Friday, 23 December 2011

only 2 sleeps to go?

This morning bought me the realisation that there is only 2 sleeps to go til the fat man arrives, eek! Santa not only brings gifts with him but most of my family too. I love christmas, I love seeing kids faces when they open gifts, and I love getting everyone together. One side of my family doesn't get together often enough which is a shame really considering we usually have a ball when we do get together. Hubby's family is all overseas so we don't see them much. The prep that goes into hosting Christmas, is fairly intense and I'm still a novice at it all. It's such a busy time and I must admit I'm starting to feel very stressed. I have mountains of gifts to wrap, despite thinking I hadn't bought THAT much?? Do they multiply when you're not looking or what?? We have a monstrous train table to assemble and from all accounts, its not an easy task. I foresee alot of swearing and arguing over that task, and I am also fairly confident that we will have to assemble something, if not multiple somethings, each year, also with lots of swearing, name calling and arguing involved. Santa needs to drop his elves over the week before christmas so some other sucker can do the assembly. I have a house to clean and baking to do, with two toddlers under foot. I'm gonna attempt my first ever christmas ham, served hot. Anyone know if pizza hut delivers on christmas day?? Last minute bits to grab from coles and/or woolies depending on who has the shortest queues. I thought I was being all organised and domestic goddess like by booking an online grocery delivery for early christmas eve. Only problem is all the ingredients I need for previously mentioned baking are in that order. . . soooo no baking til tomorrow. oops. I also keep remembering gifts I haven't bought, people I've forgotten despite my numerous lists and more than I will admit to trips to the shops. I did a layby at a large toys store, thinking that would be easier and very organised of me - another attempt at being a domestic goddess. I had to queue to pay for layby, then queue again to collect, and then I only had half the lay by handed to me and was given attitude when I asked where the rest (giant train table) was. Seriously, whats with the attitude of the young these days? I almost gave myself a hernia trying to get the bloody train table in the car by myself whilst many men walked past, looked at me and kept going. When I got in the car kids christmas carols came on and I swore, alot, as I flicked find other music, ANYTHING but bloody Jingle Bells. Monkey Man insists on 'jing bells' being played multiple times whilst Missy Moo demands 'gigi' (wiggles) at the same time. Who wins? Whoever shouts the loudest basically.

Does it get easier as the kids get older? Will I ever learn my lesson and start planning gifts, buying gifts from say July onwards?? Please say yes, please?


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