Monday, 19 December 2011

it's too early

With 3 young kids we've had many many early mornings, in fact if we make it past 6am we celebrate. Years ago I would have cried if you'd told me that 6am would become my normal wake up time.... Accepting such an early start to the day took some time and I am still filled with jealousy when a friend mentions their 8 or 9 am start time. Being up so early has its perks though, washing is usually done and out before most people are awake, baking can also be done and if we ever went on a road trip or holiday then the early start would be a must. I guess, at 4 something am as I write this, I wonder when is it too early? Missy Moo went through weeks of 4am wake ups, would need two day sleeps to cope which made going anywhere during the day next to impossible. Before that Monkey Man woke at 5am for months! Gawd we thought that was bad enough and then bam! 4am became the norm?!?! Missy Moo appeared to have turned a corner sleep wise and was doing 7-7, sometimes later (!!) consistently. Hubby and I only talked about it on Saturday. And we clearly jinxed it because Sunday and this morning were back to 4.30am!! Dammit! This morning is extra special as my hubby has gone away for work AND Little Miss is awake too. So it's now 5am, I've been up for an hour already, given panadol, hugs, a feed, water, pats and sssh's and I'm sitting on the hallway floor between the two girls rooms. I dare not go back to bed. A. As soon as I lay down someone will cry out again and B. I'm close enough to get to either of them before they make so much noise they wake up Monkey Man. Two awake at this time is bad enough, 3 and I think I'll have a champagne breakfast.

At what time do you think 'it's too early!!'


  1. 4.30am is definitely too early! We too do the happy dance if the clock shows past 6am! Most days it's 5.30. And that is FAR too early. But I'm getting used to it.

    I am a night owl and pre-kids my wake up time used to be after 10am on a weekend. Post kids it's a very different story. My 'sleep in' two weekends ago was to 7.30 where N let me sleep until my little miss needed a feed *sigh* I miss 10am....


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