Monday, 19 December 2011

online shopping is taking over!

I gathered the troops and rushed to the shops this morning with intentions of finishing a few more christmas gifts. I was having an internal panic, worrying about queueing for the carpark, getting a carpark, worrying about the shops being really busy and worry about getting everything done with 3 small ones in tow, and all before sleep time. We drove straight in, parked easily and the busiest place in the whole centre was the post office. I fueled the kids up with donuts and milkshakes and we too joined the queue. Overall the whole experience was painless and *ahem* almost enjoyable. The kids were really good although Little Miss will not sleep in the Baby Bjorn so she was awake the entire time. We received a few comments re 'having my hands full' but the shopping centre we went to is often frequented by big families so I'm assuming I wasn't the only one copping double takes and comments....

So I'm wondering where have all the people gone? This time last year, and every year before in fact, that there was traffic reports on the radio about carpark queues, there was stories on the evening news of the chaos in stores, the queues at check outs.... Venturing to the shops at this time of year was a suicide mission, enter at your own risk!! This year? Well everyone is home waiting to receive the parcels of online shopping they did, thats where they've gone! I did alot of shopping online and if I hadn't been waiting for payday on the 15th of Dec I would have done more. I will be more organised next year!! Online shopping is taking over, you can't deny it. Everyone is doing some form of shopping online. Heck, I've even done my christmas grocery order online and booked delivery for xmas eve. A few more things to get and I'm all done, and hey whatever I don't get now well it won't matter will it?

I might even consider taking the kidlets with me another day to get a few more bits and pieces, and I just remembered I forgot ice cream on the grocery order, and well I can't be having that!!


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