Saturday, 29 September 2012

I wanna be a 'sincess'

Missy Moo says things that are so funny and so sweet at times... today she told me she's 'going to be a sincess when she grows up'. . . doesn't every little girl want to be a princess?

She has difficulty saying the letter P so princess is 'sincess'. For a while Thomas the Tank Engine was 'Thosam the Tank Engine' much to Monkey Man's disgust. April is usually called 'Aptil'. Mr Potato Head is 'tato head' and we go to McDonald's to get 'chicken and nuggets and chippies' - sigh these are the things I will forget in years to come, won't I?

Tonight she moved into her big girl bed, complete with Dora doona cover which she pretty much hyper ventilated over - the girl loves her Dora. She looks so small in a bed . . . growing so fast.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer, or a teacher. Something about being authorative I think? I had a Peaches and Cream Barbie that I adored and kept in pristine condition, I had dolls I used to dress up and play with for hours but I don't remember wanting to be a princess. If anything, fairies were more my thing. The idea of something magical living in the garden, sprinkling fairy dust on everything was just wonderful and more believable. Princesses waiting for their knight in shining armour seemed so unrealistic to me even at a young age. Maybe my perception was altered due to being a child of divorce? I mean my Mum was on her own, she didn't need a man so why would I? Besides being locked in a tower or staying asleep or kissing frogs until I found the perfect man, pfft to those options. The dresses were pretty kick ass though, and along with Dora my Missy Moo loves the Disney Princesses, apparently wants to be one and well, that's ok with me... I'd rather foster her growing love of princesses and boot the opinionated, loud, sassy Dora and that stupid bloody back pack of hers out any day! God that show annoys me.

Missy Moo loves purple, Dora, shoes, having her hair done or played with, and so far it seems, her big girl bed. We sat and went through a catalogue the other day in a rare moment of one on one time... she picked out everything pink or purple and told me they were 'pretty', she then went on to tell me 'me wear them'. I fear the days of me choosing her clothes are rapidly drawing to a close. I held a friends baby yesterday, who is 4.something kgs at 9 weeks old - Missy Moo was born weighing 4kg and honestly I don't remember her that small. I don't really remember any of my kids at that age, apart from the crying and screaming and feeding and sleeping all swaddled up, and the cuteness - oh there was some serious cuteness in her jumbo cheeks. . . She's growing up so fast, and so long as she's happy I don't care whether she's a princess or a fairy, but I would definitely vote for the lawyer or doctor option if it was up to me. I plan to be expensive to care for in my old age, and I'm gonna get revenge for all that crying and screaming and feeding. Cuteness will be optional.

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