Sunday, 16 September 2012

educated decisions

Monkey Man is 3, he only turned 3 a couple of months ago yet today we went to a Schools Expo to see about which school to send him too. It seems so far away, he's not going til 2015 but apparently we need to make a decision now. Am I the only one that finds this ridiculous? He's 3!!! It seems to be the way of the modern parenting world though, you have to waitlist for swimming lessons, daycare, school, gah! It's infuriating!

The schools expo was a gathering of the independent schools in the area, all spouting their own importance and why we should choose them. Some of the fees are heart attack inducing. And thats thinking about it from one childs perspective. When you think about paying school fees for 3 kids, well the dollars are out of this world, never buying another pair of shoes or going on a holiday ever again ridiculous.

Like every parent we want the best education for our children, but one has to work within their means surely? I know people who have sold their houses, who are living every month with their finances being controlled by a debt consolidation company - all to pay school fees. Am I on my soapbox saying that won't be us? Am I being unrealistic? I like to think not, I like to think I am planning ahead and by multiplying the costs by three I am seeing the bigger picture and therefore eliminating schools we simply cannot afford. Unless my idea of becoming a sex line operator** turns us into millionaires, there are schools we cannot afford and you know what, thats ok. We will read the 55 brochures and go on tours, we will research school results and google google google! We will choose a school that suits us, our kids, and our budget and funnily enough we're 99% sure the school we thought was right for us is looking like it will be. And in all things important, it's got a totally adorable uniform. Priorities and all that.

Now can I go back into my denial cave that my baby boy will be at school before I can blink?? Say it isn't so . . .

**totally joking re becoming a sex line operator - I couldn't be assed going through the ass ache of setting up my own business



  1. Strangely enough we're doing the school hunt too... but the choices we have are fairly limited. Gov school 30kms away or gov school 50kms away. And even then it will probably be decided depending on which school will pick the kids up. High school is another issue. They will be boarding regardless of whether we send them public or private. Awesome :/they imagine what the fees will be in 2022??!!!


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