throws herself down and wails - usually when I leave the room or walk away from her. Monkey Man is a cheeky thing, and defiant. He tells me 'no' alot, and this afternoon I heard him threaten Missy Moo with a 'mack'!! I'm guessing I threaten him with a smack quite often so its bound to flow down hill. He's agressive and can be downright violent - today he bit his sister right in front of me! I know, I know, its the age but there has to be a point where you step in. He has been in the naughty corner at least 5 times today for pushing his little sister, who incidently idolises him and follows him around like a puppy. Does the naughty corner actually provide any benefit to a 2yo?? I'll have to google that one or perhaps ask Jo Frost but it does separate the two of them for a while, it just means he wails louder at being punished. It takes a fair bit for me to reach the end of my tether, And he did get a smack today for pushing Missy Moo down the stairs which was just downright scary. She's wobbly on the stairs as it is, her confidence is still growing with going up stairs and coming down is a no go zone yet, she just freezes in fear. Such polar opposites my children are. Monkey Man ran straight up the stairs the first day we moved in here and he was 22mths old at the time, never really been exposed to stairs before... She's alot more cautious, shy around new people, clings to me... Monkey Man will talk a strangers ear off and couldn't care less where I am.
I forget that she's not even 14 months old yet, and that really she's only been walking for about 6 weeks. Time goes so fast and I do forget her age, she wants to do everything her big brother does and I just forget that she's not there yet.

note this isn't meant to start a debate about smacking

Anyway, Monkey Man was asking for (demanding) pikelets so we made some, well I did while they supervised and licked the beaters. I flipped pikelets whilst holding Little Miss over my shoulder - see I did learn a new skill today! I would never have known I could do that til I tried. I popped her down for a nap and came back to the toddlers. We then made scrambled eggs with fresh vegies, the kids chose the vegies they wanted in their eggs. I don't think they actually ate any of it, they picked the cheese out and ate the pasta swirls (I boiled up just in case) but hey, small steps right and not alot was thrown on the floor! woot! Teaching them names of vegies was their lesson of the day and hopefully they remember that tomorrow and not how many times they were in the naughty corner. I was in the mum zone, we were having fun, no one was screaming to go outside, and all was good. I then looked up and realised it was after 6pm!! The kids normally eat at 5 so no wonder they had been screaming at me, bad mummy! I'd been telling them to shhh while I unpacked/packed the dishwasher, washed and prepared baby bottles,emptied the fridge (its bin night) etc etc etc... Some how I thought it was coming up to 5 but really it was after 6. How did I lose a whole hour? I'm still not sure? Anyway, we quickly finished up dinner and headed up to the bath. Both kids had bags under their red eyes they were so tired and both went to bed with minimal fuss - clearly tired. Tomorrow is Toddler Free Friday (woot!) so they will be exhausted again tomorrow night, but hey, its a long weekend so they can rest lots and sleep in - pfft! yeah right!! I wish!!

oh and I ate at least 4 pikelets, completely forgetting about my new and improved me. I bet you I suffer on the scales on saturday as a result. how annoying.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

trials and tribulations of toddlerhood!

My two little tornadoes were particularly hard work this morning. The fighting is loud and violent! God help me when they're bigger than 1 & 2!! This morning just seemed to be one big long scream session and funnily enough the best behaved out of all of us (me included) was Little Miss at 7wks old... Thank goodness for a playdate as I was ready to crack open a bottle of wine by 9am, and I mean really considering it!!

All the books, other parents, drs etc told me that toddlerhood is hard work and whilst I dont disagree, one toddler on it's own is easy! Maybe I have a slightly altered perspective given I've never had just one toddler? By the time Monkey Man hit toddlerhood I had another baby to deal with as well. One toddler I can ignore, I can laugh at a temper tantrum or frustration at not being able to walk/run/climb/talk/ride the trike whereas once there is two, you're outnumbered! The screaming and frustration is multiplied and you really have moments where you have to dig deep to stay in control. No one is perfect and motherhood takes a truck load of patience. Everyone has different things that push their buttons, here are mine:

