Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New shoes for my Little Miss

Little Miss got some new shoes today, these here ones... cute hey? My poor baby, she's 14 months old and these are pretty much her first new shoes. She's really only had hand me downs so far, being a poor deprived, third child and all. They set me back $69 - can you believe that shit?? I didn't even look at the price, I was expecting about $35-40 and I had all 3 kids with me so I wanted to get the shoes and get out. I pretty much choked when she said that will be $69, in fact I think I said, 'sorry how much?' as I handed over my card and punched in my pin. Far out! $70 on a toddlers shoes? I'm still not coping, hence the fact I'm now writing about it some 6 hours later.

I took all 3 kids with me to the shops this afternoon. Hubby told me I was brave. Meh, its my normality but I will admit to avoiding it wherever I can. Anyway! First stop was for donuts in an attempt to buy me some additional retail time. I had to go to the post office before we could buy shoes so I needed more time than normal. The shoes currently being sported by Little Miss are totally mangled and her toes are touching the ends so I suppose they're officially too small. They were Missy Moo's so I really shouldn't complain about having to buy Little Miss her own pair, but I am a bit of a tight arse. We went to Target first, as I attempted to be cheap but nothing was suitable for the zombie walk stage Little Miss is currently at so begrudgingly we headed off to the proper shoe shop. First though we had to go past the toy section to check for a Car that Monkey Man wants. Of course they didn't have the bloody Car so Toy Story and Dora were substituted, anything to avoid tantrums right? My two toddlers then sat quietly in the shoe shop while Little Miss was measured and fitted, happily playing with their overpriced plastic craptastic toys. Both asked me which shoes they were getting and when the answer was none, well there was almost a meltdown, x2. I threw out a few of my usual distraction techniques which seemed to be working as I paid the bill and tried to ignore the $70 bill. Tantrums were however brewing as back-in-the-pram-time drew closer, and I knew it was time to call it a day. I got the kids back in the car and we headed home, mission accomplished - shoes purchased.

I drove home baulking at the $70 charge for shoes so small. Who am I? Since when have I, would I ever EVER pay that much for toddler shoes? My shoes are about $20 more than that and even then, I still think thats steep. Maybe I should return them and find something on sale? I mean, $70?? Holy crapballs!

The bottom line is they actually cost me alot more than $70
Donuts and drinks: $9.80
Crap toys: $60
Shoes: $70

Total: almost $140. 

Jeezus! Note to self. Do NOT take 3 kids with me to buy one thing as I come home with 20 things and quite a few $$ poorer. Never again!



  1. Im with you there! I cant believe how expensive kids shoes are. I had to buy some sandles the other day and I thought $30 was pricey for something so small. Im the same as you, I dont spend much on my own shoes, in fact i hadnt bought new shoes in yonks!


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