Tuesday, 18 September 2012

another outing, another freak show siting

I took the kids to the local shops today, Monkey Man needed a haircut, Missy Moo needed a fringe trim as the poor kid has been looking through a blonde mop for a while now. On a promise of donuts and milkshakes if they behaved (don't judge, you do it too) we sat and waited our turn. Monkey Man was running free in the shop and did pretty well - its a good day if he doesn't escape out the door! When it was his turn he jumped up into the chair with great enthusiasm, I get the feeling he quite enjoys a haircut, bless him. He sat there like a total champion, watching Mickey Mouse on the portable DVD player - how did people parent without modern technology?? Of course the most exciting part was getting gel in his hair 'like a big boy' and he proudly showed me his haircut for the rest of the day - when you're three it really is the little things that make your day isn't it? Mind you, I too love a good hair cut. And don't even get me started on what a good blow dry does for my mood . . .

The lady that cut his hair asked me if he and Missy Moo were twins. She was the only staff member there at the time. I told her no, they're 12mths apart and she then proceeded to tell me how crazy I was to have them so close together, did we have a TV, blah blah blah. Her colleague then come back from a break and she asked me the same question, sigh, no they're not twins. She then told me hers are five years apart and that's a much better gap and was I crazy blah blah blah!! Argh!!

Missy Moo had her fringe chopped, I rescued the scissors and water spray from Monkey Man and we exited. We walked less than ten metres before we were stopped by another random, an old man this time. He asked me if they were all girls (what the??), how old they were... I answered him (slowly) and he then grabbed my wrist and told me 'you better not have anymore or it will cost too much money' and shuffled off into the distance. Clearly thinks he's a prophet or something??

Another outing, another dose of lectures from random strangers! What is it with me? Why do randoms feel the need to talk to me? and why oh whyyyy do they inflict their opinions on me over and over again?



  1. It always flabbergasts me that people think they can say that sort of stuff to someone. So rude, I just don't get it! Crazy people! xx

  2. Haha clearly your success as a parent is infringing these people's abilities. It's so odd. I've been experiencing a similar thing recently, except with just one child. People keep insisting that I must be struggling being a mother under the age of 25 (I'm 24). They also ask me if I want more, "best to wait until your older" I've been told several times. People also ask me how much my husband earns, being youngER we must be poor right? I don't even know how to respond I just walk away.
    People are always going to give unsolicited advice, but majority of people just like to gratify themselves by bring others down. At least it makes for a fantastic read for those following your blog!


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