Fighting over anything and everything, why!!
The need to fill a nappy as soon as a clean one is put on - not their fault but annoying all the same!
Food refusal, why!?!
Refusing food offered to them but will happily eat the exact same thing off my plate!?
Throwing food on the floor. This gets me everytime. If one more expert (dr, nurse, daycare teacher etc) tells me it's their way of exploring gravity, the noise it makes as it hits the floor or your reaction to them throwing food well I'm going to explode. Yes all these reasons are part of it but really I think they do it to piss their mums off. Mine have never thrown a chicken nugget, hot chip or chocolate on the floor?? Oh no, wouldn't want to waste these precious goodies!!
Monday, 26 September 2011

a family outing

I missed the Aust post delivery guy on Friday so got one of those annoying cards in my letter box asking me to attend (with ID) my local post office. Great, just what I need.... so today I loaded the tribe up and off we went to the post office. Just a normal family outing for us *smile*. Pre-kids I would pop to the post office a few times a week - remember I love online shopping - with no dramas and be in and out in 5 mins. Post-kids, well its a military operation with two in the pram and another strapped to me. The post office bloke handed me two rather large boxes and asked where my trolley was?? How I'm meant to push a trolley AND almost 30kg of toddler in the pram is beyond me... I handed one box to Monkey Man and told him he's a big boy now so he has to help Mummy and tucked the other under my arm. All was ok til I noticed people moving out of my way, seems we were a rather wide load. And then Monkey Man threw a massive tanty when I took his box away from him to put it in the car. oh hum

All was solved with morning tea at a cafe, at which my two entertained everyone with their hysterics at the birds flying by. Why do toddlers love birds so much?

Got home to another bloody card in the post box..... insert expletive here!!
Sunday, 25 September 2011

sunday quickie

In my younger days, a quickie meant something very different to what it does now... so in the spirit of being upfront, hopefully you won't be disappointed but this isn't a blog about those quickies.... this will be a quick blog as it's after 11pm here and my eyes are hanging out of my head.

I just gave my Little Miss a dream feed, she snuggled into my neck afterwards and I loved it, I know she won't do it forever, nor will she be small forever... she's my last baby so I'm enjoying every aspect of her. She sleeps pretty much anywhere, even fell asleep in a coles trolley the other day whilst the toddlers bounced and screeched for donuts (yes I gave in, I'm THAT parent!). She's pretty relaxed, we haven't had one single hysterical fit from her yet and by this age her brother had done nothing but scream hysterically. She's self settling at every sleep, although this has sort of happened by accident and on purpose. Accidently because she's been going to sleep and I've have to deal with my other two so she's had no choice by to cry it out a little. On purpose because I can spot a tired sign at 20 paces and get her into bed well before then, in a definitive attempt to have her learn self settling early on. For everyones sake. My husband and I made mistakes the first time around, as all first time parents do but I believe we have learnt as we've gone along, plus we're alot more relaxed each time. The things you learn hey? I reckon I could have another couple of kids and they'd be changing their own butts by a few months - not that I'm having any more. No no no, my contribution to society is done, I think I've done my fair share of miscarriage, pregnancy, births and sleep deprivation. It's now upto friends and family to do their part and allow me to cluck over their scan photos, swollen bellies and squishy newborns. I'm also gonna laugh at their swollen cankles, sleep deprivation and discomfort but in the nicest possible 'I've been where you are' way.

We found out the other day that close friends are having a baby and of course its all very hush hush at the moment. From my perspective it's really lovely remembering that excitement and the whole unknown... I will hopefully remember every positive pregnancy test I ever did ... actually, no I won't because there was alot - I had to keep checking it was real!! I was a serial tester!! And I will never admit exactly how many tests I did as thats just embarrassing.

My Little Miss wore an outfit the other day that I bought when I was pregnant for the first time. I was due late winter and I shopped up a storm as soon as that second line appeared on the test, funnily enough I shopped for a girl because of course it was going to be a girl (women's intuition?? wishful thinking??). I also told anyone that spoke to me that I was pregnant, I shouted it from the rooftops I was so excited. Sadly that pregnancy wasn't to be but I kept the things I bought and 4 years later I have a little girl that fit into the outfit and looked super cute in it (yay!). I also learnt my lesson and kept a lid on my next pregnancies as un-telling everyone I'd told was harder for me than the loss. I had to keep reliving it over and over again. Funny how times change. I would never have guessed my journey to have children would be difficult, and I had it easy compared to what some go through. You don't know if you can have children til you try, nor do you know how much you love them until you lose one. And you don't know how much they will change your life for the better until they're here. I'm now going to go tuck them in and get some shut eye before Hubby's long day tomorrow and absence for half the week. Bloody work, sure it pays the bills but what about my mental stability? If you're looking for me I'll be in the corner, in the foetal position waiting to hear the garage door open so I can crack open a bottle of wine.
Saturday, 24 September 2011

