Tuesday, 17 January 2012

5 under 4, yes really.

Before anyone gets excited, or texts me with a million questions, I am NOT pregnant, and I am definitely not pregnant with twins. Oh dear gawd my reaction to news like that would be loud and contain many, many swear words!! No, we spent the weekend with 5 kids under 4 at our house as we had friends visit from interstate. Last time we saw these friends none of us had any kids so to go from 0 to 5 in three years, well we've been busy to say the least! It was a hectic weekend, it certainly gave me a taste of having a big(ger) family and I'm pleased to report that I'm happy with my lot in life. Our kids played well together, with only a few tiffs and tantys thrown in and considering their ages those were to be expected. Any tiny feelings of 'maybe one more baby' were squashed, quicksmart! We took them to see the Wiggles exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and what a great time we had. The kids were able to run free and play with so much stuff, it was very interactive and really well laid out for little kids. I couldn't help but laugh watching Missy Moo dance with Henry the Octopus and get scared by the adult size Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur. Monkey Man was straight into it and was climbing onto and into everything within minutes. We left Little Miss at home for a morning with Nanny and this meant hubby and I were able to divide and conquer the toddlers - there was lots of 'I've got him, you get her' and vice versa. It was a rainy day, during school holidays and it was very busy although I expected worse. I can see how people lose their kids in settings like that though, the speed at which kids move combined with the crowds.... agh it hurts to think about it. Those Wiggles are smart cookies, or have some smart cookies working for them and it's no surprise they're making mega $$$. We probably won't see these friends again for another year and by then another lot of friends will have a 9mth old baby so we'll organise a holiday of some sort, meet half way in a kid friendly environment and watch the carnage unfold. By then we'll have 3 mobile monkeys on the loose meaning we better think of a divide and conquer strategy for then or we'll be in big trouble. Can you buy leashes for kids? Can I get my mobile number tattooed on to their bodies somewhere? Can I never let them out of my sight? I feel that 'where have you been, do you know what time it is?' anxiety kicking in way before adolescence.... I am in serious trouble with the three I already am blessed to have, no chance in hell I'm adding to the worry and stress with another monkey.


  1. My bestie has twins who are 20 months old, and her only way to go out in public is those leash backpacks. She was always against them, but has no other reasonable option now, as one goes one way, and the other goes the opposite


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