Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Just a girl

Over the last week or so I've been cranky, irritable, ravenous and short tempered - not in that particular order. I didn't realise why until a day or so ago when I suffered from cramps and the never ending desire to eat chocolate. No, I'm not pregnant (thank the heavens!) but I am getting my period. Aunt Flo, the red witch, decorators... Whatever you call it, it's an inconvenience I could do without. Considering I've barely had any over the last 3 years, well I'd pretty much forgotten about it and I didn't miss it!! Seriously it sux being a girl sometimes. We have to do the pregnancy part, the swollen belly and cankles to match, non stop peeing, then the delivery and endure a monthly inconvenience as well?? Plus the total indignity of post birth hair loss which I have to thank for the layer of fuzz I'm currently sporting. Boo hiss!! Not fair!! Although then again, I spose those first flutters you feel, then the solid movements and kicks etc do make up for it a little *wink*.

Yep, being a girl does bite the big one occasionally. While I eat a family block of Pineapple chocolate and wallow in self pity, I realise I now have two daughters!?!? OMG! Can you imagine our house around that time of the month when the time comes? I should stock up on chocolate, pain killers and hot water bottles now!! My toddlers are eating me out of home as it is - both just ate 3 whole pieces of toast each (think I might need to worm them). God help my grocery bill by the time all three are teenagers - can you buy shares in cadbury?? So three women under the same roof with PMS... hmmm shall be interesting. I can see hubby and monkey man taking up a hobby such as fishing and disappearing once a month!!

Mind you two daughters also means lots of shopping, and girly hair things and bags and shoes (oh my!!), provided of course they are anything like me. How exciting! Two daughters possibly means dance lessons and netball on weekends and the whole you're too young to shave your legs/pluck your eyebrows/colour your hair/no you can't perm or chemically straighten your hair conversations. Two daughters means worrying incessantly about what they're upto, who they're with, are they safe - well this applys to all 3 kids but you get what I mean. Will they be bossy and organised like me? Will they be smart or totally chilled and not really bothered by much? And who knows, I might be lucky enough to be around when my kids become parents themselves, and have all these hopes and fears too.

The joys of being a girl and a mummy... Oh god I think I'm out of chocolate???


  1. Did I ever tell you what a brilliant writer you are! I am having the freak out about two daughters too - I have one already obsessed by clothes and shoes!

    The other day I was thinking about what a raw deal us women get - then I remembered the best bit - we get to be the mummy, and they only ever get to be the daddy! That I think is just about worth all the rest <3


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