Monday, 20 August 2012

a taste of spring

Last night our kids went to bed half an hour earlier than usual as they were beyond exhausted. Mum sat with them on Saturday night so hubby and I could go on a much needed date night, and she put them to bed for us. All 'was perfect' according to her, as it always is - I suspect she wouldn't tell us otherwise, even if they were nazi-hell-zombie-devil-like. They're perfect grandchildren in her eyes, and I'm a control freak daughter who needs no excuse to never go out again so she's protecting me in many ways. Given how tired they were I have an inkling they didn't go to bed on time but whatever, we had freedom! Woohoo! I was too busy relaxing in gold class bliss eating my $20 calamari and sipping my $5 coke and bucket of malteasers to care. Anyway, the kids collapsed into bed early, tears and tantys aplenty and we had an extra half an hour of our night - totally balanced by the fact they were up at 5.30am, they owed us some time right? We got to watch the news for the first time in forever. The weather girl made the statement 'this week will be a taste of spring to come' and the statement has stuck with me.

I love Spring in Sydney, its not too hot, every day is generally bright blue skies and sunshine with just a slight chill in the mornings and evenings, enough to need a cardy or light jacket. Slippers and dressing gowns along with jumpers and trackies are packed away for another 8-9 mths and t-shirts and shorts start making an appearance once again. We got married in Spring and had THE MOST PERFECT day weather wise, perfect in many ways actually.

This year will be 5 years since we got married, and its easy to get stuck in the negative, the stresses of life and wonder just what you've gotten yourself into.... Sometimes you need to look back on photos of a happy time and remind yourself of a beautiful day. And what a beautiful day we had. I also think I need to give myself a little credit, I mean alot has happened during the last 5 years - not least of all 3 kids in 3 years. I can't expect to be the same person I was 5 years ago. I imagined how one child would change things and I welcomed that challenge, bring it on I said! I didn't however, ever really consider how 3 would impact things, and how significant it would be to have 3 so quickly. I now know why so many people told us we were crazy. And I agree with them. I think we might need to book in a date night/day for our wedding anniversary, seeing as we're making more of an effort and all that . . .

Our 3 little monkeys are a beautiful reflection of 5 years of marriage, and god love em they're the loves of my life. For all the tantys, tears and traumas - and thats just me - they fill my heart with so much joy.

I'm looking forward to Spring 2012 with my 1, 2 & 3 year olds. I can't wait to see their pasty white (sorry kids) chubby little legs and arms poking out from shorts, skirts and t-shirts, battling with them to get them to keep their hats on and teaching them to swim and how to wear thongs (of the foot variety for any english/american readers). I'm looking forward to some new summer clothes for me as nothing from last year fits. My needs may need to wait a while as I may, ahem, have overindulged in cute little kids outfits. Oops.

We've even got a little road trip planned with their grandparents who are coming over from England later in the year. It will be the first time they meet, and perhaps the last given how far apart we live, their increasing ages, our lack of funds or inclination to take 3 young ones on such a long flight etc etc. I'm sure there will be loads of fun, cuddles, tantys and tears but there will definitely be beautiful photos to look back on and remember happy times so!




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