Wednesday, 25 January 2012

wee, wee, wee wee all the way home

So my afternoon went like this. At around 4pm, after a day of rain and lots of inside play, Missy Moo decided her clothes were annoying her and insisted they come off. I thought she'd be happy running about in her nappy but no, that had to go too so before I knew it I had a naked 17 month old running about. This was highly amusing to Monkey Man who kept pointing out that 'she was rudie nudie'....
There was lots of bum shaking and smacking, and loads of giggles. We have hardwood floors so I wasn't worried about accidents although truth be told I was hoping for a number one rather than a two if it was to happen. Missy Moo has been showing signs of interest in toilet training, but is yet to actually do anything on the potty or the loo. So my naked toddler pushed the potty over next to her chair at the dining table and then demanded 'tea'. Into her chair she went, rudie nudie and dinner began. Of course at this point my phone rang and it was a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while so I couldn't be rude and we attempted to chat through the chaos. Throughout dinner Missy Moo pointed at the potty and yelled 'wee wee' many times so I had to unclip her seatbelt and lift her down onto the potty at least 6 times, and then back up into her chair. While this was happening, Little Miss was yelling for food and Monkey Man was demanding refills and seconds. It was a noisy dinnertime and my phone call was soon abandoned. The toddlers were soon finished and let loose again while Little Miss continued to demolish vegemite toast. All 3 of our kids love vegemite much to my English husbands disgust, hahahaha!! As I picked up toast for the baby I was telling the toddlers over and over to stop running around with the potty, that it wasn't a toy. I may have even said 'someone's going to get hurt soon' and shuddered as I heard my mothers voice in my ears at the same time. Sure enough, there was a crash, Missy Moo was on top of the potty, Monkey Man on top of her and the potty was in two pieces underneath them and the wailing, oh the wailing. Little Miss was crying for her toast which she'd dropped for the 55th time... sigh. Calm was restored with a few cuddles, Missy Moo got on and off the potty at least 6 more times with still no action and just before we headed upstairs for bath and bedtime, I spotted the puddle in the corner. Yes Missy Moo did a big wee all over the floor, so I guess she was right that she did need to 'wee wee' however we've got to work on her aim. And I need a new mop head before we get seriously into this toilet training business. . . sigh.


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