Thursday, 31 January 2013

some people just give perfect gifts

Over the weekend we caught up with my Dads side of the family, to celebrate Australia Day but also do the Christmas thing we sadly never managed to achieve during the festive season. We had a laid back sausage sizzle while the kids ran about like lunatics. It was casual, relaxed and drama free which is my kind of gathering.

Last year was a flurry of wrapping paper, gifts, tears, excitement and to be honest, just plain confusion. I know Christmas for children can be about lots of presents but I'm determined that it won't be JUST about lots of presents in this household. When I heard my 2.5yo Monkey Man shout out 'whats next, where is the next present?' I knew things had to change. So this year we extended our kris kringle process to include the kids as well. With 8 kids between us, there is the potential for present buying to get out of hand, not only cost wise but actual presents. My nieces and nephews are all older than my kids and last year the aunts and uncles got a bit carried away buying cute things for little kids ie mine, and it was a present frenzy! This year was much more civilised with the kids getting one gift each and I gotta say, I think they appreciated it alot more.

My step mum gave my kids a truly thoughtful combined present; my first garden. The cutest little garden in a box.

In her usual, thoughtful and caring way she went the whole hog buying potting soil, strawberry plants, gardening tools, watering cans and gloves for each - all in mini sizes, and decorative things to keep the birds away. We've planted our strawberries and are watering them every day, so now we watch them grow. I am no green thumb so lets hope they survive?? Pray people.

Honestly, talk about a perfect gift and just so thoughtful. I wish I was like her when it came to buying gifts. I try, I really do but I never get it as right as she does. I used to be fab at remembering birthdays, anniversaries etc but then I had three kids and well, life got so busy. Poor excuse really and I feel terrible every time I miss something. Also FB came along and people seem to say happy birthday, merry xmas, happy nye etc etc all on there rather than by text or card or even in persona anymore?? It's quite sad really. Anyway, I don't think my step mum gets enough credit so I wanna take this opportunity to say thankyou (I did face to face too!). For someone who is so busy she always manages to keep in touch, to remember birthdays and milestones and to always always think of others. She'll be out and ring me saying "I just saw xyz and thought it would be perfect for Monkey Man's birthday" or whatever. On Sunday she was meant to bring fruit for dessert but she made a cake as well. She's just awesome! When I grow up, I wanna be like my step mum.

Do you have someone that gives perfect gifts in your life? Or is that you?



  1. That is an awesome garden, I love it. Infact I may just steal that idea


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