its all about me

During the week I had a light bulb moment. I was sitting feeding Little Miss amongst my tornado toddlers and it occured to me that it was 4pm and I hadn't pee'd all day. Suddenly I was bursting.!! I left the toddlers to it, popped Little Miss in the swing and hoped like hell her brother and sister wouldn't catapult her out in the 2 minutes I'd be gone. Little Miss was fine but Missy Moo managed to throw herself off a chair (she's taken to standing on chairs and then can't get down) so I'm consoling her, wondering did I remember to wash my hands, and next thing Monkey Man copies his sister and throws himself off a chair... A toddler suicide pact?? Sweet jeezus! Two screaming toddlers and a baby swinging away blissfully unaware of the carnage she's been born into. Things soon calmed down although I really feel I should go and apologise to my neighbours for the daily racket that comes from my backyard, or maybe pop a flyer in their letter box?

Dear Neighbour,
We haven't met but no doubt you know my voice, or at the very least the voices of my children. They're young, loud and proud and are not afraid of a good old fashioned throw down tantrum. I dare say you know all of this as you hear us daily. This note is to apologise for anything you might hear and think inappropriate, if my kids or my screaming interrupts your morning coffee/lunch in the sun etc. I promise there is no need to call DOCs, its all under control here. I will however happily accept gifts of alcohol if you feel the urge. And should you knock on my door to complain and suspect I am PUTI (parenting under the influence), chances are your suspicions will be valid. They will grow out of it, so everyone tells me, but until then my apologies. Oh and in about 6-12mths it will get louder as my latest addition will find her voice and join in the chaos. Sorry bout that xx

So later that night as I bathed 3x wriggly, squirming kids I got to thinking. When was the last time I made myself a priority. Sure I get my hair blow dried or a pedi on toddler free friday if the schedule and bank balance permit, I mean somethings HAVE to take priority right?? Plus due to the amount of bloody grey hair I have, I have no choice but to colour my hair. I know some Mums don't have this luxury and I am grateful, really I am. However, I'm struggling to get dressed of a morning because nothing fits, and I only have 30 seconds to throw something on, so its a stressful 30 seconds! I need to get my butt into gear and lose some weight. I've lost some since having Little Miss, but no where near the amount I need to. I have a wardrobe of shiny lovely clothes (not actually shiny) that I can't wear. I want to shop for an outfit for my step sisters wedding without stressing. So, today I joined Weight Watchers. I can't believe I'm making this public but maybe by doing so it will force me to stick to it. I've done it before, lost a few kgs, gotten cocky and fallen off the band wagon. I'm never going to be small, its just not in my genes but I will be smaller than I am now. And I'll be a better mum for it. It's all about me, for an hour a week, I am child free and listening to others in a similar situation talk about their losses, gains, successes and failures. I'm not worried about kids meals, nap times, colds, nappy changes or tantrums... It's all about me and hopefully a slimmer me!

I managed to rope a friend in to my plan tonight, so hopefully both she and I will be slimmer soon. Get me! I could be one of those Fitness First recruiters bahahaha!! Our first goal is 10kg gone by Christmas which we agree is achievable. Trust me when I say I am determined to meet that goal as this will be my first Christmas in 3 years where I can drink alcohol and eat freely. My First Christmas in 3 years where I won't be pregnant - reckon I should get that put on a bauble for the tree??
Friday, 23 September 2011


It's nearly 11pm and my 3 babies have been sleeping since 7, in their own cots, in their own rooms. Little Miss is officially out of our room and in her own space. Alot of people may think she's too young at 7 weeks but for us, our experience so far has been that our kids sleep better in their own rooms. Monkey man went to his at 8 weeks, Missy Moo at 5 and Little Miss has gone at 7.... I think the fact that my hubby snores so loudly hinders their sleep, or maybe its that we move and get up to every sound they make in their sleep - have you ever slept close by a newborn? They're noisy!! Between farts, grunts, snorts, chirps and squeaks it never stops! So Little Miss is in her cot and I must remember to take a photo of this important milestone in the morning.

Missy Moo is sick as I suspected and has another ear infection, her fourth in six months and according to the GP once she has 6 in 12 mths she will be referred to a specialist for possible grommets. Yay! That should be fun. Fingers crossed we get to March next year without two more, although lets be realistic, it aint gonna happen. Poor Missy Moo might be the first of my three kids to have an operation. Not so sure thats a milestone I want her to reach??

Speaking of operations I took $1200 worth of bills to medicare today and got less than $600 back. Not a happy camper seeing I had mentally spent the money before I got it. The system sux!!

