Monday, 13 August 2012

how do you do it?

This morning when I dropped my kids at daycare I got talking to one of the other mums. She has two kidlets and we often cross paths at drop off and pick up time, today however was the first time we spoke. Her youngest is a few months younger than my Little Miss, her oldest the same age as my Monkey Man. Turns out our boys are friends, she's the mum of the Isaac I hear so much about, so often. I didn't realise that 3 year olds had actual friends, I figured they just got along with whoever was around but didn't have actual friends. Turns out Isaac talks about Monkey Man just as much. Turns out 3 year olds do have actual friends. The things you learn hey.

So we got to chatting, in the carpark, as you do.... for half an hour. as you do. It meant I was late for work, as you do. Turns out she admires me every time she sees me bringing my 3 kids into daycare. She wonders how I do it. She feels bad for cursing her own two, and ever thinking she has it hard with two. Its weird hearing a complete stranger say things like that. I often see other Mums struggling with a tantrumming toddler or a screaming baby, I hear of Mums losing babies and children, I see other Mums doing their thing and I wonder how they do it. I wonder how they manage and I feel bad for having a bad day. We see others and wonder how they do it?

I get clothes and daycare bags ready the night before. I organise lunches the night before. I mentally plan what I'm going to wear and by mentally plan I mean I choose the things that don't need ironing. I try to go to bed with a tidy house as nothing stresses me more than waking to a mess. I try to think of my to-do list for the next day and make sure I have what I need to fulfill the list. I do my make up in the car on the way to work, after drop off and once I've wiped peanut butter off my face -  which is most likely why on the odd occasion I go into daycare looking half decent they can never work out 'what is different about me'?? LOL

So how do you do it? What methods do you use to cope? What tips do you have for a smooth escape from the house in the morning? How do you get everyone ready and out the door? How do you do it? ? ? 



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