Saturday, 1 December 2012

I'm oh so tired

So apparently I have low iron levels. So low that I'm not far away from needing injections. What the hell? I feel fine. My Dr asked me do I feel tired? Of course i bloody do so I said yes but I have 3 little kids so wouldn't necessarily attribute feeling tired to low iron. I'd blame it on a toddler (or 3) who never sits still, who runs I'm sure just to get me to chase him. I'd blame it on two princesses who wake overnight for trivial reasons, who wake each other up and more importantly wake us up. I'd blame my tired state on motherhood and to be honest, between being pregnant, recovering from births, being in a newborn fog and now literally chasing kids from sun up to sun down, I cannot remember the last time I didn't feel tired!! Add in my penchant for staying up waaaay too late and its all one big state of exhausted. . . . . But I assume my iron levels aren't helping. So more tablets go in, I'm trying to boost my intake through food choices as well and I'm doing what my Dr has told me. Not much I can do about the motherhood side of things but I can try to take care of me. Without me there won't be much mothering going on right?

I haven't forgotten its the silly season and hectic as ever so surely everyone is tired?? Not just me? How many weeks til the bearded fat man arrives??


  1. Well my advent calendar tells me it is 23 sleeps 😱😱😱😱

    I hope the added iron helps ASAP. I got floradix when my iron levels were extremely low in pregnancy and I felt better within days. I suspect my iron is low again, I'm pale and tired but like you I attribute that to the 3 kids/night wakings/household management things. Funny how we do that though, we wouldn't assume anything with our kids but get them the right care but when it's us we push it under the rug.


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