The children are sleeping, I'm awake when I should be sleeping, and making lists of things I need to do. Seriously, does it ever stop? When do I get to sit back and rest and take it all in? I lose track of days as I'm too busy to realise another day is done. I write lists to remember the to-do lists, and I find myself remembering random things at stupid o'clock in the morning!! I'm hanging to find my off switch. I've had two magazines here to read for more than a week and I haven't even opened the front covers. I find I get to 4pm and realise I haven't eaten or pee'd all day! Note: why am I not pencil thin?!?! LOL I was thinking of how I'm going to set up the food and tables etc for the girls christening at 3am last night?? Why then I don't know! I have one day a week where the toddlers go to daycare and its just Little Miss and I. I should be having a nanna nap or having some quality time with her, taking her newborn goodness in as it will be over before too long. Instead I take full advantage of the freedom and run errands, scheduling appointments and actioning to-do lists, mopping floors - stuff that is so much harder to do with two terrors under your feet. Someday my cleaning fairy will come and take my troubles away but until then, its just me! And I've been debating about whether its worth keeping them in daycare... and then I remember how much I have to do on those days... A milestone for me, admitting I need that one day.

Monkey Man hit a milestone last week, finally saying his own name. Admittedly he's not pronouncing it correctly but he's so proud of himself and my heart melts everytime I hear him say it, all 55 million times , all day *smile*

Note to self, add to the to-do list: update babies record books of abovementioned milestones.
Thursday, 22 September 2011

hi ho, hi ho, its back to the drs we go

We're off to the Drs again this afternoon. I really do feel like I live there lately. Missy Moo is sick again, I'm pretty sure of it. She's been sick for the past month and either can't shake it or keeps getting new versions. Poor bubba just can't catch a break; ear infection one week, ear infection the next week in the opposite ear (dont ask me which ear was first or second!), pharyngitis the following week and I'm pretty sure the ear infection is back as crying/screaming occurs whenever she lays down to sleep. Last night was pretty intense... how do you soothe a toddler at midnight who doesn't like to be cuddled (unless she chooses to) and won't sleep anywhere but her car seat, the loungeroom floor or her own bed?? At least when Monkey Man is sick he wants nothing but cuddles or to sleep in our bed. Admittedly neither the husband or I get any sleep when he's in there but hey, at least the toddler is resting.

I thought the change of season and warmer weather would bring an end to the non stop illnesses of winter, but I guess not. Now I just need Monkey Man and Little Miss to stay well, oh and I spose it would be nice if I avoided it too... if I go down there aint no one to look after the tribe so it could get very ugly, but then again mums don't get sick days do we?
Wednesday, 21 September 2011

being grateful

Two things happened today to make me feel grateful. The first was a specialist I've been seeing for 4 years tell me how beautiful my children are. I truly believe without him and my OB that I wouldn't have my children and will be eternally grateful to both of them. The second was reading and hearing about a terminally ill little girl who is only a little bit younger than Monkey Man. The struggles facing this family are immense and I must admit to feeling rather selfish for complaining about witching hour or toddler tantrums. I dare say this little girls mum would give anything to see her baby tantrum... I am grateful, and I am blessed to have 3 healthy children and I should show it more often. I try to do my best at this mumma gig but unless someone tells you, there is no way to tell if your best is good enough. You just have to assume you're doing ok, and hope the bear hug cuddles from your kids are 'thanks for doing a good job'.

I really do love my babies and love being a mum - even though Monkey Man is carrying on in his cot right now, refusing a nap for nearly 2 hours. He's not crying, just gibbering away, throwing toys and jumping around. He's just woken his sister as well, which I am not impressed with but, in the spirit of being grateful will let go. just for today... *smile*
Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the witching hour

I forgot that 6 wks of age meant the beginning of witching hour, or arsenic hour, whichever title you prefer. And why its named ** hour is beyond me when it clearly lasts alot longer than an hour?? Little Miss has hit the 6wk mark and is text book perfect so far. The last few days she's not slept much in the afternoon but I put it down to this being the noisiest time of the day for her siblings and as she's more awake now, of course she won't be able to sleep. Then today, when I had Little Miss in the baby bjorn, Missy Moo on my hip and Monkey Man wrapped around my leg and all 3 were screaming, it hit me.... witching hour has begun!! (have you got a visual yet?) It's a position I'd never thought about, and one I'd prefer not to repeat in a hurry as my back is sore tonight. I spose I can't really expect it not to be after carrying 17kg of children with another 15kg climbing up my leg! Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow the toddler tornados will sleep at the same time and won't tag team on me. I won't have multiple people over, or parcels being delivered to drag me to the front door which causes full blown melt downs from the children who can't come to the door - aka bolt out the door like puppies as soon as its opened! Tomorrow I will take the tribe to the Drs for a specialist appointment for me, and attempt to contain them from destroying the place - which reminds me I better go pack bribes, I mean food supplies, into the nappy bag. And tomorrow I will re-wash the white towels that are now covered in dirty finger prints and chocolate milk and snot after abovementioned toddler tornadoes took great delight in running through them whilst they dried on the line. I really don't mind re-washing them as the giggles and laughter I heard while they dirtied them was worth it, plus it was the first time there was no tantrums since the 5.30am start to the day and hey, thats worth more than dirty towels.

