Wednesday, 15 August 2012

a rainbow birthday party

For those of you who are facebook friends with me you'll be sick of hearing about this. For those of you that were at the party you'll be sick of hearing about this. Sorry bout that. The point of my blog is for my kids (and me) to be able to look back on these crazy years and remember what actually happened, considering I can't remember what I did last week this is possibly the best idea I've had in years - so bear with me.

A couple of weekends ago we had a rainbow birthday party for our three monkeys. With three birthdays within 3 weeks its silly to have 3 parties so a combined party it is - and will be for as long as I can get away with it!!

With 20 something kids under 4 in attendance (crazy!) and almost double that number in adults it was a crazy busy day but the sun shone, the skies were clear and a good time was had by all, laughs aplenty - I was totally exhausted, but you know... whatevs! Our kids were spoilt with lovely gifts (that I forgot to take a photo of!) and unwrapping everything was a flurry of paper, tags, toys, books and clothes. Little Miss ate a couple of gift tags in the process, as you do, so there are a few gifts they received that I couldn't tell you who they were from. I still need to do thankyou cards - am I the only person that does these anymore?
We had a great day so rather than bore you with words I will post photos instead:

and a couple of my kiddies - I don't want to post other people or their kids for their privacy, but getting a professional photographer was one of the best things I did for this party and we have beautiful photos for everyone.

Happy 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday monkeys!! Now what theme can we do for 2,3,4??
I would love to do party planning as a job, how fun would that be!



  1. What a gorgeous party. i am such a party fanatic myself and I just adore pouring over pics of others party ideas. Thanks for linking up today - great to meet you :) xx

  2. This party is so gorgeous Liza!! Great idea combining all three :) Did you make the cakes? They look great!


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