Monday, 4 February 2013

Little Miss is 18 months old today

My Little Miss, my baby, my last baby (sob) is 18 months old today and for some reason today I feel like she is no longer a baby - officially. In reality she's not been a baby for about 6 months now but today it seems alot more final.

Maybe I feel this way because she's my last baby? Maybe it's because she no longer eats anything baby like and tucks into adult food with gusto? She still has one bottle a day, before bed and I associate that with her baby days so she's still a baby right? Maybe I don't force the issue of dropping that bottle because a part of me wants to keep her as a baby for a bit longer? It could be the fact that she's fitting into her sisters size 3 clothing? Whatever the reason for my feelings, they're real and I'm a little sad.  

Little Miss is due for her needles but they will be late. All her other needles have been on time but this week she's got a bit of cold beginning and her four eye teeth are also cutting so nights are a tad disrupted - and I'm not adding needles to that mix.  Sleep is precious and I'm a big believer in not messing with it, ever.

I should really take all 3 kids for a check up (weight, height etc) so I'll get that done at the same appointment - thinking about it, this will be the first needle appointment in nearly 3 years where I've only had to get one jabbed at a time. Woohoo! Normally I am the crazy lady with at least two kids due for needles at once. We didn't plan that too well did we? I'm usually the one pushing the jumbo pram loaded with screaming kids out the door at the Drs office while everyone looks on in pity. And no bastard ever holds the door open either??

Little Miss is tall for her age, she's also got the toddler pot belly and roly poly thighs happening. Her vocabulary grows daily and she's getting better at holding her own against two dominant older siblings. She hits back occasionally which funnily enough surprises them each time. She's very attached to me, meaning I can't really leave the room without her crying but it doesn't last long and once I'm out of sight she gets over it. Thankfully we're not suffering full blown separation anxiety however I am well and truly over hearing 'muuuummmyyyy' by the end of the day. Doubly over it as she also calls her dummy 'mummy' so often its hard to decipher if its me she's calling for or that freaking dummy. She is especially fond of upending her plate or cup all over the place which does not so fabulous things to my mood. Her hair is a medium brown, same as mine and gets curlier and thicker every day. She sleeps through most nights with only the odd cry out for her 'mummy' that's fallen under the cot ie not me. She desperately wants to be included by her siblings who tend to ignore her a little, but that's improving slowly. Seeing them play together totally warms my heart.

I showed them some photos of themselves/each other this evening, pics from when they were born and in hospital and their first days at home. They loved looking at the babies and saying 'thats me!'... and I can admit it made me a tiny bit clucky for the first time in over a year. I said out loud, without even really thinking, 'awwww seeing these pictures makes me want another baby'. All 3 monkeys said very clearly and concisely 'NO MUMMY!!!'.

She's my last baby, the last time we did overnight feeds, the last time we bought a brand new baby home from hospital, the last time we 'trained' a baby to sleep, the last time we managed a baby and two toddlers..... she's my last, and in a year or so she'll be out of nappies. There will be no more formula, no more bottles, no more nappies, no more bouncy chairs or swings or bumbos, no more capsules or rear facing car seats.... yes, my Little Miss is growing up, as are Missy Moo and Monkey man... and while I'm a little sad, I'm hella excited too! Seeing all the photos on facebook this week and last of 'first days at school' made me so excited for teeny school uniforms and shoes, dance costumes and giant backpacks! Bring it on I say.

This little miss will always be my baby though xoxo  



  1. Aww you made me teary - I hear you, it is scary stuff, this growing up business xxx


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