Thursday, 2 February 2012

January Photo A Day Challenge

If you use Facebook or Instagram you would most likely have seen a 'photo a day challenge' doing the rounds. I'm too am playing along and I'm really enjoying it. I did all of January which was sometimes challenging in itself as most days I don't know what day it is buuuuut in fact the challenge helped me remember with that, hahaha!
I was using Instagram before but this challenge has taken it to a new level. It's introduced me to some awesome photographers and very very creative people. The internet is a wonderful place, the people you meet, the places and things you see. And I'm sure the 15 year old boy from Sweden who requested to 'follow' me was devastated when I promply rejected him.
So I'm playing along in the photo a day challenge for February as well....join in, it's loads of fun, gets you using your brain and is a great way to capture the month that was!
Play along with the challenge here

And just for memory sake; here is my January contribution


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