Saturday, 15 September 2012

5 years of wedded bliss

Last week a beautiful woman I knew through the online community was run over and killed. She was the same age as me, she had a two year old and was about to have her second baby. Her baby, who was to be named Olivia, was also killed. Two lives taken, many more changed forever in a mere instant. I've been reading news articles about her life, her love for her husband and her daughter, her passion for life and its got me thinking... If I was to die tomorrow how would people remember me? Would anyone remember how I met my husband apart from him? When our kids ask how Daddy met Mummy I would like them to be able to read it somewhere. And rather fittingly, today is 5 years since our wedding so here is our story.

My hubby and I met in London in 2003. I was on a working holiday and he lived there, being a pom and all. I never intended to meet someone and have a serious relationship. I was young, single and on the other side of the world - ready to party!! I started a temp job at his work place and we were put on a project together. We were based in different buildings though, on opposite sides of the city and never met face to face. Our friendship began over the phone and blossomed from there - I'm sure my flatmates at the time will testify how much I hogged the phone of a night time. Sorry about that. After weeks of talking most of the day and alot of the evening we finally went on a first date. I can tell you, I was so bloody nervous, and I'm not a nervous kind of person, ever. Neither of us are gourment foodies so we went to a local pub for dinner and a drink for our memorable first date. We ended up chatting so much we forgot to eat and before we knew it the pub was closing and we were being asked to leave. There was no awkward silences, no tension and it just felt right. If I was nervous before the date, I was worse now. What if he didn't feel the same way? He drove me home, we talked some more (ie hours!) and then had a lovely kiss goodnight. I floated up the stairs to my flat and was on a high for hours after. I had met someone special, which was not part of my plans but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

We started dating, and as he worked shifts I could still have me time which suited perfectly. I still travelled and partied on weekends with friends and made some seriously awesome memories, as you do in your early 20's. We moved in together after dating for some time - I'd have to check my dates to give an exact time frame - and started discussing moving back to Australia. If it was going to work we would need to live together and trial it before moving to the other side of the world. Me being an aussie I was never planning to stay in England and he seemed quite open to the idea of living here. I wanted a family at some stage and wanted to be around my own family when that time came. I also liked England, loved it in fact but could not see myself living there forever. I missed my family and friends terribly and couldn't wait to get home. It was either break up or move here, so in 2005 move here we did!

We rented for a year before buying a house - the fixer-upper house we had all these plans for but never got around to as we were too busy being DINKs (double income no kids) and partying with friends most weekends. We had gotten engaged Christmas 2005 and started planning our wedding. With an 20mth engagement we had loads of time, we wanted a weekend of celebration and wanted to give family and friends as much notice as possible. I can honestly say I was a pretty laid back bride to be. I had specific ideas (ie wanting dark coloured bridesmaids dresses) but was open to change and did a few little things myself to reduce costs and make it a bit personal. We had an absolute ball that weekend and there is nothing I would change.

We got married in the Hunter Valley and with out nearest and dearest coming from all over the place - some travelled from the UK and we wanted to make a weekend of it. Dinner the night before with our families and our bridal party, the wedding on Saturday and breakfast on the Sunday with all of our guests - bacon and egg rolls for 80+ people, no worries!    

On this day, at this time 5 years ago I was wearing jeans and a hoodie... and a veil. I was also in full make-up and eating sandwiches with my Nanna who has since passed away. I was nervous, I was excited and I was trying not to tear up as my beautiful Nan told me how proud she was of me and how happy she was for me. I was minutes away from squeezing into my wedding dress, posing for 100's of photos and walking, almost skipping, down the aisle to marry my now hubby.

I can only imagine what Kerryn's husband and family are going though. My hubby almost died about 9 months before we got married, in a stupid alcohol induced accident and my world stopped. The pain is inconceivable and that was with him getting through it. We got through it so the pain is minimal in comparison. I can't even begin to imagine how you get through losing someone like that. We experienced the pain of miscarriage a couple of times on our journey to become parents, and then went on to have 3 babies back to back, and proudly I can say we've gotten through it all. If my life was to end tomorrow I'd want my husband to know how much I love him, our children and how proud I am of the life we have made together. Happy 5th wedding anniversary babe, start saving for the fantabulous 10 year vow renewal party coming our way! woot!

RIP Kerryn and Olivia, thankyou for sharing so much of your life with so many of us.
I will continue to share my stories in honour of you and the inspiration you've given me.
You will never be forgotten xxx

Us in the early days:


The trouble with taking a trip down memory lane is you realise how much you've aged, how much weight you've put on, lost, put on again over the years but without the photographic memories you'd never rememeber half the stuff you did, half the places you went and half the booze you drank. In 5 years of marriage we have had some trying times.  I plan to organise a vow renewal at ten years, and I'm gonna wear a smoking hot dress and I'm gonna be barefoot - we're gonna have gorgeous photos with our family and some lovely dovey ones just the two of us. . . here's to another 5 years and many more xxx



  1. I loved this. As a newly we'd it makes me so excited for our future, although the news pretty fantastic too.


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