Monday, 19 September 2011

we love chocolate

It's been 6 weeks since my Little Miss joined our family, and 6 weeks since I became a mumma of 3 under 3... and 6 weeks/55 million comments from randoms about me having my hands full but that's another blog altogether.

Little Miss is thriving, doing all the things she should do, she's smiling and cooing now although how she manages to sleep amongst 2x toddler tornados is beyond me!! Her cot arrived today so she'll be moving out of our room soon and into her own space. Not sure how she'll go without hubby's snoring to lull her off to sleep hahaha. We've become a household of 3 cots, something I never really saw coming. Monkey Man has a big boy bed waiting for him but the last attempt to move him into it was an epic failure - ten nights of screaming blue murder - him and us, ten nights of him ending up in bed with us, thrashing, poking, slapping, climbing, etc etc. He sleeps really well in his cot, isn't climbing out and still has plenty of room so I am not moving him yet. We might even convert his cot to a toddler bed (and install a gate on his door!!) before we try the big bed again. I value my sleep too much and hey, if it aint broke, why fix it.

Today we ventured out to Little Miss' 6 week paed appointment ( I can never spell that word!) and it was a success. Dr was running late - are they ever on time?? - so poor Monkey Man and Missy Moo had to stay in the pram for what must have been an hour+.... Anyone with toddler experience knows this is a recipe for disaster. I did think ahead and pack what I thought would be plenty of food, and it was, but only just! 5 mins more of waiting and I could have had a full blown mutiny on my hands. When both absolutely cracked it in the Drs room, I pulled out the big guns. I offered them a freddo, and magically they were quiet. Freddo was gratefully received, I got to finish up the appointment, pay the bill while more randoms told me I had my hands full and off we went, with both my big kids covered in chocolate, looking more homeless than loved but they were quiet and happy, and thats all that mattered. Is there anything that chocolate can't fix?
Saturday, 17 September 2011

online shopping - oh the pure joy

As a busy mumma, I've discovered how much online shopping is my friend. I've always loved it, loved receiving parcels and find myself stalking the delivery guys, hearing the van and thinking 'oooh am I gonna get something today?' and being disappointed when they ring my neighbours doorbell.... It's kinda like when you 'win' something on ebay. The sheer joy of beating someone else is just, well, awesome! Never mind that you're actually buying something, thats just minor details! No, online shopping is  fabulous especially when you have many little people to take with you should you venture to the shops. And quite frankly, thats hard work, the thing you want is never in stock and you deal with rude staff, parking wars and stupid idiots in lifts that don't need to be there, taking up space you need so why not click away in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you?? I'm probably spending 90% of my spendings online, with groceries, birthday presents, etc being bought online. Today I even bought make-up and saved myself the 'make-over and advice' from some overdone 12yo in too high heels and too much perfume! I'm currently organising a christening for my 2 girls and as much of that is being done online as possible... who knew there were so many businesses selling party wares?? And xmas, well when I finally pull my finger out, xmas will be pretty much done online too. Someone pointed out the other day it was 100 days til xmas and I nearly died. I've done nothing, not bought or thought of a single thing and its starting to stress me out. But never fear, online shopping will save the day/petrol/stress and I will get it done. And all I know for sure is Santa will find us...

Now what to get the kids??
Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happiness is . . .

Today is a glorious spring day in Sydney, the kind you wish for when getting married and the little people and I have spent most of it on the back deck. Missy Moo still isn't well although has perked up slot since a nap. She fell asleep in her high chair earlier, a first and something neither of my kids has done ever - yes I took photos before rescuing her *smile*

Sitting in the sunshine got me thinking how happy I am right now. These are a few things that make me happy, in no particular order:

•watching my two toddlers play together, laughing hysterically
•watching clean washing dancing on the line
•watching my 1yo's delight as she covers herself in food as she learns to feed herself - not so happy about the washing it creates!?
•freshly washed sheets, even better when someone else makes the bed
•home cooked food, made with ease and at a pleasant pace preferably without a toddler or two climbing up your legs or under your feet
•seeing my 1yo's delight at new shoes - she's SO my daughter!
•realising my feet have shrunk post 3x pregnancies. Didn't know you'd change shoe size when/after having kids? Neither did I til it was happening. It's not something people tell you.
•thinking about this time next year when I'll have 3x little people running about, playing together
•realising Xmas is only 3mths away

Panic is realising Xmas is only 3 mths away eek!!

