Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sadie the cleaning lady

Do you ever feel like you clean all the freaking time? And do you wonder what the point is? I slaved away cleaning our kitchen from top to bottom on Saturday (yes I know it was NYE but thats how I roll)... I scrubbed cupboard doors, the fridge, the oven and oven trays, sink, the windows, the lot! I nested like I was pregnant which by the way, I'm not... it was exhausting! And within minutes my family had destroyed my hard work. What is it with men and their cleaning ability or lack there of? I watch my hubby sweep and mop around things? The thought to move things just doesn't occur does it? Watching him wipe the table down and not rinse the sponge out seriously revs me. He vaccuumed on Boxing Day before the family descended and I had to specifically ask him to move the lounges and vaccuum under them. He made a comment last night about how lucky it was he did clean under the lounge as he had to move the lounge to move the table so we could eat. Ha ha!! He was surprised to know I move the lounges each time. I probably should be grateful to have a partner who does help with housework. My husband is a great Dad and we pretty much deal with the house as a partnership. Yes I do more but I'm here more. There is a lot to do, between washing, folding, putting away, washing bottles and kids plastics, packing and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning bathrooms, floors, windows, carpets, arrrgh it never ends. Some days I do find myself humming that Sadie the cleaning lady song. Yes I would say I do the majority and although hubby does his fair share, let's be honest, I do it better *wink* (just dont tell him that!!).

I am still suffering post birth hair loss, where my shoulder length hair is molting like a dog. It's been a month now, and my cream coloured carpet is suffering. This is causing much more vaccuuming than I would like, and I'm over it! I'm lucky I had thick hair to begin with as I really think I'd be bald by now otherwise. My kids are even getting my hair on their cups and dummies, Monkey Man comes to me and tells me 'mummy's hair on this, get it off'.... On the plus side I've had to shave my legs once since August.... or maybe that should read I HAVE shaved my legs once since August, lets not worry about the actual need to shave them!!!

I spent the first day of the year laying in bed or on the lounge with the most intense head pain I've felt in a long time. I thought it was a hangover despite only having two drinks. When it was still going at 6pm I admitted that I was sick, not hungover, and toddled off to bed. That pain, oh my lord I do not want a repeat anytime soon. The next day I still felt bad but nothing like the day before. My husband had his first full 12 hours of being 100% in charge of the kids. He coped but threw his back out. So many things I could say, the irony of the situation! I won't bad mouth him though, I will just say well done on surviving and the kids are all happy and healthy so really does the rest matter? Not sure many men could handle 3 under 3 as well as my hubby does... would just be nice if he moved the lounge when he vaccuumed.


  1. I feel your cleaning pain... I mopped this morning only to have to redo it 20 mins after it was dry due to a potty training accident...

    Hope you're feeling better xxx


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