Monday, 22 April 2013

Shoes shoes and more shoes

For those of you that really know me, you know how much I love shoes. For many years of my twenties I bought shoes rather than ate. It was a no brainer.

So far it seems I have passed this genetic trait to both my daughters. Missy Moo will often change shoes a few times until she's happy in what she's wearing - despite my OCD inner self screaming at the colour combinations!! Little Miss will scream and fight until you put on a pair she wants to wear, regardless of colour co-ordination or practicality - hello furry slippers in the backyard!?!? Note: she also does this with clothes and for the first time out of three kids I'm experiencing a fussy dresser, but that's another story.

This morning I was taking the tribe out to run errands; return this, pick up that, buy this, grab that. There was a plan and not a huge amount of time to complete it in - as per usual. We all managed to get dressed with minimal fuss or tears, from me anyway. Missy Moo kept telling me her boot hurt her foot. This was the first time she'd worn them so I was concerned. Don't tell me they're too small before she's even worn them?? I felt for her toes, I got her to wiggle them, I took the boot off her and checked inside for stray plastic or loose zippers, I held the boot to her foot and by all accounts it should fit fine??? After much swearing (in my head) I told her we'd go and get her a new pair. They must be too small? PISSED OFF! So off to the shops we went with yet another task tacked onto an already busy to-do list. We got boots eventually. The kids ran all over the shop, around the fitting room, up and down on the shoe fitting seat thingy. I could feel judgement from other parents but given how long it was taking to get served, well I figured as long as they're occupied they're happy. We got boots, in the same size as the ones at home and I still wondered what had happened to make them 'hurting!'

She loved the new boots! She'd strutted in front of the mirror, she showed them to everyone she saw, she ran and played in them, scuffed them before we came home because of course she had to wear them straight away. Of course.

Shopping was stressful. It's school holidays here so the shops were heaving. The couple we sat next to in the food court were not happy about my kids and I sitting so close to them ie. the table next to them. Weirdos!! The noise was epic. We took too long at the shops so the kids were over it by the time we left and I struggled back to the car with screaming toddlers in the overloaded pram and a run away toddler who kept disappearing every two bloody minutes in his attempts to walk everywhere! Stress was highhhhhh!!!

It's taken me all day to get over it.

I've just gone to bed and looked at the boots from this morning again.... And found tissue paper stuffed in the toes of the one boot that was hurting. No wonder they hurt. Turns out we didn't need to go buy another pair. Now the child with a growing shoe obsession has two pairs of boots for winter. All thanks to a wad of tissue paper.

And speaking of shoes, did I mention I start a new job next week? Oh yes, Manager of the ladies shoe department at Myer. I'm in heaven already just thinking of all those shoes!! Here's to building my girls shoe obsessions!! Hahaha


  1. Liza, I just giggled A LOT at your last paragraph about the tissue paper.
    Love the way you keep it real! You paint a realistic but still lovely picture of parenting 3 kids. I only have 1 at the moment but hope to have 3 eventually and you make me feel that it will be a good experience :)

  2. LMAO, I knew it would be the tissue paper - I may have done that one before. To myself.

    So, are we allowed to put our shoe orders in with you :P Congrats on the new job!


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