What makes you happy??
Tuesday, 13 September 2011

you've got your hands full

Took all 3 kids to the Drs today. Missy Moo's whinging has gotten extreme, as has her clinginess and need to be 'up' all the time.. all of which is rather difficult when trying to tend to a newborn. On the plus side her talking is getting better, honestly hearing your child clearly saying Mummy rather than mum mum mum is just heart warming - ask me again in a couple of years how nice it is when I have 3x screaming MUUUUMMM at me all day?? Anyway, off we went, two in the pram and Little Miss strapped to me in the carrier. We got alot of looks and double takes while we killed time due to the Dr running late - big surprise! Within half an hour of being at the shops I had at least 6 randoms tell me "you've got your hands full". One stopped me and asked me the gap between the 3 and then said "really" when I told her one year. She then asked me again "really??" yes really! It's not something I forget.

Since I was a child I've attracted random comments, randoms telling me their life story within minutes of meeting me. People from all walks of life seem to find me approachable, which is kind of ironic as those closest to me often tell me I am unapproachable... I've also always attracted nutters (thankgod for the 'hide' feature on facebook), including some of my exes haha but seriously, what's with the comments? Society seems to think its ok to say what they think, to tell someone to their face that they're too skinny but they'd never say 'hey have a salad fatty' to someones face?!?!  People don't say 'hey why only one child/no child' but seem to think its ok to comment on mine? I just don't get it... much like I don't get why the older generation in particular seem to love to ask 'is he/she a good baby?'... Just how are you supposed to answer that? Nah, she's horrible and I wish I never had her?!? Nor do I understand why they insist on sticking their head into a capsule to 'see the baaaaaby' - um hello, sleeping baby!! Back off!! I just don't get it. When I was pregnant with Missy Moo people said if I had a girl I'd then have the pigeon pair and wouldn't want a third. How would they know if I wanted 3 or 23 children and more importantly, what difference does it make to them?? Gah, sometimes people shit me!

Yes we finally saw the Dr after killing 40 long minutes of waiting time singing songs, drinking milkshakes (yes I got more looks as I handed these to the kids), eating tiny teddies from the well packed nappy bag aka my saviour and playing toddler eye spy. Yes Missy Moo is sick so at least that gives me a reason for her behaviour of late, poor poppet. Yes we got stopped twice more on the way back to the car for people to comment and stare... And on a completely different note, why don't Drs have frequent flyer type programmes? God knows I'd rack up the points pretty quick, as would any Mum with young kids. Something like ten visits and your 11th is granted with no waiting time, go straight to the front of the queue! Now wouldn't that be nice *smile*
Monday, 12 September 2011

I will survive

Day one of me vs the 3x little ones was, IMO, a success. Despite a bra full of puke, despite walking to the local Drs and realising how unfit I am currently, despite Missy Moo trying to flush toy cars down the loo and launching her night time milk bottle from upstairs when she was done with it.... overall it was a success! 2 loads of washing were done, are dried and folded ready to put away (a job I detest!!), groceries were delivered (thankgod for online shopping!!), kids were fed and happy, although they didn't get out of PJs til nearly 10am...I'd changed 3x crappy nappies before 10am though. I even managed to cook dinner while they ate their dinner AND survived bathtime without killing one of them, all of them or myself. I'm feeling very supermum tonight, and no doubt tomorrow it will all collapse in a heap but for the moment, I'm enjoying my moment in the sun *insert smiley face here*. I did a quick google of the word super mum and the above image come up... and whilst I don't think I am supermum by any means, I'm just doing what I gotta do, I did find the image striking as its pretty much my family dynamic, and of course I look that good in lycra, NOT!! bahahaha

Something that worked today: I gave Monkey Man and Missy Moo a noodle box each with lollies in it after dinner. Great success! They sat in their chairs and ate lollies, or chewed/sucked on them, threw them around the room and took great delight in pulling them out of the boxes and stuffing them back in. There was many ssss noises as the snakes were played with and ooohhh aaahh aaaah noises when they discovered the banana lollies, the noises monkeys make of course! The genuine childs play you wish you could bottle and keep forever, that sheer delight and happiness from something so simple. A part of me was worried about the sugar high and starting a bad habit but to be truthful apart from a mini box of smarties and a freddo each, I don't think they actually ate many of the lollies. Both my kids are chocoholics like their mumma nawwww - I wonder if our little miss will be the same? A great use of noodle boxes and it bought me 15 mins to get the adult dinner sorted, talk about a result!!

