Thursday, 11 October 2012


The time you're convinced you jinxed your child. . . .

So at 5am this morning Monkey Man wet the bed. He's 3, he's been in undies overnight for a while now, after months of dry overnight nappies - we decided to break his attachment to nappies and move to big boy territory. He was rather attached to his 'blue poo (bear) nappy' and with 2 sisters in nappies still, I feel, he believes he's just like them so we had to do a bit of coaxing to get him to try undies overnight. Once he gave it a go, he never looked back and this mornings incident was the first one we've had yet. No big deal, change the bed, his PJs and try to get him back to sleep - which was an epic fail but again, no big deal he just had a 2.5 hour day sleep today as he was exhausted.

I however have been beating myself up all day as I was convinced I jinxed him. I went to dinner last night with the girls from my mothers group - we all have 3 year olds and the conversation, as it does, went to toilet training and where everyone was upto. I love my mothers group, its never a competitive 'my kid is better than yours' conversation, more like 'we did things this way, try it and see how you go', and never anything but supportive.... anyway! Turns out Monkey Man is one of the few not wearing a night nappy (which surprised me) and I will admit I felt a little proud, a little like I was doing a good job - don't ask me to explain that! I don't, at all, think anyone else is doing a bad job nor do I think we are better than anyone else. I just felt a little proud of my boy and that after a rocky start he managed to master the toilet training thing pretty easily and I have thought a few times how easy it all was. I've never stated this out loud because,  much like the whole 'don't speak of the sleeping child' principle, with two more kids to toilet train I would, for sure, be setting myself up for failure. I've heard such horror stories re toilet training so maybe I had psyched myself up for a bad time, and maybe because it wasn't, well I was shocked? I'm ever so grateful and hoping this mornings accident was just that, an accident and he continues to be a superstar.  And I'm very grateful I bought mattress protectors just in case.

Funnily enough it turns out hubby has been thinking he jinxed Monkey Man too. He was on the phone with a mate last night who has a little boy around the same age as ours. While they were chatting away, his little boy decided to poop on the floor. As you do. Chat turned to toilet training and hubby went on a bit of a 'puff your chest out with pride' rant about how easily Monkey Man got hold of toilet training once we really pushed him. I think its a man thing to brag like that, or perhaps just a parent thing? Either way, he went on a bit. And then Monkey Man wet the bed.

I blame the husband, he jinxed Monkey Man - it totally wasn't my fault. Now lets never speak of this again




  1. Hahaha it's always the way! I say "oh no one has been sick here for a while..." and BAM! It's Murphy's Law! X

  2. He he... just read this - I am pretty sure you jinxed him the other night ;)


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