Saturday, 10 December 2011

the saga of a santa photo

Today was Santa photo day. And we weren't the only ones with this idea. An hour and a half we queued for. How ridiculous is that?? I am still in denial that we did in fact queue for that long. I've never been much of a queuer and the odd time I have done it, there was alot of alcohol involved. I wish there was a sign like at theme parks, you know the ones at rides that say 'an hour wait from this point'. If we'd known we'd be waiting that long we would have turned around and tried again another day. Hubby took Monkey Man off to the play equipment and the girls and I joined the queue. Little Miss catnapped in the pram, like the perfect baby she is, nawwww. Missy Moo was ok til about half way through the line and then decided she wanted out of the pram. She was happy to be held or to stand at my feet, and have the occasional jibberish conversation with the toddler behind us in the queue. She was even waving and yelling 'santa' so I got my hopes up that she might be ok for the photo. Monkey Man ran in and out of the centre, wanting to see the baubles on the rockets (trees) and yell at the pirate (santa), all with hubby in close proximity. We finally get to the front of the queue, yay! Monkey Man runs up and climbs up, sitting perfectly waiting for his photo. We may or may not have promised milkshakes and pancakes AFTER the photo if he was a good boy. Missy Moo, well here is when she well and truly cracked it and was not sitting anywhere near Santa. Hubby made the quick call to get in the sleigh with Santa and Monkey Man, and I loaded Missy Moo and Monkey Man onto his lap, dropped Little Miss in Santa's arms and quickly moved out of shot. The photography assistant, santa's elf, whatever she was called, god bless her, she tried so hard. She blew bubbles, she tickled me (don't ask), she danced, she yelled, she tickled the kids legs with a puppet and no matter how hard she tried, none of the kids would smile. She did get a smile out of Monkey Man a couple of times, and even Little Miss but in those shots by husband looked rather 'special'. It's kinda ironic that it was harder to get a decent shot of my husband than it was of the kids?? I yelled, I made animal noises, I danced, I laughed and generally made a tool out of myself but nope, not a smile to be had. Once the kids decided enough was enough, they both started to climb down and even Little Miss looked like she was climbing down! Action stations to get the girls back in the pram and catch Monkey Man as he disappeared into the food court at a rapid pace. We went off for a food court brunch, the kids put banana bread, chocolate milkshake and chips all over their nice clothes but they were happy so who cares right? And after such a long wait they could have whatever they wanted. I still can't get over the fact that we waited that long???

Tomorrow we're having Monkey Man's mothers group here for christmas lunch. I am very disorganised at this stage but thats ok, it will all come together in the end. 8x 2 year olds running around here sounds like a busy afternoon! I love seeing these kids all together, it's been lovely seeing them grow up together and I can still see them all sitting on the lounge together or laying on the floor together, way before they were mobile terrors. Mental note: try to get a pic of them all together tomorrow... should be interesting.

I've been a bit slack with my blogging recently and do feel a bit guilty about that. We've been to a wedding, I've been out for my brothers birthday, took the kids to a wildlife park with my brother and sister in law, today I went to a body shop party... it just feels like life is very full on. I know it's the silly season and I should expect it but its just hectic, and sometimes a pause button would help. Hubby has survived solo bedtime with the kids two Saturdays in a row! It really is the most full on time in our household so kudos for him for surviving. My Mum I think it was, said to hubby 'so you're babysitting on Saturday evening?'. I was very VERY quick to point out he is parenting, not babysitting seeing they're his kids. I seriously hate it when Dads are referred to as the babysitters. ummm no, they're his kids so he is simply parenting, same as I do every day.

One of the Dads is dressing up as Santa tomorrow so expect more tears from Little Miss. *sigh*


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