Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Little Miss in on the move!

It's been a big week for my Little Miss... she's almost 11 mths old and she finally crawled! I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen but yay, she's on the move. And she's into everything and anything in her path! After two kids you'd think I'd be used to this stage but I think you forget, even if it was only a year ago that I was at this exact same stage. Just to keep it interesting though, Little Miss is more interested in opening cupboards and shoving things in power points than either of my older two were. She won't keep her socks or shoes on, which again my older two were fine with. It's bloody freezing so I'm constantly worried about her catching her death with those bare feet. Little Miss is my version of baby karma... she's giving me a hard time! She's cut another tooth, which makes 5 in as many weeks - I think? I really should check where I've written it down. Total teeth: 7 (note to self for baby book reference).

She's standing up every chance she gets, pulling herself up onto everything and is so proud once she gets up, big smiles all round.  She's not mastered the descent yet though and seems to plonk down rather heavily onto her padded bum, sometimes onto her head oops. After a slightly rocky start, she's enjoying daycare with minimal tears at drop off and oh so cute excited cries and yelps at pick up time. She seems to be adjusting and is sleeping and eating better each day, although she still loves to see me when I pick her up and greets me with the best cuddles. She enjoys painting but eats more than she puts on the paper, so her nappies are lovely and colourful.

There isn't much she won't eat but she's happiest when she can feed herself and dessert holds a special place with her as it does with all 3 of my kids - they totally get that from me.

Now if only we could get her sleeping through the night again then we'd all get more sleep and life with three under three would be busy but relatively easy. So it's official, I now have 3 little ones who are all moving independently and a whole heap of trouble is on my way! So many people said it was going to be so hard having a toddler, a baby and a newborn. So many people said it would be hard having two toddlers and a baby. I personally think 3 toddlers is going to be the hardest of the lot. Watch this space, I'm sure I will have loads of stories to entertain you with. . .



  1. Goooooooooo Little Miss! She'll be walking before you know it! And I agree that 3 toddlers will be much harder than 2 + a bubba! xx


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