Tuesday, 24 January 2012

domestic duties blah blah blah

It's a new week, and I'm determined to have a good week. After a good weekend with lots of family time and minimal whinging (from me annnd the kids), I'm determined that this week will be better than last. Today was a fairly productive day from a domestic point of view, I got two loads of washing done, one dried and if I had trusted my instinct instead of believing the weather forecast I would have got the second load dried too. Oh hum. Do the weather people ever get it right??
I got a few bills sorted, and although I'm still not upto date, I'm definitely making progress. I really do need a day to sit in the study and empty out old bills, shred them and just organise stuff. Anyone that knows me would testify how organised I am but looking at our study, or junk room as it currently resembles, those same people would question if I really lived here. I must get that room sorted as it's stressing me out. Unfortunately the prospect of doing any sorting in there during a week day, with two small helpers, is not an inviting one. More mess would be caused and my stress levels would be through the roof watching them pull everything apart!!
I went to Costco on Friday, in an attempt to master all things domestic, and loved it. I would have become a member but I had the whole red, swollen, weeping eye thing going on so decided I'd go again when I looked less freakish. Who wants to be stuck with a crappy ID pic forever right? Overall I found alot of items cheaper than normal supermarkets but of course everything is in bulk so as long as you've got the space then Costco is great. We have the space and I have no doubt I will save some money shopping there, especially as my three monkeys turn into gorillas and eat me out of house and home. It won't be my regular shopping place for a while yet, but definitely a place to stock up on cleaning products, frozen foods, nappies, personal items and fresh meat - if only I had a bigger freezer.

In monkey news, daycare informed me on Friday that Monkey Man is suddenly a chatter box... this surprised me as he chats non stop at home and has done since a very early age. I feel a bit sad I didn't realise how quiet he normally is at daycare, especially as he went fulltime for about 5 months. I guess he's making up for lost time hey? Missy Moo is also talking alot, her words have exploded and her current favourite is NO, said many many times a day and with alot of attitude. She also tells me there is 'mess', and takes me to it, and waits there til I clean it up. Cute at first, but mainly draining especially when she insists on making so much MESS at every mealtime! Her little personality comes out more and more each day. Both toddlers are full of cold with lots of snot that I am told about all day, and also told to clean. Little Miss has had one of her overnight feeds dropped as it was impacting her day feeding and thus sleeping. Night 4 or 5 I think we're on and each night has gotten better, with less wake-ups each night. She's still not that interested in solids but we continue to offer. Monkey Man was eating a 3 course meal by this stage! From a parenting point of view, both hubby and I are pretty much exhausted. I'm not sure how long it's been since we both had a full 8 hours sleep, and I dare not try to remember as the reality would be quite disturbing. Today I tried to calculate how many nappies I will have changed by the time all 3 of mine are toilet trained. Silly really as I don't know how long it will take to train them all, and whilst it will probably be no more than any other parent of 3 kids it will be in a concentrated period. Today for example I changed 11 nappies between 6am and 4pm. How depressing is that? I have days where I wonder how I am going to get through, and wonder did I ever really understand what I was getting myself into. I also have days where I can't imagine my life any other way. It's all swings and roundabouts I guess, but that doesn't make the bad days any easier to cope with. As soon as you say you're having a bad day, someone pipes up with post natal depression and how you should talk to someone. Yes sometimes it would be good to talk to a professional. Most times it's just good to vent how you feel, and have someone pipe up and say 'I totally get it, and know how you feel'. And some days you just need to get it off your chest, have a cry and get on with it.

I had a nanna nap this evening and it's now midnight and I'm wide awake. I should be tidying that study rather than blah blahing online. Pass the chocolate someone?


  1. What was the price of nappies at your Costco? I went a few weeks back and Huggies were only 1c cheaper than my local woolies so I didn't bother (besides that I don't know how we would have fitted them in the car). I have heard a few people say the Costco brand (Kikwood?) are meant to be good though. Their wipes aren't bad.

    When we move house I have plans to buy bulk cleaning goods, but for now I am settling for my 2.5kg container of couscous for $11.


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