Thursday, 14 March 2013

relaxing coastal break for us

In a couple of days we're heading up the coast for a few days of relaxation. Oh wait, the kids are coming too. . .  we're heading up the coast for a few days of, well, a few days!! Holidays with kids are hardly relaxing are they? Between packing every bloody toy we own, 100 changes of clothes and then trying to fit all of this crap into our car between prams, carseats, beach balls and buckets, making sure I remember important sleep toys and the current favourite cup or bowl, the lead up alone is enough to give me a migraine.

I am excited about this trip, I really am and its been a long time in the planning. We're staying with friends and their family. Oh did I mention, there will be 5 kids under 4? Insane right? Last time we got together there was only 2 kids plus one in my belly. The time before that, back in the day there was no kids but plenty of booze. And dancing, I'm sure there was dancing? I pity the poor people in the surrounding cabins. I bet we're the neighbours people complain about for noise pollution. I also bet we have loads of sleep issues including kids awake at stupid AM. It's ok though, we've booked accommodation that's walking distance to pubs and we've scoped out the nearest bottle shops. The There will be photos of kids playing on the beach - which is to have no waves as per Monkey Man's stipulation this afternoon. Missy Moo then instructed there be no sand either. Apparently neither like sand or waves. Hmmm could be interesting?? Maybe the photos of kids playing on the beach will be of random kids rather than mine? The buckets and spades are ready for action though and I'm pretty sure their swimming costumes from summer still fit. Probably should check shouldn't I? I'll squeeze them in one way or another as I am not rummaging through sales racks trying to find reduced swimwear in bigger sizes for them.

Yep, the circus is heading off on a holiday. We'll do touristy activities and we'll no doubt be tourist attractions ourselves with loads more randoms getting the opportunity to ask me if they're twins or triplets, if we planned them so close, if we have our hands full, if we have a TV etc etc... just today someone asked me if the girls were twins. We were on a travelator at the time which is a common place for random chat, except it wasn't working so we were walking down it - or in my case I was being dragged downhill, struggling behind 50kg of toddler and 20kg of pram on the downhill slide. Those travelators are pretty slippery truth be told. All I could think was shut up woman and let me concentrate on not letting go of this load. Visions of human bowling were making me smile and panic all at the same time.

My friend and I have made plans, we have lists baby! We've sussed out all the indoor play centres in the area, we've checked out the clubs and worked out which are family friendly, we know which beaches are wave free (sorry Missy Moo, can't do much about sand), we've worked out where the plaster fun house is and where the kids can make their own pizza. We've worked out how far the play ground and jumping pillow are from our cabins. That should cover the first day or so right?? And we've planned to escape at least one night and leave the Dads in charge - hell they should be grateful we didn't book ourselves into the day spa for the week.

If you hear of a crazy woman chasing three kids out of an actual dolphin pool or a family being asked to leave a holiday park due to noise or breakages in the next few days, there is an extremely high possibility that its us. Don't judge. Don't hate. Don't wish it was you on a 6 hour drive with 3 toddlers. Don't wish it was you crammed into a little cabin with 3 kids that still wake up overnight and will most likely want to start the day at 5am and then refuse a day sleep.  Jealous?

Would it be acceptable to self medicate before we even set off???  Bourban be totally counted as a breakfast option if I hide it in a smoothie? right? Wish us luck!



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