Monday, 11 March 2013

mourning the loss of babyhood

My Monkey Man will be 4 in July. He's hardly a baby anymore, I know but it still pains me to think of him growing up. These last few weeks there has been a shift in normality around here and I am devastated. The end is nigh, the end of his. . . . . . daysleeps. Yes my friends, the short and only period of time in the day when I have all 3 asleep, at the same time. My girls are 1.5 and 2.5 so they still need a daysleep, Monkey Man on the other hand has been fighting his for weeks. More than anything, and most bloody importantly, I NEED THEM TO SLEEP!!!

If he has a day sleep, he fights sleep at night and its more than an hour after bedtime before he actually goes to sleep. If he doesn't have a daysleep he's a feral grouchy bear from 4-7pm. I don't know which is worse. Yesterday he didn't have a sleep and we endured a horrible dinner time, talk about tantrum central. Today I put them all to bed and he appeared to go down without a fight. Result! I went to hang washing out and came back in to find him playing in the lounge room. Um, I don't think so my little friend! Back to bed, now!! Right now I can hear him playing around upstairs. arggghhhhhhh

This mumma needs a break, this mumma needs my three toddlers to have a daysleep, at the same time. I need a toddler time out, I need it, I really really do!!! Why won't someone think of the mamma!!!

I'm officially in mourning. I should be dressed in all black, for real. I don't want him to grow up, I don't want him to out grow the daysleep. I just don't want it. Can't he stay a baby forever?? Seriously.



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