Monday, 20 June 2011

the word of the day/week/month is BUZZ

BUZZ is the word!!

My almost 2yo, Monkey, has discovered DVDs ... I avoided showing them to him until last weekend as I thought his attention span was not quite there yet. And I thought he watched enough TV already.
We had a weekend of non stop rain and in desperation, after playing blocks and cars and trucks and thomas and dancing to the wiggles over and over again I opened a box of DVDs. We moved 3 mths ago and I'm waiting for impending maternity leave to unpack the dozen or so remaining boxes - nothing important in them so figured they could wait while I balanced the whole working mother gig for a few more months. Anyway! We put Toy Story on and there he sat, completely transfixed by the colours and images and sounds for an entire 45 minutes! Husband and I were shocked and spent more time watching him and the DVD timer rather than the actual movie, constantly saying to each other 'I can't believe he's still sitting there'.... he was so mesmerised I gave him afternoon in front of the TV which I never do and he didn't spill a crumb, just quietly ate and watched.... and watched. My heart was melted all over the floor at this point, not sure who or what I was more in love with? The gorgeous little man before me, quiet and still for the longest time ever or the DVD that controlled and quietened said little man, who's normally referred to by us as a tornado?
Fast forward to the following weekend and by 2pm on the Saturday we have watched BUZZ three times already! And he sits still for the entire movie?? I should be grateful as I think I could pop to the shops whilst Buzz is on and he wouldn't notice, and I'd return home with a hair cut and hot chocolate in hand and he'd be in the same place I left him... His favourite word is BUZZ, he wants Buzz on ALL the freaking time and as soon as it finishes he's demanding More Buzz!! Friggin Buzz!!
No one told me toddlers were so fickle, one minute he loves Thomas, the next Bob, the next Elmo, the next Cars, the next... well you get the idea! So the word in our house at the moment is Buzz.... No doubt I will know all the words to every Toy Story movie before the month is over, much like I find myself singing the Thomas theme song in my sleep or Bob the Builder's catchy theme song as I cook dinner!?!? Someone please tell me that a. the fickle side of kids ends somewhere and b. I will get my brain back for my own use at some point in the future.
Until then, well I guess its 'to infinite and beyond' for monkey and poor missymoo who's unwillingly being dragged along for the ride



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