Wednesday, 24 August 2011

out of the mouths of babes

yesterday my 2yo did something that still has me in fits of giggles.... we were in a food court at a local shopping centre, both he and missy moo were in high chairs having a feast of chicken nuggets, chips and chocolate milk (judge me if you will!!)... a little girl of about 4 walked past, long blond hair, skirt and leggings and monkey man leaned over his high chair and says 'hey!' in a very 'Joey from Friends: how you doin style'... I'm sure if he could have found the words he would have asked her on a date!! Hubby and I asked if she was pretty and although the answer was 'NO' we're both sure he fancied her... I know people say it starts young but this young??

Missy Moo decided at 4.30pm last night that it was dinner time. She's just turned one, just started walking and still babbles alot so at times its hard to understand what she's on about. She's very determined though and desperate to talk... so at 4.30 she wobbles over to her high chair, saying what sounds alot like 'tea', pointing as she goes and muttering tea over and over again. I asked if she wanted dinner, to which she pulled her high chair out, grabbed a bib and put it on and proceeded to mutter tea whilst attempting to climb into her chair. Hubby and I both decided she clearly wanted tea, and she sure did as she ate a huge meal.... All my children certainly know what they want and when they want it. I'm just here to ensure they get it whilst not being spoilt. *sigh*


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