Tuesday, 26 March 2013

a better day at the Easter Show

Today my little family and I went to the Easter Show. We dropped a shedload of cash, there was a few tanties and I consumed a dagwood dog but it was fabulous!! We had a really great day, and I'm pretty sure the 3 exhausted little monkeys currently snoring their heads off upstairs would say the same.

Taking my three toddlers to the easter show was no easy feat I gotta say. Missy Moo was pretty scared in the animal nursery. When I say pretty scared I actually mean terrified but she was last year too so we expected it. Last year Little Miss was only 8 months old so she wasn't bothered one way or another. This year however she too was scared - joy!! Managing two scared toddlers would have been ok between the two of us, but add in a third toddler who was fearless and trying to climb into the animal enclosures and pick up baby goats and sheep, well it was interesting to say the least. I got a few photos but it was certainly intense in the animal enclosure today!

Taking three toddlers on rides when there is only two adults is pretty much impossible. Monkey Man says he wants to go on everything but once he gets to the start line he freaks and wants Mummy or Daddy with him. Missy Moo at least has the decency to be upfront about her need for Mummy and Daddy to come on everything with her, as she should at 2.5. Little Miss just cries and doesn't really enjoy rides as yet. We went on a big ferris wheel as a family and spent the entire time telling her to sit still, not to touch the doors or to jump around the cabin. Pretty scary at however many feet up in the air!! I took Monkey Man and Missy Moo on a little roller coaster rider and can't say I enjoyed it. Both kids seemed to so that's all that matters right? My back is screaming at me from the jolting and jerking that bloody ride did and I still have a headache however many hours later. (god I sound old!!) On a sidenote, all 3 of us fit into a carriage made for two which was a total woohoo moment for me. This time last year none of the kids would have fit in there with me so yeah to progress!!

Speaking of a year ago, I had to go and find the photos from Easter last year to compare my monkeys and how they've grown. One of the troubles of having 3 kids a year apart is that the last 3 and a bit years are really a blur to me. Sometimes I genuinely have trouble remembering how they were at that time.
A year ago my Little Miss was a baby. She's now a determined, stubborn, head strong toddler with a will that is fierce! The girl knows what she wants, no doubt about that!

ignore my stupid head hahaha

A year ago Monkey Man was 2.5, camera shy and too busy being busy to have his photo taken. Now he tells me to 'take my photo mummy' and will pose. Ok its for a split second which is barely long enough for me to get the camera out and he usually does that painful looking cheeeeeese face but you know, its all progress right?

A year has made a big difference to our kids, they've grown so much. A year has made a big difference to our easter show experience. Next year I reckon it will be even better - hell we might even be able to stay for the night time show... pushing it maybe?? Only time will tell.



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