The night before the big kids wanted to 'help' me prepare dinner so up to the bench they came and I gave them a bowl and spoon each. I gave them a handful of frozen vegies to stir... Monkey man ate all of his and then some of his sisters, saying yum and naming the vegies as he shoved them in... if thats the only way I can get him to eat vegies, well expect to see lots more 'mixing' being offered up!! haha

The things we mums do to survive. . .
Sunday, 11 September 2011

my first test

Tomorrow is my first true test as a mum of 3 under 3, it's my first day solo. Hubby and my Mum are both back at work and tomorrow will be my first day alone with 3 little monkeys.

I've been itching to get on with things, to do things my way with no one watching, and to prove to myself that I can cope. Now the day is finally here, well I'm a tad nervous... I know in my heart I will be ok but its moments of madness that make you doubt yourself.

Saturday, both older kids were just up from naptime and cranky as all hell. Little miss decided to disgrace herself while I was changing her nappy, soaking her clothes and woombie, screaming in the process. I had no clean clothes at hand and no choice but to carry her to find some. Meanwhile the older two decide they want to come out and help, I say no so they both tantrum and scream the house down. Hubby was here for this so I had help but it was stressful. Lesson learnt, move some clean clothes for little miss into the nappy changing zone aka the laundry.

Sunday, we head off as a family to a birthday party. It was a kids party but not really if you know what I mean - but thats another story. Older two decide they want to run in and out of most un-child-friendly house I've been to for a long time, they also try to put the 'placed at toddler height' remotes and ipods into the buffet lunch, steal strategically placed fruit from fruit pyramids, finger the beautifully decorated birthday cake etc etc... all this would have been fine, if just exhausting, with two kids... we have 3. Little Miss slept in her capsule (gawd love her!) and all was well. Hubby and I chased a toddler each, didn't eat or drink ourselves as we were too busy and tonight we're both totally exhausted. Once Little Miss decided she was awake, well I had to sit and nurse her while hubby chased the toddlers. He's beyond exhausted tonight, and many people told me how lucky I was to have a super dad to help me. I sat on the floor playing blocks with monkey man and feeding Little Miss while Missy Moo screamed the place down. It was time to go. The prospect of doing parties like this one in a years time, when I have 3 toddlers running in 3 different directions is just scary, no actually its terrifying. Every invite will have to be reviewed in a true military style!

However if one more person says to me 'I don't know how you do it', 'geez you have your hands full', 'did you plan it this way?' or some other similar comment, well I'm not sure how I will respond. Probably much the way I do now, that I don't know any other way, that I adore my children and the gap between them and while there are hard moments, the good far outweighs the bad. Plus they're super cute!

Wish me luck tomorrow!!
Thursday, 8 September 2011

"gonna get my glitter on"

A friend recently used the saying 'getting my glitter on' when talking about her 2yo and his Fathers Day creative genius... the saying made me giggle and I'm sitting here smiling thinking about it. As a mum to two 'creative' toddlers, I'd love to get my glitter on. I'd love to let monkey man and missy moo loose on the paint, crayon, chalk, pencils and textas but unfortunately I can't, you see I have an inability to let go,  I am in fact a control freak. When I was at school doing arts and crafts, trees were brown bark and branches with green leaves, skies were blue, clouds were white and grass was green, the sun was yellow, skin was pink and hair was blonde or brown and I never went outside the lines, ever ever ever. I'd love to say I won't try to instill that in my kids but reality bites and I'm sure I will and in fact already am. I wish I could switch it off although I will do my best not to instill that skin is pink - wouldn't want to be accused of teaching my kidlets racism. When we do arts and crafts now I find myself trying so hard to let go, to let them be free and it almost kills me to watch them painting themselves or each other rather than the paper or canvas. I try to watch and enjoy but I don't succeed very often. I look at their creations, bits and pieces stuck randomly to paper, paint everywhere, glitter, paint, sponges, felt all over themselves and the work surface and I cringe,  I cringe HARD....and find myself calculating how many days of napisan soaking will it take to restore their clothes but then I see their faces and the pride they clearly feel over their creations and I find a way to let go and embrace the mess. Much like learning to eat solids - OMG I have to go through that again with my newborn!!, I have to embrace the mess, and let go.... wish me luck, because I'm gonna get my glitter on!

