Thursday, 4 October 2012

My 13mth old is a tornado. . .

a whirlwind, and she tears through my house (or others) with no fear, no regret and there is absolutely no way of stopping her.

My son at this age was much the same. He rolled over, sat up, crawled, stood and walked earlier than other kids his age and was into EVERYTHING. I was pregnant during all of this which made it that extra bit trying, and then had a newborn so I think I've blocked out alot of Monkey Man at 13mths old. Missy Moo was a calmer, quieter baby but the jealousy she demonstrated when Little Miss came along was horrendous. Sadly, I either don't remember my older kids at 13mths because I've blocked it out or was busy with a newborn and I simply forget. Either way, I don't remember this stage .  . . and quite frankly it's hard bloody work.

The good stuff: she's walking, she's babbling, she's super independent and can hold her own in a toddler brawl with her siblings. She eats pretty much everything, loves books, is mastering steps and stairs, climbs with no hesitation and seems to get braver by the second. Seeing her stumble around the house saying 'mum mum mum mum mum' is pretty damn cute.

The bad stuff: she's still stumbling when walking so we have many tears over a crash, splat or a stumble, she's frustrated by her lack of communication so the screaming and squawking is of epic proportion, she can hold her own in a toddler fight and seems to have no fear - and usually initiates the brawl! Sharing is non existent so I now have three non-sharers. She would eat non stop if I let her - did I mention she's in a size two already? Giant baby! She loves books but hasn't mastered paper yet so we're frequently taping books up - sorry to our local library. She's worked out how to go UP stairs and steps but coming down is another story altogether, resulting in more crashes, splats and stumbles and of course accompanied tears and tanties. She climbs onto the lounge and beds with no hesitation but hasn't mastered getting down without even more bumps and crashes. She's covered in bruises and I swear they are self inflicted. And don't even get me started on the clingy phase we're in right now?!?!? whoa, intense much! It's ok, I've worked out how to not go to the loo ALL day as I just get screamed at when I leave the room, screamed've.murdered.her!!!

How did I deal with one of these and a screaming, hungry newborn too? Twice over. How??? What was I thinking? This too shall pass, this too shall pass is the only thing getting me though right now. . . its lucky she's so damn cute

and for what its worth, my other two were pretty damn cute at 13 mths also - thats obviously why I did it *love*



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