Monday, 2 January 2012

Different Strokes

Today we loaded up the kids and headed to our local pool. It was no simple act given the amount of crap we had to take and the simple math of it all : two adults + three babies??? Crazy? Perhaps but off we went much to the amusement of our neighbours I dare say given we were loaded up (with two bags, 5 towels, afternoon tea, sunscreen, hats, floaties, etc etc). Monkey Man was itching to get in the water. The child has no fear, of anything, so the first ten minutes were hubby or I telling him to wait, stop, no, not yet etc etc. Missy Moo as always was very hesitant. Little Miss decided she was tired and had a nanna nap in the pram which in all honesty I was grateful for. Not sure how I would have held her and Missy Moo. Monkey Man was in the toddler part of the pool with us, splashing happily and hubby and I turned to pop Missy Moo into her floaty seat. Within seconds Monkey Man was in the big pool, being held up by his life vest and a rather helpful 5 year old. He looked totally panicked but didn't cry and within minutes attempted to go back in again!!!! Meanwhile hubby and I are quietly having heart attacks! A helpful neighbour said she saw him heading in and wondered if he could swim?? Ummm he's two?? Can't blame anyone but ourselves and the 'what if' thoughts are still haunting me. Both kids, even hesitant Missy Moo had a good time in the end although I dare say the packet of tiny teddies at the end helped substantially.

Missy Moo has developed a habit of wanting her clothes off all the time, including her nappy. She's also showing signs of being interested in toilet training although is yet to actually do anything on the potty as yet. Monkey Man isnt interested at all, shows signs now and again but nothing consistent, and nothing on the potty or loo yet and he's 12mths older. Three kids into this motherhood gig and it still strikes me as odd how different they are. Monkey Man will be the kid racking up the frequent flyer points at the emergency room. Missy Moo will probably be toilet trained before her brother is. I'm really hoping her being a clingy and needy toddler means she'll be a dream teenager. I live in hope anyway.

And Little Miss? Well she's just placid and quiet although is currently 'chatting' non stop when awake and when she should be rolling she's much happier sitting up and standing up. Missy Moo was the same.... Not that I compare or expect them to be the same. I'm just saying....

Oh and we managed to be at the pool for less than 3 minutes before I was told 'you've got your hands full' !?!?!!!!?!!!!!!!


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