Monday, 9 July 2012

its my birthday!

So on Friday I turned 33. I still don't feel like a grown up. Things like mortgages and medical bills make me feel like a grown up but otherwise, I generally have to remind myself I am in fact a grown up with proper responsibilities. My 3 little monkeys are however usually enough to remind me.

3 little people and my hubby greeted me in bed with smiles, cuddles, a present (a camera bag for my new toy) and a couple of beautiful cards. Monkey Man made his presence known with a mega throw down tanty because 'its not my birthday!' Well sorry about that son. In a few days it will be, and trust me you'll get more than Mummy got for hers. I might just come into your room at 6.30am and throw my own tanty because 'its not my birthday!' 3 years ago I gave up my big 3-0 as I was massively pregnant with almost ten pounds of breech-football-playing-baby. I couldn't sleep, couldn't sit for long, was living on milk and heartburn tablets and wondering if I'd ever see my feet again. I'm pretty sure I will never cause you that much physical discomfort so you know what, you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that 'its not YOUR birthday' today.

He does like the fact that Mummy is now 'two 3s', and loves to torment his sister by telling her that he and mummy are the same number. He has asked for a blue cake with blue smarties on it and I'm happy to fulfill his wish. I didn't get a birthday cake and feel a tad ripped off to be honest. Hubby and I are gonna go for dinner and a movie in August to celebrate both our birthdays so maybe I'll get cake then. It better be good too if I have to wait that long for it.

Mind you, this time last year I was 36 weeks pregnant and huge, in fact for my last 3 birthdays I was massive and heavily pregnant. This year I am not pregnant and considerably lighter - when I look at photos from this time last year I just cringe and dammit, I'm gonna have some cake for my birthday this year AND I'm gonna enjoy it. It might be blue with smarties, or purple as Missy Moo has requested but I am gonna have some. A girls gotta have treats right?? especially if I make the bloody cakes!
me this time 2 years ago - on the left [obviously]. huge, hugely pregnant and ready to have that baby!

me in May this year

me in feb this year vs me at the end of June this year
pretty sure I've earnt a piece of cake!



  1. You look amazing - great work! Enjoy that cake hun :)


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