Saturday, 10 December 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My little Monkey Man went on an adventure today, with Nanny and his uncle and aunty... they went on a train to the city and went to the aquarium. By all accounts, everyone had a good time and there are some great photos to remember the day by. Apart from finding Nemo and Dory, the turtles were a big hit, and the giant lego creations on display also a big hit. Nuggets were rejected as there was too much going on to concentrate on eating, it's hilarious to watch seagulls eat your rejected nuggets apparantly. And despite the no-climbing signs, Monkey Man did his thing and climbed all over everything. There is also photos of this.

So today was girls day out. I have lovely visions of future girls days out... I imagine girls days out at a later stage in time as us getting lunch, our hair done, a pedicure, some retail therapy etc etc. Today, I took my 4mo and 16mo out and we went for needles and grocery shopping. Needles, not noodles. What an idiot I am! We waited half an hour to see the Dr, despite me making a nurse appointment?? See the Dr, he explains that he needs to see all babies to ensure they are well before having their needles. Fair enough, I am cool with that, and only a little pissed off now that I had to wait half an hour rocking the pram with my foot and showing Missy Moo animal and number games on the iphone, explaining to her that not every letter of the alphabet is representative of 'BALLS'. He then walks over to the pram, looks at the girls and tells me yes they are well enough to have their needles. Ok then, I could be a Dr if thats all thats involved?? Another ten minute wait to see the nurse who spends most of the appointment telling me how her 2 kids were 2.5 years apart and how it was so hard and I've really got no idea what thats like. I simply nodded in disbelief and willed her to hurry up. I was tempted to pinch Little Miss in order for her to scream so we could make a speedy exit. Thankfully the needles got a scream going from both girls and we were able to exit, hastily.

Whisked both girls to the parents room to feed Little Miss... this involved locking Missy Moo in the play area with a bottle of flavoured milk and Hi-5 on the TV - yay for decent parents rooms occasionally! Got a bottle into Little Miss and went to move the girls from pram to trolley when a smell filled the room. I figured it was Little Miss so popped her up on the change table and stripped her off to find nothing, it was Missy Moo. Re-dressed Little Miss, strapped her into the pram and launched Missy Moo onto the change table. Well that smell was a poonami, all over her and her clothes. Her lovely clean clothes were now covered in mess, and of course I had nothing with me for her. It's been a while since she disgraced herself in public and it's the behaviour I would expect from my 4mo, not my 16mo. So I had no choice but to strip her off and go buy her some clothes. God I hate when that happens, and it seems to only happen at the end of a pay month when you're budgeted to your eyeballs and counting down the hours til payday. I had a lady in a clothes shop trying to sell me the most expensive outfits, when all I wanted was something to stop her flinging her naked legs out of the pram. It's almost like she was saying 'heyyyy you! look at me, I'm naked here!!'. Found some clothes, dressed her and up and into the trolley she and Little Miss went. We went off to do groceries, old ladies commented on how cute the girls were. I silently willed them to look past Missy Moo's non matching and horribly cheap and nasty ensemble and the pikelets she was shoving into her mouth. I wanted to assure them she WAS dressed decently when we left the house and yes I do feed her despite her eating like she's starving. And yes I will pay for said pikelets when I pay for the 55 million other things in my trolley. Don't look at me like I'm a shoplifter. The perfectionist in me was dying inside!!

Both girls had mild reactions to their needles, were unsettled and cranky, and ended up with a dose of panadol. Given the tantrums, poonami and bad moods, I'm glad I didn't take all 3 for needles by myself. Neither really slept much during the day, and Monkey Man returned from a big day out tired as well after no day sleep. Thank god Mum stayed for bathtime to give me a hand as I really did need it that night. And in hindsight maybe it wasn't a good idea to attempt 2x needles plus grocery shopping with the two girls in tow. I should have at least done the groceries online. Live and learn hey!

ETA: this was written on Thursday and I thought I had published it, clearly I didn't.


  1. Oh don't be so hard on yourself. AFter that effort I would be saying, "Yay me!".

    And great on the mild reactions. My kids never get any! when they do I am told it's a 'good immune response'.

    Don't envy the poonami! I still pack a spare set of clothes for the kids (just leggings and shirt) because I know when I don't, I will need them. My recent issue though was not no clothes due to poonami, but no wipes (thanks hubby!) after a roadside potty stop. Thank goodness for the pocket size kleenex ones I found stashed away in my nappy bag! and the wheelie bin right beside my car :D


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