Saturday, 31 December 2011

tomorrow is a new year, yes really.

It's the last day of 2011 and to be honest I'm both shocked and in denial about this. Where has the year gone? How can it actually be the end of the year? It's not even the fact that we're not going out anywhere flash. The last 3 NYE's I've been pregnant and really where's the fun in going out when you're tired, peeing every 5 minutes and can't drink alcohol. I'm quite accustomed to spending a quiet night at home. It's more the fact that this year has gone too fast. I found out I was pregnant (again), went back to work, put my two older ones into full time daycare, bought and moved into a bigger house, pulled the kids out of daycare, hubby changed jobs, and we had a baby (again). It's been a busy busy year. And 2012 will be the first year in a while where we won't be having a baby. The days have all kinda rolled into one another. Christmas totally snuck up on me, and NYE well, surely it's not here already. Sadly though it is... 2012 is tomorrow?? Eek!

I've decided to make a couple of resolutions for the new year. I don't normally do resolutions so we'll see how these ones go.
1. I'm getting organised again. I used to be the queen of organised but recently I've felt like life is getting on top of me. I've forgotten more birthdays than I care to admit, I've been late for or gotten lost getting to multiple events. I've left things off my shopping lists, forgotten basic errands like dry cleaning, post office drop offs, bought half the things we needed at the chemist like the syringe but not the medicine??? Yes life with three under 3 is hectic but I'm not coping with being so dis-organised. There was a time I could find something, passports, receipts, instruction guides etc in an instant. I knew where recipes were, where all the kids clothes, specific outfits and toys were. Now it's a case of look til you find it. For everything. Must change this STAT!
2. To continue losing weight and do something for me. I lost 8kg with WW but stalled a bit the closer Christmas got. After 3 years in a row of no alcohol and limited good food well I was determined to enjoy this year. I'm sure I've put on 5kg with all I've eaten, I'm too scared to get on the scales, but I've enjoyed it so who cares right? Start again Jan 1 with the rest of the world!!
And lastly
3. To budget better. We will be on one wage all year so there will be no choice but to be organised and budget. We want to go on our first family holiday so I must find a way to stretch that into the budget. Little Miss will be one in August so once that's happened we're gonna head off somewhere. No idea where yet, but somewhere!

So yes I have a few resolutions to keep, wish me luck! And happy New Year to all!!


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