Sunday, 20 January 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013 "

Little Miss, 17months old and obsessed with food. She's also developed a penchant for dipping every morsel of food into sauce of any kind. This is uber cute and amazing to watch develop as her Daddy does the same thing.... and its taken to child #3 for this to happen. It's also a tad frustrating that I have to either carry or order sauce wherever we go. And the combinations she comes up with are grose! This evening she dipped hot chips into tartare sauce, then tomato sauce, and then sour cream. So disgusting!

Monkey Man, 3 and a half and presently obsessed with wearing this hat. Everywhere. Wants to sleep with it, wants to bathe with it. Tantrums when told no to both requests. Every single time. Snapped here playing in my wedding dress - I had visions of beautiful photographs of my girls in my dress, lace and beads surrounding them. Instead the girls refused to go near it, Monkey Man didn't want to get out of it and the outtakes from this mini photo shoot feature my two toddler girls running around in the background, near naked, laughing hysterically. Added bonus of dragging the dress out of its box; I realised its now about 4 sizes too big. Yay.

Missy Moo, 2 and a half years old and full of serious attitude. Also extremely cute and very aware of her cuteness! Recently taken to saying CHEEEESSSSEEEEE every time the camera is out, with the strained, forced smile, followed by running to you to see herself on the camera. Loves seeing herself and 'her pretty hair'. This photo was taken during the week when I told her Daddy was coming home early. A tad excited right??

I'm definitely snapping more pics of the kids and this challenge is in the back of my mind all the time. Thanks Jodi



  1. Your kids are gorgeous and I love the way you have detailed the context behind each image!!


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