Wednesday, 1 May 2013

talk the talk

Over the weekend I noticed alot of water under and around our hot water system and despite not knowing anything about hot water systems, I knew it couldn't be good. In fact all I could see were $$ signs. Hubby knows less than I do so between us, we're completely bloody clueless and with no plumbers in the family, it was time to call in the professionals.

A couple of really nice guys came out this morning, on time too - can you believe it? - and delivered the news that our 9 year old hot water system was knackered. For a grand sum of $1400 we would be out of trouble and have a brand spanking new system, with ten year warranty. Gah! Just the news you want at 7.15am. I asked for temporary measures (none!), I got quotes (we ended up going mid range), I did some digging and yep they were right, it was buggered, they weren't ripping us off so I gave them the go ahead to get the system and install it, today.

I'm starting to notice that the people before us really didn't do much maintenance here and truth be told, I think they moved when they started to notice it was time for maintenance. Smart bastards!

While the two guys were here installing the system my three children dragged seats over to the end of the deck, took up position and proceeded to talk to them through the deck, non stop. They told them everything and anything, all of it irrelevant but to their credit the guys stayed interested and patient with them. I'm not sure I could have done the same thing, but an hour into it they were still saying yes and asking questions. God love em! They were enthralled with tales like 'I did a wee in the toilet' (Missy Moo), 'my mums name is mummy' (Monkey Man) and 'maaaaan, maaan!!!' (Little Miss). The only time they stopped was to get a snack and they ended up taking their food back out to their perches and continuing to chat incessantly. I bet they were glad they drew my house on their job list.

I was telling my Mum about this mornings events and she laughed alot, apparently they sound just like me. When I was a kid I used to follow our next door neighbour up and down the fence line. He would be gardening on the other side while I walked with him and talked his ear off. Every few minutes he would say 'yes Eliza' and pretend I hadn't just told him all the family secrets. I often made him blush telling all sorts.

Given how much all three of my kids love to talk, I suppose its only a matter of time before they start repeating things they shouldn't. Well, actually they already do that . . .



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