Wednesday, 4 July 2012

shoes, shoes, shoes!

About half way to work today I realised I forgot my heels. I was wearing flat, daggy, beaten up old shoes that I only wear while driving so I can protect my nice shoes (I tend to destroy them with scuffs and marks when driving a manual car)... you know the type I mean? Shoes you wear in private and kick off as soon as the doorbell rings?? Shoes you wear ONLY under long long pants and pray that no one notices. Those. This realisation was devastating! How nanna-like could I possibly look? I'm officially becoming a nanna as I wore bedsocks last night, meoooow!! I had a skirt on so my legs were going to be nice and dumpy, and I've only been at this place a few weeks so I'm still trying to make a good impression. Far out. It sounds so silly to say but something simple like the wrong shoes flattened me for the day. I know it could have been worse, I could have had my bed socks or my slippers on (oh yes I love me some slippers) but I was crushed. I couldn't justify a new pair, not that we could afford it at the moment plus its 'end of season' so summery stuff is in stores - never mind its still actually Winter and its bloody freezing. What is up with that by the way? It's easier to buy a t-shirt right now than it is to buy a jumper? I've even seen swimsuits in stores!!?? The shopping centre near my work has sweet FA in the shoe department too so even if I'd had the cash, I was totally stuffed.

So I clomped to work in my nanna shoes and felt like a dumpy old granny all day. It really did dampen my mood and I struggled all day to find motivation. The only other girl in my team is a bit of a glamour too which always helps you feel crappy about your own appearance. She's in sky high heels and mini skirts most days and struts around like she owns the place, mainly cuz she sorta does. Urgh I felt like a ugly out of style nanna! I kept a low profile all day and was so grateful when I could escape home.

Years ago when I worked in London I got sick of damaging/destroying decent heels walking to and from work on cobblestone pavements so I would wear trainers or flats and change my shoes once I got to work/home. In heels I would bounce along confidently, strutting my stuff with my head held high. In flats I found I kept my head down and got where I was going as quickly as possible. I was on a budget, I couldn't afford to replace/re-heel my shoes all the time.

I've often chosen to wear the hot or sexy heels for a night out or a wedding, only to end up crippled in pain and sitting out dancing because my feet hurt. Who cares right, as long as they look good? That used to be my attitude but as I've gotten older I've decided I need to find comfort AND looks in shoes or else they're not going on my feet. And that balance is pretty damn hard to find.

How can something like a pair of shoes make such a difference to your mood??

um how cute is this?? I am SO doing this with my girls *love*



  1. I know that feeling all too well. A gorgeous pair of shoes totally have the power to make your day that much better!

    I've been stuck wearing flats for over a year now, but I still try and make sure they're really cute ones :)

    1. flats can be cute and I am a massive fan of a cute flat.... they're a mums staple right? I'm having to learn how to wear heels again as its been about 3 years, maybe more since I wore decent heels - the shame!! LOL


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