Saturday, 19 November 2011

have you ever...

Have you ever hung washing on the line at midnight? Have you ever done this because it saves time during the day and the weather is warm enough to dry it by lunchtime?
I just did. My household is all tucked up sleeping while I was outside hanging washing out. Oooh its an action packed Saturday night for me!! Pre kids however, I also used to do this although it was more for practicality purposes than anything else. Our previous house faced the sun in a way that meant the first morning and midday sun bore down on the line and then disappeared behind the house by 12.30 so afternoons, unless there was a hot wind, were useless for drying clothes. Plus sun dried clothes are so much nicer than tumble dried clothes. Standing in your backyard in the still of night is so peaceful, you hear animals, leaves rustling and the odd domestic from your neighbours. No judgement though, hubby and I have our fair share of those.

Have you ever bought clothing for your child or even yourself and thought about it all day, wondering did I get the right size? Bought Missy Moo some Xmas pjs today, super cute and in a size one. Been thinking ever since I should have got the two. I bought her a Xmas dress the other night, during a FB market event (OMG how addictive are they!!) and have been thinking I should have got the one instead of the two. It arrived today so tomorrow I might try both outfits on Missy Moo and see which I need to return/exchange/etc.
Have you ever thought about your life before kids and missed anything? Would you change anything? I wonder what we did with so much income? I wonder how we slept til 9am on a Saturday or Sunday. I wonder how we went to 7 weddings in a year, along with associated hens & stag nights, kitchen teas etc without dropping. I wonder why we didn't clear debts, no matter how big or small, before we dropped to one income. Would I change anything in regards to these thoughts? Probably not, I'm not a huge believer in regrets. We loved our life pre kids and now post kids, well it's evolved to a new level but we love it too. I went to my work on Friday and on the way there I questioned whether I missed working? An hour in the city and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that stuff anymore. People just seem stressed, although a man did help me with the pram which does not happen out here. Don't get me wrong, I've never been busier but I do feel like I'm achieving something more worthwhile now.

Have you ever shed a tear over something stupid like a toilet paper ad, or a birth scene (fake) on a TV show? And no matter how much you try, you can't stop the tears. Or cried over something serious like the loss of innocent life? I cried so many times yesterday hearing about a fire at a nursing home near my place. And it turns out it's suspicious circumstances with a staff member arrested and charged. How messed up do you have to be to set fire to a place where hundreds of invalid or immobile old people are sleeping? Mental illness or not, what a scumbag.

Have you ever sat still and listened to a toddler? My 2yo Monkey Man speaks pretty clearly, and its getting clearer everyday. Everyday he amazes me with the things he comes out with, especially things that are clearly developing right before my eyes. Counting for instance. I say a number and he says the one after! Genius!! He does have a penchant for 1,2,9,10 when doing it on his own but its a work in progress. My 1yo Missy Moo says quite a few words but she does alot of her communication non-verbally. You turn away and can miss a shake or nod of the head and its on. Makes for interesting times when I'm driving with her in the backseat! hahaha!

Have you ever . . .


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