Thursday, 3 November 2011

busy morning

This morning between 7 & 8am I copped it, well and truly copped it. Little Miss, my almost 3mth old, has puked all over me, all down my pants, my top and saved the biggest deposit for my bra. I'm so glad I had a shower this morning!?! She's blowing snot the size of a 5c coin. Annnnd she just cleared the room with the smelliest, biggest poonami she's done in her 3mths earthside. Considering she only went last night, when we were out in public without the nappy bag (long story!), well I've gotta wonder how something so small can make such big messes!?? 3 children later and I'm still asking this question. And I'm still amazed how much comes out of such little people!!

Given I'll soon be attempting the toilet training path, spose I should just suck it up and accept my fate re me and poo. And be grateful my kids 'slept in' this morning til 6am. Yep 6am is a sleep in and the cause of much celebration around here. Considering buying Monkey Man one of those grow clocks as I've read they help with early wakers. Frankly I'm not convinced anything will help here??


  1. A gro clock really helped with my nephew who was getting up progressively earlier


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