Wednesday, 9 January 2013

its moments like these

This afternoon my 2 oldest toddlers were just full of love for each other, and it was beautiful to see. All three played together really well for about 45 minutes which has gotta be some kind of record in the house of fighting tots!

Missy Moo had not long woken from her day sleep and was sat at the table having some afternoon tea. Monkey Man approached:

Monkey Man: can we have a cuddle?
Missy Moo: not right now, I'm a bit busy
Monkey Man: just a little one ok?
Missy Moo: ok, but make sure it's a little one
Monkey Man: I love you
Missy Moo: I love you too..... That was more than a little cuddle by the way

The last part made me giggle, she's so my daughter! I don't like my meals being interrupted and I'm not a huge fan of physical contact, unless of course its on my terms. hahaha

They then spent the afternoon playing shops, work, holidays, dolly dress ups and generally chasing each other around like lunatics. Considering it was some 43 degrees outside, they did well being cooped up inside. Little Miss desperately wants to play with them and she tries, and despite many knock backs, on rare occasions like today, the three will play and laugh together for what seems like forever. It really is moments like these that make the hard times worth it....

The house was trashed, there was trains and potato heads and cars EVERYWHERE but to see my 3 monkeys playing nicely together, hearing them say I love you and you're my best friend..... well, SO worth it. 




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