Sunday, 5 August 2012

Missy Moo is 2

Dear Missy Moo,

You're two, you've been talking about it for weeks and now its finally here - you are two!!! You're a chatterbox, you're bossy, you're opinionated, you're demanding and yet you're only two. Basically, you are me in a mini format! You may not look like me, but you sure are like me in personality.

You're blonde curly hair can be wild and lion mane like, you're not great at waking up preferring to do it at your own pace - again, like me! You've really got a beautiful little face complete with chubby cheeks - I promise you will grow into them. You love dancing, you love anything purple and sparkly and your dollies and babies are your favourite toys. You love your big brother although you wouldn't know it given how much you fight. You adore your baby sister, constantly giving her cuddles. You love being cuddled and picked up, constantly telling us to 'picka me up' which is adorable. You love your dummy which is an addiction we will need to tackle at some stage. You love shoes - again, you get that from me! You know your colours and shapes and love counting, so far upto 6 but it seems like every day you master a new number. You're into Dora The Explorer (much to my disgust) and Disney Princesses right now. You're a joy to be around and I really don't remember life before you. Stay cool little dancing queen, can't wait to see who you become. Love you so much xxxx



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