Monday, 16 July 2012

Monkey Man is 3

**A letter to my birthday boy - warning, photo heavy**

Dear Monkey Man,

On this day, at this time (10.15am) 3 years ago you were born and I became a mum. Today you are 3.

You entered the world quietly, I believe you were a little stunned to be taken from your warm home where you enjoyed kicking my insides and restricting my food intake. It wasn't long though and you were screaming the place down.

The last few weeks of pregnancy were hard, but we were so excited to finally meet you and all the discomfort was soon forgotten. We knew you were a boy but we kept it a secret and it was lovely to have such a big secret. I did tell a few people but they too were sworn to secrecy. We did however keep your name a complete secret, so it was nice to have one thing that no one but your Daddy and I knew.

You kept us on our toes for the first 6 weeks, wanting lots of cuddles and spent most of the day and night attached to me. Once we figured out you liked to sleep on your tummy you were much happier and were able to sleep without me.

Life would never be the same again, you were happy, smiley and into everything from an early age, rolling, crawling, standing, getting teeth, walking all at an early age, you even became a big brother at age 1. Life with you is loud, busy, full of questions and cuddles, and even a few tantys....You're now a busy, inquisitive, clever, observant, protective and loving little 3 year old and I couldn't imagine life without you, I wouldn't want to! Love you to the moon and back Monkey Man xxx

Looking at these photos I can't believe how much he's changed and I couldn't be prouder of the little man he's become. I am so thankful I took alot of photos because honestly there are times I would have forgotten. Life with 3 under 3 has been hectic, chaotic, crazy busy and without photographic reminders there are definitely things I would have had no chance of remembering. Would I change it, changed how we did things? Sometimes yes, but overall no.... it's a ride I will never forget though.
I now no longer have 3 under 3? Do I change my blog name? 



  1. Aww, Happy Birthday Monkey Man - keep the name!

  2. Happy Birthday to Monkey Man! As for a name change, no, don't. It's a testament to surviving three under three!

  3. Happy Birthday to Monkey Man! Gosh he is just so gorgeous :)


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