Tuesday, 13 December 2011

judgey judgey!!

Tonight we watched the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fasion Parade.... wow, those women have some smokin hot bodies!! It's easy to sit here, eating my cornetto, and judge. Statements like 'wait til they have kids' came to mind, and then I remembered people like Miranda Kerr have had kids! GAH!! damn you and your perfect bodies to hell! LOL And by the way, how do they walk in those heels or never get wedgies (front or back) is just well unimaginable.

Judging other people is a terrible habit and we all do it. Alot won't admit it, but we all do. Mothers seem to be the worst at judging each other. Why can't we all just support each other?? Today I heard of a mother being told she was 'one of those mothers' after she posted a Santa photo of her kids on facebook. Her youngest was a little upset in the pic, as are most little kids but the pic was still adorable, and an all important memory for mumma and child. In a truly gutless way, this woman sent her judgement via a message rather than posting her thoughts on the wall for all to see. That right there tells me she knew what she was saying was wrong. That and the fact she started off with 'don't take this the wrong way'!?!?!? There is never a good way to say that, and if you're going to start off with that, then perhaps its best you rethink or bite your tongue. My Mum taught me if I had nothing nice to say, then not to speak at all. I'm getting better at this as I get older and it's certainly a case of practice making perfect.

I've seen a couple of similar discussions online recently between Mums, usually always about parenting choices. Hell I had one 'friend' tell me to pull my Missy Moo out of daycare as she went through a seemingly never ending run of illnesses. Turns out she thought MM went 5 days which was her reasoning for her instruction but really that shouldn't matter. If I choose to send my children to daycare then that should be my choice and not really a matter for anyone else. If I want to hold off on toilet training Monkey Man til he's ready, if I want to hold off on introducing solids to Little Miss for a bit longer, if I want to put her in the bath seat rather than try to hold her in the bath with two splashing and jumping excitable toddlers by her side, if I choose to let my MM climb and stand on the lounge, and fall off over and over again in an attempt to make her learn then thats MY CHOICE!!! You may not like it, just like I may not like or agree with some of your choices but honestly, deal with it.

My teenage niece made a comment on the weekend about a lady she'd just met. We were at a party, the ones where you buy stuff and this lady bought a few things, totalling $20. She told the party host she would have to pay another day. My niece got on her high horse and stated (in a whisper type way) 'as if you don't have $20, go get your wallet and pay up!'.... I cringed inside hearing this. For some people $20 is the difference between milk and bread for the kids and being flat broke. For whatever reason she couldn't spare the $20 for a few days, the host respected this so why couldn't others?

And on a side note, my daughter may be a gymnast in training. Last week she flipped off our king size bed. She insists on getting up with me while I feed Little Miss, and I tell her over and over to move away from the edge as she will fall, to sit down as she'll fall off. Well after a few near misses, where I've caught her by the waist of her PJs, an arm or leg, it finally happened. She fell, stunt man style head over heels and landed flat on her back. It's a long way down and she screamed and screamed. There was no injury, perhaps to her pride, but I'm sure she was ok and within 3 minutes she was asking to get back up again?? Today she fell off the lounge, despite doing the same thing last week. Do they ever learn? These toddler injuries may well land us at hospital soon but I'm a big believer in not babying my kids. From an early age when they've fallen I've encouraged them to get up and try again, reassured them they're ok and to try again. Maybe I've created the bravado in my kids? My grey hair increases by the hour while their confidence sky rockets. *smile*

Next time you hear a Mum tell her toddler 'you're ok, hop up'... don't feel sad or sorry for the child. They're getting taught a valuable lesson and chances are they've fallen over the same way 25 times already that day. And next time you think a judgey judgey thought, think about it for a bit before you say something... your judgement could be enough to make someone smile or cry.


  1. I think they use hairspray and other special sprays on the thighs/legs to keep the bathers in place. Easy when you are on a catwalk and not in the pool! lol.
    Meanwhile, yes we do all judge. I know I do it and consciously pull myself up on it a lot. At the end of the day, its just my perception of the situation not actually accurate.


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