Thursday, 7 February 2013

a normal noisy day

Yesterday was a day like most others at this zoo. We were at home, and despite forecasted rain I decided to be a rebel and do some washing anyway. I'm so hardcore like that. Once the washing was finished the monkeys and I headed outside to hang it out.

They were busy running around the yard playing with sticks and leaves despite being repeatedly told not to, checking the birds aka yelling 'helllloooooo', shrieking at the tops of their lungs, climbing in and out of the paddling pool, pushing said paddling pool around the yard, banging the side gate and yelling at passing cars and neighbours, running through the white sheets and towels which were blowing in the wind - again despite being told over and over to stay away from the washing... It was all very normal, loud and normal.

Next thing Monkey Man yells at me, loudly and rather desperately 'I need a poo mummy!!!'. He silenced the neighbourhood with that announcement. Now this kid hangs on so when he's gotta go, he's gotta go and if you hang around, well you're just gonna be cleaning up a mess. So off to the loo we head just as he starts whimpering/crying. I told him not to panic, we'll be there in a sec. I left the girls in the backyard and Monkey Man and I quickly stepped inside. Our downstairs toilet is mere feet from the back door so I could not only hear but also see the girls playing - no need to call DOCs, I was supervising them. It was still all very normal to this point.

Monkey Man got settled on the loo and was doing his thing when he noticed there was a slight um, accident on his pants. Well the tears started, along with the distress to 'get them off, I need clean ones' etc etc etc. As I'm trying to reassure him and get the soiled undies off without getting mess everywhere, my two delightful girls started up - such fab timing they have?? Turns out I was right and didn't need to worry about whether I could see or hear them from the loo, no such problem! Both started banging on the back door, hard. Little Miss decided to scream this loud annoying and non stop  'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' while Missy Moo yelled over and over and over 'I did a poo, I did a poo, Muuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy I did a poo'... Oh yes, if our neighbours hadn't heard us before now, there was no way their peaceful breakfast wasn't interrupted by this performance. I suspect they may be used to our noise or I hope they are?

I had 3 toddlers yelling at me, poo all over the place and I hadn't even managed to have breakfast yet or get a full load of washing out on the line. Like I said, just a normal day really. I mean there have been other poo incidents and I'm sure there will be more. It was a morning I'd rather not repeat but undoubtedly will do, I mean I am a realist. Life with my three toddlers generally means I am dealing with poo before 9am, and throughout the day, thankfully I'm not squeamish but I know parents who are. It's all glam this parenthood gig isn't it? Do you reckon Miranda wipes her own kids ass??



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