Monday, 8 October 2012

day of the fcuktard!!

Today has been one of those days, where all the fcuktards in my local area came out to annoy me.... seriously.

It started with a playdate in the park with my little people. Right before my eyes a kid of about 2 years old shoved my Little Miss over... I was mad but thought ok, he's only small, let it go. Then he knocked Missy Moo over. What the hell? His mother not only stood by but watched and said nothing! I'm all for letting kids stand up for themselves and learning how to fight your own fights, but come on?? I waited, I shot her a look, nothing. I said to the little thug that we don't push others and maybe he should go and play on some other equipment. He toddled off after glaring at me, his mother glared at me but peace was restored... for all of 5 minutes before he was back. Again, unprompted, and with no apparent reason he shoved Missy Moo so hard she fell backwards and burst into tears. It took every inch of strength in me not to shove that kid into the middle of next week. I decided it was time for the mother to step up. I asked her if she could please stop her child from pushing and shoving, or at the very least speak to him. I also apologised for interrupting her gossip session with her friend but if she could please parent for a few minutes, just a few, then maybe the rest of the kids in the park might be able to enjoy themselves. She said nothing, just glared, and took her child over to some different equipment. She continued to glare at me, her kid continued to be a thug and before I knew it naptime was here so we left in a flurry of tanties - 'I'm not tired, I don't want to go home yet, I don't need a sleep etc etc etc'.

Naptime was a success (thankgod!) and against my better judgement I dragged all three kids to the post office. I should have known better, I mean really I should have, but off we went. The kids were going mental, I had parcels to send so between them, the nappy bags and the kids there was alot to carry. I then got attitude from the post office lady who tried to charge me $50 postage to send a parcel (I told her to forget it). . .  Monkey Man was trying to open boxes of toys - why oh whyyyyyy do they put everything at kid height in these places??? I dragged him out kicking and screaming and into Coles we went.

I had 3 restless kids, a nappy bag, and a bag full of parcels and I watched, distraught, as the last double toddler trolley was taken by a woman in front of me, with no kids. Fcuk, fcuk fcuk!!! Don't panic I told myself, keep calm. I called out to her and asked if we could possibly grab that trolley, I pleaded with my eyes... it went downhill from there.

Woman: No, I had it first.
Me: are you serious? you don't even have any kids with you?
Woman: That's not the point, I was here first. sips coffee
Me: I have 3 kids here and could really use that trolley, it's a few seconds of your day to swap trolleys, come on.... MONKEY MAN put that down!
Woman: not my problem. And she turned and walked off - WITH MY TROLLEY!!

OMFG! The rage I felt! I cannot begin to even put into words how angry I was. If I didn't have my kids with me, the expletives I was spouting would have been loud and clear rather than under my breath. I was SO angry! The kids clearly picked up on my mood as I then put up with non stop tanties throughout Coles. I saw the woman a few times, casually shopping (with MY trolley!), sipping her coffee, looking perfectly relaxed.... I purposely took my time whenever we were near each other and let the kids go mental. I hope she went home with a migraine to match her filthy attitude. I came home feeling so bloody frazzled and cursing myself for attempting to run errands with the kids with me.

Is it a full moon? When did people get so bloody rude? What is up with parents who let their kids run wild and turn a blind eye? What is with rude fcuking people that take the last kiddy trolley and then argue about it, or rather don't. Who would seriously do that? And who is in charge of shop layouts and why, please god tell me why they put kids stuff at kid height!! bastards.

Argh! Today was a day of fcuktards for sure!!!



  1. Omg what's with the nasty moles??? I would have been fuming at the stupid trolley mole, self entitled so and so. You have far more restraint than I, I would've tracked down a staff member and set them on her.

  2. I would have spoken to management about it - I believe it is most supermarkets policy that those trollies (and the capsule ones) are reserved for customers WITH children.


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