Oh and someone told me a good way to 'keep' those precious pieces of art is to take a photo of them and create a photo book of their art rather than keep every single piece of macaroni/loo roll/glitter/tin foil artwork so I'm working on that too. Shame I'm trying to find the edit button on every piece of 'art'!!
Tuesday, 6 September 2011

why am I awake??

all 3 kids are sleeping, the husband is sleeping (and snoring the house down!) and even my mum is sleeping - yes she's staying over - and yet I'm online. I should be paying bills, I should be responding to long ignored emails, I should be organising catch-ups with friends, I should be sending photos to family in the UK who are online but (gasp!) not online enough to see facebook and the millions of photos I post on there.... but what am I doing? Researching nursery themes, looking at clothes for kids - who need nothing! Looking at shoes for Missy Moo who is not only walking but running and all of a sudden needs 'real' shoes. I should be looking for new summer shoes for me, or perhaps new bras as after 3 babies in 3 years its time for new (non maternity - yay!!) bras. Really I should be sleeping. Why and when did the online world get so addictive? Night after night I log on to do responsible things, ie pay bills, send emails, send photos, groceries online - you get the picture... and night after night I am distracted by pretty things such as facebook, stalking (I mean looking at) people's profiles and seeing photos of their beautiful kids and birthday parties and cooking - wishing I could be like them when I grow up, hahaha. Online forums get my attention over domestic chores. Distracted by emails with new season clothing, new products, sales and % off this and that.... meanwhile the bills are ignored, as are the emails and the photos, well if you can't get on facebook then I guess you're just gonna have to wait!... I'm off to check out spring/summer fashions for my one year old daughter. Actually maybe I should be planning for xmas, it's only 4 mths away afterall. And then there's pinterest which I've been invited to join and am now slightly addicted to. Years ago I would have laughed to think I'd spend this much time online, and now, well now I'm an addict.

sleep can wait . . .
Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fathers Day 2011

its Fathers Day today and we're sharing it with my Mum who my children adore and who in most ways was both my Mum and Dad over the years so I guess its kinda apt...Fathers Day, like Mothers Day, Valentines Day etc is one of those commercial excuses to get you to spend more money - our local shops have been packed the last few days!! I do think its important to say thankyou occasionally, and I think it should be more than once a year. Single parents appear to get two days a year as they get mothers and fathers day!  I'm seeing tonnes of love messages on FB, to hubbys, dads, etc etc but I think its important to remember that Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.

My own father is a waste of space, the type that should never have children but lets not go there or we will be here all day! I'm lucky to have a husband who is also the best dad ever, in my humble opinion. Our children are young, and whilst they are hard work they are so rewarding, and oh boy do they love their daddy. Neil has done more than his share of night feeds, nappy changes and pacing the halls with a screaming baby or two. He never complains (ok, sometimes!) and after the worst day at work will still get stuck in to daddy hood and domestic duties. I really am lucky to have such a supportive partner, and I guess if he was any different, we wouldn't have 3 children so close to each other in age - and I wouldn't have married him either! LOL

I hope my children learn from him, I certainly learnt from my father, I tend to go out of my way to not be like him. So far, my husband is the type of role model you want and need as a child. My 3 monkeys are very lucky indeed. Happy Fathers Day Neil xo
Thursday, 1 September 2011

not more antibiotics??

so it turns out Missy Moo is actually unwell,  and not just teething, suffering separation anxiety or having difficulty adjusting to being a big sister (or all of the above)... she has yet another ear infection and is on yet more antibiotics. And don't I feel like mother of the year for thinking she was just being a cling on??!!??!? soooooooo, note to self for future: when Missy Moo whinges intensely, she's unwell. when Monkey Man stops eating/eats less and his sleep is disturbed, he's unwell. Will be interesting to see how the littlest one copes with illness but for now, I'll happily live with her being 100% healthy and happy thanks. Here's to the AB's doing their thing quickly and my little miss being back to her happy and smiley self soon...

Note, I discovered yesterday just how much my two love green grapes, or 'drapes' as Monkey Man calls them. . . I think between the two of them they've eaten a kilo or more in 24 hours! I can now add them to the many food items we go through in huge quantities every week; milk, bread, eggs, yoghurt, strawberries, biscuits, milk, oh and did I mention milk? Anyone know if you can grow 'drapes' in western Sydney's climate? Surely they could grow next to the milking cow we're gonna have? Seriously...